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Anime City 3
Bit Cloud
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The new hero in town. Bit was originally a junk dealer who would go around battlefields and pick up parts left behind by broken down Zoids. He had a truck that could turn invisible so that he wouldnt get caught. This worked fine until he interrupted a fight between the Blitz Team and the Tigers team. When he was being detained by the Blitz team he forged a bond with a Zoid that they never used. The Liger Zero, a Zoid that wouldnt let anyone get inside the cockpit.  He then joined up with the Blitz team and helped them in their battle to the top. He has a mix of natural talent and sheer good luck he uses to win most of his battles. Has a tendency to not listen to other people who give advice. Makes you wonder if he can even hear. Has some type of telepathic bond with liger zero and will let liger do his own thing sometimes to win. Is a bit cocky but he is a good partner to have around. Still paying off his debt to Dr. Toros for the Liger Zeros CAS parts.


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