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Ein is a Welsh Corgi with a rather unique origin. He's really a data dog, developed in secret by a firm on Mars for an unknown purpose. It's never said what a "data dog" is, or what one can do, but if Ein is a standard model, data dogs are very, very smart (and very valuable -- Ein is worth an astronomical sum to anyone who care to sell him).

Ein initially appears in Episode 2, Stray Dog Strut. He stays on as the ship's pet until Episode 24, Hard Luck Woman, where he leaves with Edward.

Being a dog, Ein isn't exactly loaded with personality hooks. He tends to act like your average everyday dog -- most of the time. However, he's very smart, and understands people perfectly, and will react to people who react negatively to him. He gets along quite well with Ed, and the two are close friends (all things considered).

Quote: "Woof!"

Ein is smart. Very, very smart. He is probably the smartest person on the ship, even if he doesn't show it. He's been known to answer the phone, hit needed buttons and switches, and even disconnected Faye when she started to rant over the videophone (Jet thanked him for that one). In Episode 23, Brain Scratch, we get a clue as to how smart Ein actually is. When Jet fails to hack into the Scratch website (Ein goes so far as to bite Jet's leg to keep him from being brainwashed), Ein is then hooked up to the VR interface and proceeds to hack into the website quickly and efficiently -- at a speed even Ed seems to be amazed by.


Ein is a fairly typical brown and white Welsh Corgi. He's 25" long, 11" tall, and weighs 21 pounds. He has a red collar with a small gold medallion.

Ein is modeled after character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto's own dog (a Welsh Corgi).

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