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Miscellaneous Anime

In this mixed up page of anime youll find many diffrent animes, and if any of them deserve there own page tell me!


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Oh My Goddess pic to the left.



In the the greater Tokyo area, martial artist Soun Tendo operates a dojo training students in the Anything-Goes Martial Arts technique. (The dojo does not appear to be doing terribly well, as we almost never see any students actually training there.) To ensure that his family continues in the traditional martial arts, Soun makes plans with his old friend Genma Saotome that Genma's son Ranma (also a practitioner of the Anything-Goes School) marry one of his three daughters-19-year-old Kasumi, 17-year-old Nabiki, or 16-year-old Akane-and thus carry on the dojo together.

Unfortunately, when Genma and his son show up at the dojo's doorstep, it appears that they have both fallen victim to a curse at a mysterious Chinese training ground known as Jusenkyo. As a result of falling in one of the springs, whenever they are splashed with cold water, they each change into the last being that drowned in the spring ages ago. In Ranma's case, this means he turns into a busty, red-headed young girl, while Genma transforms into a panda. Hot water will reverse the effect, but only until the next time...

Ranma 1/2 is the most popular manga by Rumiko Takahashi, the most popular female comic artist in the world.

It's zany martial arts, teen romance, and comedy like you've never seen before. Join Ranma, Akane, P-chan and the rest of the cast in a whirlwind of exciting adventures in comic book, graphic novel, video series and full length animated movie forms.


Genma Saotome
Genma is Ranma's father and partner in the Jusenkyo curse. When exposed to cold water, Genma turns into a gigantic panda who can only communicate with signs.


The P is for pig, and the chan is for little. When a tiny pig roams into the Tendo's life, Akane latches onto it as a pet, naming him "P-chan." She sleeps with P-chan at night and protects him from an angry Ranma during the day. But why would Ranma be angry with a pig?


Ryoga Hibiki
One day Ryoga Hibiki, a super-strong martial artist with an obvious grudge against Ranma, appears at school to challenge Ranma. Ryoga-who can't find his way around his own backyard-quickly gets lost, and the truth behind Ryoga's grudge is revealed



escaflowne is a gymuluf from the giant city of fanalia and is prized as a `kings mecha`

travel to the world of gaia and meets many interesting people and tall wierd armoroids they use in battle to protect and serve the respected nations. Van Finale is a warrior sent out to do one thing, destroy the dragon that took his evil brothers arm. And a mysterious girl from the "Moon" who fights along side Van to beat evil and destroy what is wrong.

Arrabus from Aqua Knights

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Escaflowne Movie: Ultimate Edition

Released By: Bandai Entertainment
MSRP: $54.98
Running time: 300 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Release Date: 07/23/2002
Review Date: 05/19/2002
Region: 1
Reviewed By:

Chris Beveridge

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Tired of the same old action flicks? Tired of seeing buildings blown-up, aircraft exploding and bodies falling? Of course not! Well, never fear, Kei and Yuri are back!
Dirty Pair Flash:
Look out universe! WHen the galaxy-wide World, Welfare & Works Agency unleashes the infamous Dirty Pair, it's every sentient being for itself! From the best-selling novels by Haruka Takachiho comes the apocalyptic saga of two young women destined to go down in history as the most destructive force known to man. Meet Kei and Yuri, two junior level agents with a proclivity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with just enough firepower to blow their way out of a bad situation and into something worse. PG-13

Lupin the 3rd: Secret of the Twilight Gemini
Released By: Funimation Productions
MSRP: $24.95
Running time: 90 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Release Date: 04/30/2002
Review Date: 04/26/2002
Region: 1
Reviewed By:

This should be in the review section and Lupin III is pretty well known, i couldnt find that much information so..........

Directed by Gizaburo Sugii, the talented director behind both the Street Fighter II movie and Night on the Galactic Railroad, and featuring memorable theme songs by fan favorite voice actress and singer Aya Hisakawa, Secret of the Twilight Gemini is a prime example of why Lupin III has remained one of Japan's favorite anime characters for 30 years!

The classic gentleman thief Lupin III and his cohorts, the sharpshooter Jigen, the samurai Goemon and the buxom Fujiko journey to Morocco and the deserts of Arabia in search of a legendary diamond called the "Twilight Gemini," the key to a vast hidden treasure.

But, of course, they're not alone in their search. The tireless Inspector Zenigata is hot on their heels, a mysterious and beautiful desert gypsy is also in search of the treasure, and a ruthless mystery organization wants both the treasure and Lupin's head!

Cant go wrong with the RGC-83 GM Cannon II


Aqua knights

On a remote island on a mystical aqueous world, a naive young boy named Ashika lives a tranquil life with his father, Arrabarus the lighthouse keeper. One day, the boy discovers an unusual sunken treasure: a high-tech suit of underwater armor. But what's even more unusual is the beautiful feamle warrior trapped inside!In return for saving her life, Aqua Knight Ruliya offers to grant Ashika his heart's desire. To her surprise, he wishes to become an Aqua Knight like her!

However, before Ashika can become her squire, both are sorely tested. The foolhardy boy attempts to prove his mettle by charging a voracious legendary sea dragon, and Arrabarus challenges Ruliya to a duel in full battle armor to prove herself worth to be his son's mentor. And things really get out of hand when mad scientist Alcantara arrives on the scene to kidnap and plunder; followed closely by the Lord of the Underworld, come to claim the life of one of our heroes and present another with a fiendish gift...!

From Yukito Kishiro, acclaimed creator of Battle Angel Alita (GUNNM), comes a whole new science fiction/fantasy cosmos of humor, wonder and adventure: the world of Marmundo, where kings rule isles scattered in the great ocean and knights ride killer whales through the seas. Yukito Kishiro is the creator of the hit 9-volume series Battle Angel Alita and the 1-volume Ashen Victor ("Kishiro plays masterfully with empty space and light and absolutely original piece of work"--Comics Buyer's Guide). Using an art style similar to Battle Angel Alita (as opposed to his Frank Miller-style experimentation in Ashen Victor), Yukito Kishiro gives Aqua Knight the same strong characters, original setting, and attention to detail as his earlier series. Unlike Alita's grim, violent future, which Wizard magazine compared to RoboCop and The Road Warrior, Aqua Knight is set in a swashbuckling world of sailing ships, ghosts and motifs from Spain's Age of Exploration. But for Alita fans, there is still strange technology, fierce battles, and weird creatures out in the seas of Aqua Knight.


The Escaflowne movie has pre-miered and has been recently released on DVD!  The movie has brought in more money for an anime than any other movie except for Pokémon and Princess Mononoke!

All escaflowne movie pics have been copyed from


The escaflowne from the movie which is supposed be a diffrent universe or a lot of years later because people that watch should be able to find the diffrences in the mecha design


This is also a wierd suit from the movie (the one from the series is better in my opinion)-theres no head from what i can see-