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Born on Earth, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (real name "Franciose", usually known as simply "Ed") is a 13-year-old girl who has ben supporting herself ever since her father left her at a daycare center some seven years ago. In the meantime she lived for a few years at a Catholic orphanage, and then set off on her own, eventually making a living selling scrap metal and parts. She also found the time to become a master computer hacker, using her self-built computer ("Tomato" -- named for the box that contains it) to gain a net (and world)-wide reputation as "Radical Edward" a three-year-old seven-foot-tall ex-basketball player-hindu guru-drag queen-alien (as you can see, no one is quite sure who Radical Edward really is...).

Ed joins the crew of the Bebop in Episode 9 Jamming With Edward, making a deal with Faye to trade information in exchange for a favor to be named later (the favor being passage on the Bebop). She stays with the crew until Episode 24 Hard Luck Woman, where she meets her father (Appledelphi Siniz Hesap Luften), and then shows Faye where her home used to be. At the end of the Episode, she decides its time to leave the Bebop and sets off carrying her computer and followed by Ein.

Ed defines the term "free spirit." Her lengthy name was her own invention (she apparently didn't know or didn't care that "Edward" is a male name...) as is her birthdate (January 1st). The background data from the anime lists her as "self-styled" which is another good way to describe her. She is perpetually happy, and never seems to be down or sad for long (if ever). She sleeps upwards of 12 hours as day, and has some of the mannerisms of a cat (she goes her own way and does what she pleases on her own time schedule, for example). She is very curious, and seems to enjoy new experiences and adventures. As she says at one point "Ed is a cowgirl!"

Quote: "Ed is Ed!"

Radical Edward!

Ed is a phenomenally skilled hacker and can get into most any data center. She manages to work her way into the network that controls the old orbital laser satellites in Episode 9 Jamming With Edward, plays chess (for about a week) with Chess Master Hex in Episode 14 Bohemian Rhapsody, and blasts her way into the ISSP's data center in Episode 20 Pierrot Le Fou. Interestingly enough, she isn't the one to hack into the Scratch website in Episode 23 Brain Scratch, Ein is (thus proving how smart Ein really is!).

Aside from her internet hacking skills, Ed has shown remarkable skill with electronic devices and computers. She knows what a Betamax is, for example, and can tell the difference between a Beta and VHS player at a glance (as well as hook one up). She built her own computer, and is a master of remote-controlled devices (up to and including using her controller and computer together to override the functions of various forms of monowire machines and fly them herself!).

Readers may wonder at Ed's point total and skills when compared to her described hacking abilities. The character sheet settles for a simple skill list to represent Ed's computer prowess, as anything more elaborate would require an idea of what sort of "cyberspace" system the campaign (any campaign) is going to use. Game Masters may want to give Ed actual "powers" defined as her hacking skill (usually with a Focus [her computer] and "Requires a Skill Roll" as limitations). Suggested powers could include various Mental Powers (Mind Control and Telepathy) based on INT (not EGO) defined as "hacking techniques". As written, Ed's 16- hacking represents her "on the fly" skill, however she usually uses Extra Time to get inside a system and saves her Power Skill to pull off outlandish stunts (like taking over the Bebop's flight computer).

Ed is also fantstically agile and am amazing natural acrobat. She can walk for extended distances on her hands, type with her feet, and generally tends to bounce around like a superball on speed.

Edward stands 4'6" with a build best described as "skinny." She has red hair, golden yellow eyes, tanned skin, and two reddish spots on each cheek. Her typical mode of dress is a pair of black biker's shorts and a white tank top. Around her neck she usually hangs her data goggles.

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