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68. Commence Battle: Attack Liger Zero

b: 23-Oct-2001

69. New Partners vs Naomi; The Red Comet

b: 24-Oct-2001

70. The Prince Arrives: Harry Champ

Bit runs afoul of Harry Champ, a wealthy, egotistical Zoid pilot with the hots for Lenna. Lenna decides to play Bit and Harry off each other for her own amusement. Pretty soon, the Blitz Team is squaring off against the Champ Team, consisting of Harry and his robotic compatriots Sebastian and Benjamin. Supposedly, Lenna is to go to the man who comes out on top, but she may have her own ideas...

b: 30-Oct-2001

71. Unsanctioned Battle: The Mysterious Backdraft Group

The episode begins with Bit returning from looking for used parts. He goes to take a shower and accidentally walks in on Lena. After an arguement that includes Bit driving of with only a towel on and Lena giving chase in Jamie's Ptreas she blows up the jeep and decides to just fly around for a while. Well up there she see's two totaled zoids. she circles to investigate and is shot down and captured by the Backdraft Group. The Backdraft Group then force the Blitz team into a Battle with Lena's freedom on the line. However Brad refuses to enter an unsanctioned battle and walks away. The battle begins and true as the rumors say the Backdraft begin cheating from the start. Jamie and the Lena are defeated quickly, and it's up to Bit. But, just when it looks like Bit will lose Brad arrives and they work together to win.

b: 25-Oct-2001

72. High Speed Battle: Transforming Into Zero Jager

Jack Sisco is a mercenary who fights in zoid battles for the money only. When Harry hires Jack to help the Champ Team to defeat the Blitz. Bit and the other accept the challenge. The battle starts and Jack has Harry & Benjamin use Cannon Tortoises with major upgrades to barrage the Blitz team while he attacks with his Lighting Siax. After realizing that Liger Zero can't keep up with the Lighting Siax, Bit returns to the Hover Cargo and transforms into the Liger Zero Jager. He then re-enters the battle and defeats Jack with the strike laser claw. He then runs right through the middle of the Cannon Tortises thereby throwing to the side with the sonic boom. He defeats Jack Cisco and Harry Champ.

b: 31-Oct-2001

73. The Dark Giant: The Invincible Elephander

While in a Battle against the Viper Team an unknown zoid suddenly appears in front of Lenna's Dibison and shoot's her down with one shot. After the battle is cancelled the Blitz Team survey's the damage and realize the Dibison was shot down by a 60mm Rifle Cannon and it was beyond repair. Just then the Zoid Battle Commission calls to inform the Blitz Team that the battle aganist the Viper Team will restart tomorrow. The battle gets ready to start when all of a sudden the Judge is taken out and the Dark Judge appears. The Backdraft declare that they have taken over the battle and won't take no for an answer. The Blitz Team agrees and they face off with the Elephander. Jamie is taken out quickly by the guns on the back of the Elephander. Liger Zero takes on the Elephander at first and loses in a close combat. The Liger Zero goes back to the Hover Cargo to transform into the Jager, a very High Speed Zoid. Brad tries to take on the Elephander and elminates the main gun on mounted on its back. After that, the Elephander complete knocks out the Command Wolf. The Liger Returns and with quick counterattack knocks the Elephander down and out with the Strike Laser Claw.

b: 25-Oct-2001

74. The Desert Gang: The Hover Cargo's in Danger

The Blitz Team arrives in Romeo City to pick up Leena's new Zoid. A special order Gun Sniper, which Naomi who shows up to pick up her Zoid says looks ridiculous. While both Leena & Naomi are sign the papers for their Zoids two other Zoids appear and start rampaging through the city. Naomi, Brad, & Bit work together to stop them. Later on they are attack by the Sand Stingray gang including the two members they busted early who were broken out of jail by the rest of the gang. Naomi & Brad are seperated from Bit and the others. Naomi is determined to shoot down all of them. But, Brad know's there are too many and tries to get Naomi to stop and run. She refuses and tries to go for the high ground where she is cornered by the Gang Leader. He fires and Brad takes the hit he fires back, they run, and Brad fires smoke grenades to help in there escape. Meanwhile the others are having there own trouble with the gang, until Lenna gets in her Gun Sniper and for once uses her sites to gun down all the enemy Zoids at once. Naomi patches up Brad and then tells him that she can't figure him out and asks him if he is a Coward or a Hero? Brad replys don't know. Then the rest of the Sand Stingray Gang surrounds them and gets ready to attack. Until Bit & Leena show up and Leena uses her sites again and fires a barrage that disables the remaining Zoids. The gang is arrested. However the Blitz and Flugal team are forced to withcrawl from the Battle Royal they where going to participate in because all of there zoids are either Damaged or out of Ammo. Another thing about this episode is that Naomi starts to show that she has feels toward Brad.

b: 29-Oct-2001

75. Invasion of the Fierce Tigers: Transform to Zero Schneider

The Tigers Team has been on a losing streak ever since they lost to the Blitz Team. But, then a strange man appears and says he's going to help them get back on a winning track. A few weeks later the news reports that the Tigers are on a 14-battle winning streak. Later on the Blitz & Tiger teams meet at a restuarant and Bit insults them for fun after a hard time trying to remembering them. The Blitz team watch the Tigers battle and watch as a strange strom roles in and aids them in there win. The Blitz Team is then challenge by the Tigers and accept. The Battle begins and all of sudden a clear sky becomes cloudy and lighting starts to strike the Blitz team. Just as it seems like things can't get worse all of a sudden three cyclones appear and chase the Blitz Team. Jamie notices that there are metal object inside the cyclones. Lena & Brad are taken out. But, not before out smarting the Tigers. Upset the strange guy overrides the controls and sends the cyclone out of control. Bit returns to the Hover Cargo and Transforms in Zero Schneider. Liger suggest to Bit to use the Buster Slash and they cut through the Cyclone nad defeat the last Tiger and disables they cyclone machines. The strange man appears and Doctor Toros says his name Dr. Layon. Who states that he told Toros he would get his revenge and this is only the beginning.

b: 01-Nov-2001

76. The Princess Arrives: Mary Champ

After losing to the Backdraft Group. Harry gets an unexpected visit from his older sister Mary Champ. Mary tells Harry to come home and Harry explains that he won't until he becomes an acompplished Zoid Warrior. Then he tells her that he needs to defeat his revival in order to impress a girl. Later on they arrive at the Blitz Team hanger and Mary takes one look at Leena and says shes not the girl for Harry. Then when she sees Liger Zero she tries to buy it when Bit refuses she challenges the Blitz Team to a Zoid battle were the stakes are Liger Zero & 10x the Prize money. She has Benjamin & Sebastion go and buy 4 Iron Kongs and a large arsenal. The battle begins and Bit starts fighting with the Jager. But, soon realizes it doesn't has the strength and tranforms into Schneider and while Lena & Brad defeat Benjamin, Sebastion, & Mary. Bit & Harry go head to head and Bit wins. Harry tries to challenge them again but it turns out the battle moved Harry went down another rank, into Class B. and the Blitz Team up one into Class A.

b: 02-Nov-2001

77. Desert Tusk: Assault of the War Sharks

Altail recruits the Puma Team to face the Blitz Team and help him discover once and for all if the Liger Zero is the legendary Ultimate X or not. Meanwhile the Blitz Team is facing a Dark Horn Team and having communication trouble. All three of the fighters have trouble understanding what's going on. They win the battle even though Lena actually firing at Bit & Liger. Jamie is confused though on how they keep winning. Even more depressing for him is the fact that the others completely ignore his stragety's making him feel a completely useless. The Blitz Team arrives on the battlefield to face the Wolves Team, but get the Fuma Team instead with the Dark Judge. The Blitz Team is caught off guard by the attack of the Warsharks. Bit gets ready to go and transform to the Jager when one of the Warsharks attacks the Hover Cargo and prevents him from transforming. After Bit attacks the Hover Cargo hatch Jamie finale realizes that secret behind the Blitz Team success. He convices Lenna to fire on Bit and gets Brad into firing postion. When the Barrage hits the sand where Ligers was two of the Warsharks are exposed. Brad shoots down one and Lena has a good old fashioned fish fry with the other. Bit finally is able to transform into Zero Jager and head butts the third Warshark. Then the leader appears and jumps her Red Warshark into the sun. Liger jumps and cuts the Warshark down end the battle. After watching this battle Altail declares that he is now sure that Liger Zero is the Ultimate X.

b: 05-Nov-2001

78. The Sensational Three: Rematch with Jack Cisco

Bit and the others are forced to attend the Zoid trials. Bit places higher than his teammates and then watch's as Jack Sisco & The Tasker sisters (Lightning Team)all place higher than him. Later on that day, he goes over the strategy to fighting the Lightning Team tomorrow. The next day The Blitz Team faces The Lighting Team in battle. Bit is sure that he can defeat Jack by using the Jager. After demonstrating that they could go faster than anyone though. They use there speed to quickly deal with Lena & Brad. Then Bit & Jack go head to head Bit soon realizes that Jack has figured out his "Strike Laser Claw" attack and tries to get Liger to change stragety. But Liger won't listen even so Jack is suprised by Liger & Bit again when Liger activates it's Ion Boosters to avoid an attack. Even so Bit gets cornered and is forced to surrender. Instead of being disappionted Bit is eager to get ready for the next battle.

b: 06-Nov-2001

79. Zero Is Stolen: The Fiery Battle

After defeating Harry again The Blitz Team tries to relax. Then that night some new air zoids called Zabats attack and steal Zero. The Blitz Team begin searching for the theifs. While searching Bit is grabbed by one of the air Zoids that stole the Liger Zero he is taken to an arena were he meets Altail. Altail gives Bit a choice pilot the Liger Zero for an Unsactioned Battle for 40x times prize money or watch as Liger Zero is destroyed. Bit agrees to pilot Zero in the battle and faces the Elephandir. Meanwhile the rest of the Blitz Team find were Bit & Liger are. Bit starts the battle and struggles. All of a sudden the arena is attacked by the rest of the Blitz Team. Liger & Bit escape and transform into Zero Schneider. He returns to the battle and uses his Buster Slash on the Elephandir. The result was a draw.

b: 07-Nov-2001

80. The Brave Wild Eagle: The Raynos vs. the Zabats

Bit & the others are asked by the commission to help deal with the Backdraft. Wanting some revenge Bit & the others agree to help knowing they will have to face the Zabats in air battle Dr. Toros gets Jamie a new Zoid The Raynos. Unfortunatly Jamie is to scared to use the Raynos at full speed, because of an accident that happened to his father in a Raynos years eariler. The battle begins and Jamie is thrown into a dive, he blacks out, and then all of sudden his subconscious takes over and he becomes "The Wild Eagle" he begins to pick off the Zabats easily. Then he takes the Raynos and breaks the sound barrier for the first time. He engages Pierce "Zabat Leader" in a Dogfight and shoots her down. The Whale King starts firing on the Raynos and Jamie flys in through the mouth of the Whale King and shoots it up form the inside. They dump him out and retreat, Jamie crash lands and passes out afterwards. He wakes up later and asks who won the battle. Then his father walks in, and the other members of the Blitz Team start yelling at him for spreading rumors.

b: 08-Nov-2001

81. Fright Day The 13th

Lena is scared after answering a strange message a creepy voices tells her that in one week on Friday at Midnight the "Chainsaw Man" is going to come and hack her zoid to pieces. There was also a legend about a farmer who went out to get some wood and never came back, and that his little girl disappeared to. The came back one day and that girl wasn't there. After Harry's hangar is attacked and zoid component's are stolen Jamie & Naomi go looking for clues. Lena goes around to the part shop and finds a trashed Rev. Rapter and little young girl in a white clothes bouncing a ball that disappeared after showing up. Lena eventually leaves the lot after helping that guy who's Rev. Rapter was trashed. She goes back to the Hover Cargo where Harry gives another speech that Lena faints in and doesn't hear. Everyone goes to sleep and all the while, the so called chainsaw man arrives and Lena is the only one awake. She gets in her Gun Sniper and begins to run. Just when it looks like shes done for Naomi arrives and explains that there really just 5 thieves with zoids called Spinosappers pretending to be the chainsaw man. After hearing that Lena goes ballistic. Just as the fights about over Lena is attacked by one more zoid and when she turns she sees that same little girl that she saw earlier outside the parts shop. After the fight Naomi tells her there was only 5 zoids in the gang and also no one else saw the little girl or the sixth zoid. The legend could have been true?

b: 09-Nov-2001

82. Layon Returns: Anti-Gravity Catastrophe!

The Tigers are back on the losing track and they blame Dr. Layon. But all of a sudden he appears and uses a new weapon to throw them and there zoids high into the air. Later that day Dr. Toros and Jamie's Dad (Oscar) meet at the ruins of a city were Toros, Oscar & Layon uses to go to when they were all friends. While on his way home Dr. Toros finds the Tiger team badly injured and there zoids totaled. While getting the full store from the Tigers Layon kidnapps Lenna and holds her prisoner because he doesn't want her getting involved in the battle to come. He then explains why he hates Lena's father. The battle begins and Layon starts to lose, then he activates his Anti-Gravity device and Brad & Jamie are thrown. Bit returns to the hover cargo and transforms into Schneider. Meanwhile Lena escapes and with Oscars help arrives at the battlefield in time to watch the Liger Zero bust right through Layons Whale King which forced him to retreat.

b: 12-Nov-2001

83. Red Rival: Leon Toros Returns!

Naomi was facing the Backdraft and doing well until they started cheating and just when it looked like she was going to be defeated a Red Blade Liger busts in and takes out the last Rev Rapter ending the battle. When Naomi thanks the warrior shes surprised when it is Leon Toros. Also at the face he asked if she would like to team up. The Blitz Team is challenged by Naomi for a 2 on 2 battle. Lena & Bit accept. The battle gets ready to begin but everybody is surprised when Leon appears as Naomi's partner and in a Red Blade Liger (one of the rarest zoids there are). Bit & Leon face of and end up shocking each other with there skills ,but just when the battles getting good the Backdraft come looking for revenge. Working together Bit, Leon, & Naomi take out all 30 Rev Rapters. However the Judge was taken out so the battle is canceled. As fate would have it, Bit & Leon don't meet in battle again until the Royal Cup.

b: 13-Nov-2001

84. Warriors On Vacation: The Storm Sworders

Dr. Layon joins the Backdraft and challenges The Blitz Team to another battle. Dr. Toros only agrees because the battle is to take place near a vacation resort. While at the resort Bit runs into Pierce one of the Backdraft pilots who stole Liger Zero from him. The Battle begins and it turns out that Pierce is the leader of Layon's Team of Strom Sworders. Pierce evens the score with Jamie and cuts him down. But Jamie & Brad manage to shot down 3 of 4 Storm Sworders leaving only Pierce who decides to go head to head against Bit even though Dr. Layon orders her to attack the Hover Cargo. While facing Bit, Lena returns to the Hover Cargo and with a little help from her father damages Pierces Storm Sworder. After which Pierce decides to retire from the battle and from the Backdraft. Bit never sees her again after that. He takes the bracelet she left at the table during their little talk and tosses it in the sea.

b: 14-Nov-2001

85. Love on the Battlefield: My Love, the Judge

Benjamin has fallen in love with a judge that has the same operating frequency as him. And with Harry & Bit's help he might see her again.

b: 15-Nov-2001

86. The Third Conversion: Zero Panzer's Debut!

Stoller has left the Backdraft and becomes a legimate Zoid Warrior. He then challeges Bit to a rematch. Bit accepts, meanwhile Leon visit the Blitz Team hangar and gets a look at the Panzer Armor for Liger. After he finds out about the battle he tries to convice Bit to use it and then tells him that "Zoid battles are about the search for Unlimited Potential". The battle begins and Bit is using the Schneider against the Elephander. During the battle the Schneider blades break and Bit knows that Jager isn't fast enough. All of a sudden Liger Zero heads back to the Hover Cargo and calls for the Panzer. After remebering what Leon said Bit agrees and they mobilize the Liger Zero Panzer. The flaw in the Panzar is easy to see the Armor is to heavy to move with. After withstanding a vicious missile barrage. Bit fires the Hybrid Cannons and not only breaks through the Elephander's shield but also throws it. Unfortunatly the Elephander is not down for the count and Ligers monitors are down because of the overheating caused by the extra-weight of the Hybrid Cannon. Just then the Backdraft attack and start booming everything but the Liger Zero. Liger Zero some-how reactivates and Bit uses the Big Boom attack that launches a large barrage of missiles & rockets destroying all the unmaned Zabats. Then Bit jettison's the Panzer Armor and we watch as Liger roars & shakes.

b: 19-Nov-2001

87. The Shadow Fox: Brad's Betrayal

Brad goes in search of a mysterious dark Zoid that only he saw a few months ago. After finding the Zoid and tracking it he tries to follow it down a mountain side he crashes and then his zoid is attacked and destoryed he bails out in the last second and survives. He awakes to find he's a prisoner of Dr. Layon who thinks he's a spy from the Toros base, who was sent to find out about the Shadow Fox capabilites. After trying to torture Brad in a G-Force tester. Brad escapes by faking a pass out. When he gets to the hangar he steals the Shadow Fox. He escapes with a barely making it through the exit gate. While escaping with the Shadow Fox Layon notices that Brad is able to Pilot the Zoid with more advance skill than any of the best Backdraft Pilots. So he decides to give the Shadow Fox to Brad under one condition. He would have to fight the Blitz Team. The Blitz Team arrives to face the Crusaders Team but they haven't shown. Then all of a sudden the Dark Judge appears and announces the a battle between the Blitz Team and The Shadow Fox piloted by Brad. After taken care of Jamie & Lena easily. He takes Bit on and during the fierce battle the commission judge announces that the Zoid belongs to the Blitz Team because Brad inserted his zoid gear into it's computer system. Dr. Layon was outraged and starts attacking with his Whale King and all it's Zoids. Between Bit in the Zero Panzar, Brad in the Shadow Fox, And the Beam Cannon from the Judge Satellite Layon is forced to retreat. Later Brad decides to take the Shadow Fox for a run just like Bit & Liger Zero do.

b: 20-Nov-2001

88. Harry's Disaster: Dr. Laon Traps Toros!

After a little blunder by Bit, Harry is able to bribe Leena into a date. Of course just when it looks like Harry might finally being getting some good luck. Dr. Layon appears and kidnapps Harry in order to try and trap Dr. Toros. He recruits the Puma Team and there now upgraded Neo WarSharks & Hammerhead. The battle begins and due to the upgraded sheild of the Neo WarSharks the Blitz Team can't make a dent on them. So, Dr. Toros has Brad return to the Hover Cargo and rearms the Shadow Fox with a Long Range Buster Cannon that Brad uses to bust through the WarSharks sheilds. Unfortunatly Layon orders the Hammerhead in and everyone sees Harry dangling from it. The Hammerhead disables the Liger & Shadow Fox. But, then when Leena steps in front of the Hover Cargo Layon orders the Hammerhead to ignore her because he believes that Leena is in love with harry and she won't fire a shot. Unfortunatly they made Harry stand Leena up for there date and she decides to launch a full out barrage thats really aimed at Harry but does bring the Hammerhead down and wins the battle.

b: 21-Nov-2001

89. The Dragon Under the Sea: In Search of the Ultimate X

Altail is order by The Council of Seven who are the Head of the Backdraft Group to find another Ultimate X like the Liger Zero. The Blitz Team after having fought in so many battles decide to take a vacation and head to the ocean. While there Bit meets this boy who says he's waiting for somethiing. Also While there Harry calls and finds out that Leena's at the beach he immediately heads there to join her. Meanwhile under the waves Altail and the Backdraft are escavating some ruins in the search for the Ultimate X. When Harry arrives he gladly allows Leena and the others use his WarSharks to have some fun. After having to dive down deep to avoid being seen several times Altail orders an assult on the Blitz Team. Leena goes back to the Hover Crgo to get her dad for dinner. Just then the attack begins Leena goes out in her Gun Sniper to defend the Hover Cargo. Brad helps her once he gets the Shadow Fox. Bit & Jamie mobilize and help Harry out. After the enemy mysteriously retreats Bit & Harry take the two remaining WarSharks and investigate. The watch as the Backdraft load a giant metal crate on to the Whale King and fly away leaving only a giant hole on the ocean bottom and the only clue to what they found being the picture of a Ziod carved on a rock. On board the Whale King The crate is opened and the Boy appears and calls the Zoid inside the crate the "Beserk Fury".

b: 22-Nov-2001

90. The Dragon Awakens: The Berserk Fury Enters the Fray

Bit gets ready to take all the parts he collected and sell them for cash unfortunatly Dr. Toros beat him to it. Doc uses the money to take the Liger, Gun Sniper, & Raynos in for some proper check ups and repairs. Meanwhile Bit & others going in search of some fun while there Bit sees Jack Sisco challenging some kids to a simulation zoid battle game. so Bit joins in determind to settle the score with Jack somewhat. However, just when things get really started a new player enters and a kid and he defeats Jack & Bit quickly. When Dr. Toros goes to pick up the Zoids the clerk tells him that Liger has a "Black Box" that they couldn't identify. The Next day the Blitz Team rematches with The Lighting Team. But, just as the match is about to begin the Backdraft appear and the Dark Judge announces the arrival of "Vega Obscura" the uncrowned king of the unsanctioned battle. The Whale King lands and the Beserk Fury emerges still with no armor. Jack tries to eliminate him quickly and instead gets taken down himself. A few seconds later Chris & Kelly Tasker and quickly handled, then Brad, and finally Leena. Bit realizes that it's the same kid from yesterday. He and Liger strike, Liger loses but does scar the Beserk Fury. Vega decides to end this permanatly and activates the Charged Particle Cannon and is only stopped when Sarah orders him to stop and reminds him that without armor the Beserk Fury wouldn't survive the blast. The Bit watches as the Whale King flys off and knows that he will have to face Vega and The Beserk Fury again.

b: 26-Nov-2001

NOTE: In the shot right out side of the repair shop where it shows the hover cargo sitting then pans to the building and some Gustavs, the first Gustav that is shown is actually Moonbay's, with the replaced peice of armor and the boosters attached to it.

91. Tournament of Heroes: The Royal Cup

Every 4 years the Royal Cup is held and the winner gets to move up to Class S. The Wild cards (Class B Teams) are picked they are the Tigers Team & The Champ Team. All Class A Team are already entered in the Tournament. That includes the Vega Team. The Royal Cup begins and the first opponet of the Blitz Team is The Lighting Team. After trying and failling to knock Leena out using there drafting technique again. Brad takes Chris and Kelly on and after a little smoke screen breaks the sisters up Brad defeats Chris and Leena defeats Kelly. Having nothing else to lose Jack takes Bit on one-on-one. Reaching the edge of a forest the Lighting Sinx is forced to stop but Bit & Liger plow through and jump out above Jack and attack before he can react defeating him. Meanwhile the Backdraft begin shooting down the judge satelites with a Charged Partical Cannon. The Data from ther first victory arrives and then Bits sees something in the sky. All of a sudden Dark Judges start appearring all over the battlefields.

b: 27-Nov-2001

92. Survival: The Mystery of the Ultimate X

After winning there third match the Blitz Team dediceds to break up into two groups Brad & Bit keep going forward while Leena & Jamie turn around to face the Tigers Team. The judge begins to announcee the battle and accidently calls the Tiger Team (The Fuzz Panda Team) which after they crash ends up resulting in there command system freezing and the Blitz Team winning the match. All of a sudden Layon begins another attack. Meanwhile Brad & Bit run into the Flugal Team. The Judge approves the Battle an it begins. Bit and Leon face off. Brad makes a deal with Naomi that if she loses the enter next time as partners, Naomi agrees. Meanwhile things get worse as the Beserk Fury arrvies and the Judge approves the battle between Vega and Leena.
Jamie tries to fight Vega and is defeated quickly. But just as Vega is going to attack 3 unregister zoids appear all Geno Saurs, they surround the Beserk Fury and prepare to fire there Charged Partical Cannons, Leena hurries to survive and her Gun Sniper trips. Layon dives his Whale King and rams Lenna & Harry out of the way of the Partical Gun assult. The Besrek Fury survives and disables the Geno Saurs. Meanwhile Brad defeats Naomi who seems happy about it. Bit & Leon continue there battle. Leena finds Layon who explains to her about the Ultimate X's and also tells her that only choosen pilots like Vega & Bit can bring out the full power of an Ultimate X. Liger suggest to Bit that they use the 7 Blade Attack Bit agrees and Liger charges the Blade Liger, they clash and Bit & Liger win. After finding out the location of the finish line Bit sees more objects in the sky.

b: 28-Nov-2001


If Leon had won the battle, he would've also beaten the Beserk Fury with easily. Because of the Blades on the Blade Liger. They emitt special electromagnets that cancel out the Charged Particle Gun, same goes for the Schneider armor. The Blade Liger was specially evolved for fighting dragon type of zoids that have Charged Particle Guns, such as the Genosaur, Geno-Breaker and Beserk Fury.

93. The Miracle of Zero - The Wind, the Cloud and Adventure

The all out battle between the Beserk Fury and Liger Zero begins. After Vega throws Brad & Shadow Fox. Liger Zero Panzer fires it's Hybrid Cannons but the Furys' Shield is to powerful. Then the Beserk Fury knock Liger Zero Panzer down and prepare to fire the Charged Particle Gun. All of sudden one of the judge satelites heads toward them Fury uses it's Partical Cannon and destroyes most of the satelite, then Liger Zero Panzer finishes the job with the Mega Missile Assalt. After jettisoning the Panzer armor, Vega gets ready to finish Bit off until Brad fires and destroys one of the Furys particle/sheild generators. The Shadow Fox engages the Beserk Fury in battle while Bit rearms with the Basic Zero Armor. The Shadow Fox is taken down hard and Vega fires his Charged Particle Gun on the Hover Cargo. Just as Vega & Fury think they've won Liger Zero jumps out of the smoke hops of the ground and attacks with his Strike Laser Claw ripping off the face armor of the Beserk Fury. The Hover Cargo was able to withstand the Charged Particle Gun, because it wasn't being used at its max, Shadow Fox ripped off one of the generators for the third side so it couldn't use the full force of the beam. Liger Zero continues to move faster than the Beserk Fury can keep up with. In the end, Liger Zero finishes it off with the Strike Laser Claw to the neck of the Beserk Fury.

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