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1. The Boy from Planet Zi

The Episode starts out with, a boy named Van, is being chased by a blue scorpion type zoid, called a Guysack. After a semi-long chase, Van makes it to some ruins. After, the Guysack makes there, he gets trapped under some rubble that falls due to the Guysack's immense firing. His partners riding zoids called Command Wolf. Fire at the ruins to trap Van, and do so. Van finds a secret chamber with two capsules in it. He opens one of them up and finds a small type of zoid called an organoid. He calls the organoid Zeek. Just then, the blue Guysack pilot, Bull charges them. After a fierce fight between Zeek and the Guysack. Zeek won! Then Zeek takes Van and blasts out of there and gets to nearby trashed Shield Liger. Then the two Command Wolves fire at the busted Liger, then Zeek merges with the Liger and enhances its abilites. As if it were brand new! The Liger takes the Command Wolves out and returns to the ruins. Then they find a mysterious girl who can't remember a girl. Episode Concludes!

b: 18-Feb-2002

2. The Mysterious Fiona

This starts out w/Van, Fiona and Zeek returning to the village. And Fiona won't stop with the incessant questions. As they make there way back to the village, two Molgas and Redler. Van's sister, Maria gets kidnapped and ransomed for the "Wild Zoid" Zeek. When Van returned to the village, he was tied up and the village elders took Zeek and brought him to where the bandits were. Van broke free and took the Shield Liger and went to fight those creeps. After a fierce battle, Van was being beaten, and then he got Zeek to merge w/the Liger and made the Liger more than enough for them to handle. After he defeated them he set out on a journey with Fiona, Zeek and the Shield Liger.

b: 19-Feb-2002

3. Memory

Van and Fiona are goin gthrough the desret and Fiona gets thrown into a sandpit, as a Red Command Wolf shows up and resues her. Since they got seperated from the Shield Liger and Zeek. The guy gives them corn and a place to sleep. By the time they wake up, they guy is gone. Van and Fiona make it back to the Liger and Zeek. Later on, they find themselves in a an ancient fortress that was abandoned 50 years ago. A white Gordos, attacks them so that they would not enter the ruins. Both Van and Fiona find another way in, through a hidden sewer tunnel. When they make it out, they had made into the heart of the ruins. As they searched they had found a diary, of a soldier that said that they were abandoning this base, and they didn't want to leave their campanion the Gordos, here but with his damaged leg he couldn't go on. Anyway, while all this was happening, Irvine (Red Command Wolf Pilot), shows up and starts to attack the Gordos, with a barrage of headbutts and tackles, Irvine retreats do to some minor damage. After Van fixes the Gordos, Fiona somehow manages to find an ancient tablet that made her remember something called Zoid Eve and that she was to find it. Then Irvine shows up in his Red Command Wolf, and launches an assault in which Van gets caught in. Fiona and Zeek make it out. Then Irvine shows up again and threatens them. Van shows up with the Shield Liger. They fight and after a tough battle, do to Van's inexperience, he is about to lose, but then the white Gordos shows up. Irvine flees and Van tries to tell the Gordos that the war ended a long time ago and that he could be free, but unfortunately, the Gordos didn't listen.

b: 20-Feb-2002

4. The Protectors

After Van and Fiona had left the ancient fortress with white Gordos, he was tired. And he went to sleep. Fiona was sitting down in the middle of the night, as Van stirs and asks her what she is doing and why hasn't she gone to sleep. She tells him she can hear water, Van gets up and listens and says that you must be kidding, there plent of water in the tank if you need it. By morning Fion athrew all the water out of the tank because it smelt bad. Van went beserk and told her that it had his special protein thing in it. Van falls down and has a mirage of Fionadropping all the water in the ground. Irvine comes in when Fiona had just lead Van to some fresh water. Thinking it was just a couple bandits, Irvine found out it was just Van. Irvine fills Van in on the details in which that he is a protector and how these bandits attacked on a specific set date. Today was one of those set dates. The gang was confirmed to be the Desert Alka-Velto Gang, the same thugs that attacked Van's village and tried to take Zeek. The enemy has a Red Horn, two Command Wolves, two Molgas, a Guysack and a Redler. Van quickly jumps in and becomes a protector and learns what an aquapher is. The fighting starts and IRvine quickly knocks out a Molga and partially damages a Command Wolf. Just then Van jumps in with the Shield Liger and takes the Guysack out with no problem. He heads up to the Red Horn and the Command Wolves, while Irvine leaves and tries to take out he Redler. He goes into the cliffs and jumps in on the Redler, thereby knocking it out. Van launches his missles where an aquapher is and knocks out the Command Wolves but the Red Horn still survived do to its amazing armor and it charges for Van. Out of the canyons comes Irvine and shoots the Red Horn down. After the fight was won, Van and Irvine talked about it. And Van figured out that Irvine believed in him.

b: 21-Feb-2002

5. Sleeper Trap

After saving the village from the Desert Alka-Velota Gang, the Shield Liger had some pretty serious damage. Van almost has a heart-attack when he finds out that Fiona ate his Papaiya. A little while after that, they meet a sassy girl called Moonbay. She checks out his Shield Liger and see's that the front-back leg had some missile damage on it. They talked until a couple of sleeper Guysacks attacked them. With Moonbay's Gustav weighte down by all the heavy load, she couldn't put any weapons on it. Just then Irvine comes and saves the day, by destroying all of the Guysacks except for one that managed to slip by and cause him some damage. Moonbay finds good place to camp out at the night, an ancient fortress base. Both the Command Wolf and Shield Liger had taken on pretty serious damage. Irvine got suspicious and asked Moonbay if her cargo had any imperial fire power. Moonbay verified that and told Irvine that it was all loaded with Imperial arms and that they would explode if anything had it. At dinner, Van tells Moonbay and Irvine what they have been doing. Van, Fiona and Zeek go off for a treasure hunt and wind up swimming. During his swim, Van found the remains of a zoid. Irvinewen to to get his electromagnetic whip to get Zeek and just then more sleeper Guysacks started attacking. Irvine figured, that it was a sleeper trap. The Guysacks they fought earlier were just decoys that led them into the ruins so that they could be surrounded very easily. The remains that Van saw were one of its captured preys that the sleepers successfully defeated. Moonbay took here cargo and went out the back with Van while Irvine made a whole 360 and came around. Ina fierce battle with just two zoids against more than battalion of sleepers. Moonbay drives half of them her way. Then Van and Irvine show up again and this time Moonbay decides to jettson her cargo and she leaves. Then the Guysacks started attacking the ammuniation and blew themselves up. While Moonbay returned and asked Van, to be her protector.

b: 22-Feb-2002

6. Jump Zeek!

Van and Co are traveling along when they come across soldiers of the Helic Republic, who mistake them for Imperials, especially after registering the earlier explosion. They take them prisoner after a scuffle and impound the zoids.
Irvine reveals his true resourcefulness when he uses a hidden trick to break himself out and Van along with him. Van promises to come back for the girls and takes off with Irvine for the Zoids. Zeke and the Liger merge and Van and Irvine take off through the base. The Republican soldiers mobilize several Petras and try to stop them.
Out of the base, Van tries to lose the soldiers among the creveses, but when he's backed into a corner and goes for the munitions he finds out the zoids were stripped of their firepower and is chastized by Irvine for his stupidity.
Irvine tries to figure a way to save his own skin when Van gets an idea and starts running the Liger at the walls of the canyon. He bounces from side to side gaining altitude, and finally clears the canyon, taking out two of the Republicans following them. He makes a try for the third, piloted by Capt. Herman. Irvine, showing that he's actually beginning to like the kid, offers a hand, and coordnates jumps with the Command Wolf so that at its peak jump from the canyon the Liger could jump off it and strike Herman who thought he was just high enough. The pilots of the Petras bailed, and has he's floating down Herman makes a respectful note of Vans achievements.
The episode ends with Major Shubaltz of the Empire preparing his forces for the assault on the Republicans at Red River, and Irvine scouting around.

b: 25-Feb-2002

7. The Battle of Red River

After beating the captain, Van and Zeek decide to go and rescue Moonbay and Fiona. When they barge in, they are told that they are working for the Republic. Both Moonbay and Fiona are told that they will be give cargo loaded with explosives that are to be detonated at Fire Bridge. Then Major Shoobaultz and Minister Prozan have a discussion about the attack on the rebels. Major Shoobaultz says that he will only attack if they attack first. At the battlefield, the republic had its Godos' and Guysacks all lined up with the main captain in the green Gordos. On the Imperial front, they had all 50 molgas lined up with there Commander Major Shoobaultz in the Dark Horn. Both captains step ou tand have a word with each other ang go back to their respective zoids. Then Minister Prozan has a word with Marcus a soldier from the front line. He tells him to launch the first attack and make it look like the republic did it. If he did he would be promoted. Then Marcus tells Rosso to use the Pteras they got and attack their forces and in which would begin the battle. Then after a long wait, a Pteras and attacks there side and the battle starts up again. Van is give strict orders to destroy Fire Bridge because the explosives didn't work and they lost contact with the girls. At the gorge Irvine assists Van in making it across the River. Van destroys Fire Bridge. He makes it toward and through the front lines of the Imperial Army and finally makes to the Republican Side.

b: 26-Feb-2002

8. The Road to the Republic

After meeting success at Red River, the gang thinks that if they make it to the Republican Capital they may find a clue to Zoid Eve. Before they leave Captain Herman gives them a letter of introduction, while Irvine tries to take Zeek, but fails. Moonbay and the others stop by a near village to load up on supplies. Moonbay and the others go out to get some supplies. Irvine, Fiona and Zeek get seperated from Van. While Fiona goes on a shopping spree of fruit and making Irvine pay. Van and Moonbay get tailed by Rosso's gang and chased all ove village, and finally get caught. Irvine hears a gun shot in the village. He rushes and finds out that Moonbay and Van have been caught, they have been trapped and are tied around the Shield Liger's foot. Then Fiona tries to untie them but also gets caught, Irvine manages to get Van and Moonbay free. Van and Zeek get in the Shield Liger. Then Rosso shows up in his Red Horn and launches a devastating assault from all of his weapons on the Red Horn. Van survives after learning that he could put up a shield with the Shield Liger. He then rams the Red Horn and Rosso does the same. Van and the rest of the gang leave because the Imperial Army shows up. Rosso surrenders to the army only before telling everyone of his gang to leave. Rosso gets caught and tells Van not to get caught because he defeated the Desert Alka-Velno Gang.

b: 27-Feb-2002

9. The Valley of the Monster

Van and the gang barely made it part the Imperail Army. The Shield Liger wasn't working to good either its sights weren't aligned properly. Then the Zoids started to do something wierd, and Irvine found out that they were in the Valley of the Rare Hertz. In this valley there is a pulse that gets emitted that makes the Zoids not to work propoerly. Zoids affected by the rare-hertz begin to grow on violent tendancies and run out of control and usually destroy themselves. The proof was a very old Godos it was rusted and damaged beyond repair. They put on their pulse guards which makes it so that the rare-hertz stops effecting them. Unfortunately, when they were about to leave Zeek was also affected by the rare-hertz. He looked sick . But then he was completley controlled by the rare-hertz and rams the Gistav. He then fuses with the Shield Liger and damages irvine's Command Wolf and then leaves. Moonbay fixes Irvine's Command Wolf. Van runs away after Irvine told him he couldn't use his Command Wolf. He keeps walking until the Shield Liger tracks disappear, he then notices the Shield Liger on the top the cliff. He climbs it and falls down, when he wakes up Fiona had helped and bandaged up his wounds. Irvine's Command Wolf performance was downgraded by 30%. Van finds Zeek and the Shield Liger, Zeek fuses with the Shield Liger and attempts to kill Van. Then Irvine shows up and traps the Shield Liger against the side of the raised cliff. Zeek escapes and Van chases after him on the hover board. After a little organoid vs boy duel. Zeek falls down the cliff and Van catches him by the face and Zeek realizes that Van is a true friend and returns to normal.

b: 28-Feb-2002

10. The Mountain of Dreams

After getting Zeek back to normal, Van finds out that there is an old scientist that used to be very important in the Republican Army once that lives here, he might give us a lead on to Zoid Eve. As they are going throught the forest they hear a big explosion. They come to a house with a man turned frozen in ice. We also find out that Fiona likes here coffee salty. Later that morning, the old guy Dr. D was gone and was using Irvine's Command Wolf. He tells Irvine that the site of the main gun was off by exactly three degrees. Dr. D tricked Van into doing all of his housework or he won't tell him what Zoid Eve is. Dr. D then confronts Irvine and tricks him into doing some work. He then tells both Van and Irvine to get in their zoids because the so called enemy was coming, his grandson on a bike. Irvine's finger slips thanks to Dr. D. Then the old guy takes them on a suicide mission to an unmaned Republican supply base that was protected by several sleeper Guysacks. Van and Irvine get trapped and Van asks Dr. D about Zoid, the doc smootly replies he never heard of it. Dr. D leaves after raiding the supply base, he goes back home. He tells Fiona making it snow is his dream, all of a sudden a sleeper Guysack comes after them, it followed Dr. D here. It blows his house into smithreens and then Moonbay shows up and destroys the Guysack. Then Van and Irvine show up after the place blew up. Then they all had a talk about Dr. D. Van, Irvine, Moonbay, Fiona, his grandson and Zeek. Dr. D's dream is to make it snow here, Van and Irvine help the Doctor make a machine that would make it snow. They launch the thing. It starts snowing, (not immediately though after a couple of minutes), but Fiona and Moonbay notice that the machine didn't go off. It was really snowing.

b: 01-Mar-2002

11. The Fog at Mt. Iselina

After making it snow, Van and the rest head off to Mount Isolina. Mount Isolina is known for being treacherous. While Viola and Jarro are making plans to attack and get revenge on Van. In the middle of the fog of Mount Isolina Van stops everyone so he could get his flying papaya, Irvine and Fiona go after him and get lost. Moonbay tells Van about the Shadow Monster story. Then some sort of Shadow Monster appears, it turns out that it was just the the shadow of a Godos that was being piloted by a girl named Rosa. Viola and Jarro strategize that those punks (Van) would be at the colony that is in the middle of Mt. Isolina. Rosa takes Van and Moonbay to her colony, and that where Van stocks up on food. The villagers are surprised at what kind of strangers are these people. They were also fascinated at the zoids that they carried. Then Van and Rosa talk for a while and exchange stories. Then Viola and Jarro get there, they didn't want to attack the village so they lured Van into a gorge with a lot of fog. Van quickly takes out Jarro the Pteras pilot with the same manuever that he took out Captain Herman, with cliff to cliff jump manuever. He took out Viola with the help of Rosa and the Godos. Then Rosa and Viola have a sister to sister talk and Van is surprised that Viola is the sister to Rosa. Van covers for Viola and then leaves. Then Moonbay and Van find Irvine and Fiona and they leave.

b: 04-Mar-2002

12. The Black Organoid

After getting away from the treacherous Mount Isolina, Van and the gang made it into Republican Territory. They make it to a village only after going through a zoid graveyard of 30 Guysacks. Van and the gang get in trouble as a few soldiers try to arrest them because they think its someone else. Van and Fiona escape but Irvine, Moonbay and Zeke are caught. Then they are chased after until they come across a boy lyind down. Then that boy rescues them from the Republican Soldiers. Then more of them come, as they are about to reach them, Fiona grabs the boy (who is just as old as Van/Fiona) and they make a break for it. Then both Moonbay and Irvine are released do to the misunderstanding. Major Ford, leaader and commander of this unit fills both Irvine and Moonbay in on the details. Two days ago, an entire sleeper battalion was wipped out and it was do to one Saber Fang and a black organoid. A black organoid similiar to Zeke attacked them except it had wings instead of boosters. Raven (the boy) leads Van and Fiona to the fresh water and asks htem how is he going to rescue their friends. Irvine gets to Van and warns him about Raven. By that time, the Republican Army came in a small battalion of Godos's. Raven took care of all of them. And then Van took on Raven and fought him, Raven the much superior fighter had defeated him but had enough sympathy to leave them be. He leaves Van with his broken pride.

b: 05-Mar-2002

13. The Battle of Chronos

After Van loses to Raven, he sits down and says he's waiting until Raven shows up. Some of the villagers warn them of the advancing Imperial Army. Major Marcus tells Major Shoobaultz of the new objectives and different strike plans. Major Marcus's unit will attack and capture the Chronos Fortress and the Shoobaultz unit will advance on to Mount Osa Base. After swooping and sneaking around Irvine learns even though the Republican Army is backed into a corner, they have a bold strategy. After several attempts by Moonby and Fiona, Van still doesn't want to go instead he is trying to pull the full potential of the Shield Liger out. Meanwhile, in the village Raven explains the strategy to Major Shoobaultz, and why they couldn't merge their forces together. It would be too overwhelming for the Republicans and which might force the President to negotiate a ceasefire treaty between both nations. After his talk Raven leaves with his Saber Fang and Shadow. Van finds him and says that he wants a rematch. Irvine as always was standing by, if Van needed help. For a couple of secs, it looked like Van had the match under control, but then Raven being the superior pilot quickly figured his strategy out and ripped the dual-gun mounted on the Shield Liger off. Then Irvine came charging in and Raven took him out easily enough. Then Van put up his Shield and charged for Raven and hit his Saber and Raven went down. He then fused with his black organoid, shadow. Then took Van out with one blow, after that Zeek was hurt pretty bad. The Chronos Fortress felland blew itself up along with the part of Marcus's unit.

b: 06-Mar-2002

14. Wake Up! Zeke!

After Van loses the battle to Raven again, and this time Zeke is hurt badly. Colonel Krueger knows its a huge blow losing the fortress, but he wants to know how much time it would take them to start advancing again. He estimated about 30 hours and tells Major Ford of Chronos Unit that he should get back to Mount Osa Base and prepare for a counter-attack. Meanwhile, at the deserted villageVan tries to find help for Zeke. Then Dr. D shows up trying to find sunscreen and Van gets Dr. D to see Zeke. Dr. D. tells Van that to revive Zeke he would have to go to Mt. Osa and get a bright blue rock called Zoid Magnite. Irvine goes to the Republican Base to get armed up with a multiple missile diffusion system. They let them test it out. Van and Moonbay make it to the Mt. Osa Volacano and are struggling to keep alive and get the rock. While Irvine take on Raven and his Saber Fang with his multiple missile diffusion system. Van tells Moonbay he see the rock and she should lower him down. He gets the rock and gets pulled up and both Van and Moonbay get out of there with a second to spare. Irvine traps Raven with the needle missiles and Raven fuses with his organoid and takes out Irvine in a flash. While the combined forces of the Shoobaultz and Marcus unit make their way onto Mount Osa Base.

b: 07-Mar-2002

15. Deploy the ZG!

After Van had finally revived Zeke with the Zoid Magnite, Zeke needed somet time to recover. Major Shoobaultz combined Imperial unit was delayed due to an avalanche of rocks. The delay was really severe they were delayed at least 2 hours. Marcus believed that it had to have been a fluke. Major Shoobaultz on the other hand believes this was no fluke, it was the work of Colonel Kruegar and that he knew exactly what he was doing. The severe losses due to the Chronos Fortress and this delay with rocks was no fluke. It started to rain and the roof started leaking where Van and the others were at. Colonel Kruegar gives the command of the Mt. Osa base to Major Ford while he would pilot the ZG (Gojulas) onto the front lines. At only fifty-percent of its true capability, the ZG still had firepower equivalent to tweleve zoids. Irvine sneaks into the base and see's just what they are planning for the upcoming battle against the Empire. The advancing Imperial unit is caught by surprise with several sleeper Guysacks. The Iron Kong, under the control of Major Shoobaultz, takes out all the Guysacks with just one round of its 70mm chain guns. Up above them under the cover of thick storm clouds, four Pteras's under the command of Captain Herman from Red River Base came here to assist with the battle. Back at the deserted village Van asks Dr. D where he could Irvine, with some reluctance Dr. D tells Van that he is at the Mount Osa Base. Van quickly gets in the Shield Liger and runs off to rescue Irvine. While, in the Mount Osa Base, Irvine and Colonel Kruegar were having a pilot to pilot talk with each other about the zoids. Captain Herman arrives at the base with his Pteras squadron, and instead of Colonel Kruegar, Captain Herman would be piloting the ZG. The advancing Imperial unit makes it to the Mount Osa Base and starts attacking them, unfortunately, Colonel Kruegar was caught in one of the rounds and was hurt not bad though. Herman jumps into the cockpit of the ZG and starts his one-zoid barrage against the Imperial Army. Van makes it to the base safely and rescues Irvine right before he fell to the ground. He also learns that he doesn't need Zeke to acess the power of the Shield Liger, he could do it on his own. As Raven looks on, Herman takes it out most of the Imperial Army forces, until Major Shoobaultz starts retreating. After that Herman grounded the Gojulas.

b: 08-Mar-2002

16. New Helic City

b: 11-Mar-2002

17. The Longest Night of the Republic

As the Imperial Army is getting closer, Captain Herman is swimming really fast to warn their side about the attack from the Empire. While Van, Moonbay and Irvine are planning their next move to the Guerrial Plateau. They also find out a general in the Imperaial Army is also looking for it and will pay lots of money if they have any leads. Madam President drops in on the Mount Osa base to check on how Colonel Kruegar is doing. Liutenant O'Connel of the Red River Base wants to send out a search party to look for the Captain. But the president denies their request. Irvine, Van, Moonbay and Fiona are havingdinner while the Liutenant drops in and is really mad, he says that he will pay anyone enough money from the military to retire if they would steal a Pteras and go rescue the Captain. While on the Imperial Side, Admiral Prozan was making his daily report to the Imperial King Zepplin. They talked for a bit on how he was goin gto deal the final blow to the rebels. Then Van and Irvine alongside Moonbay and Fiona broke into the base and stole a Pteras to rescue the Captain. Van and Irvine both stayed at the shore just in case the captain makes it back. Dr. D catches the three soldiers including Captain Rob Herman. Then Van and Irvine appear to rescue Captain Herman. Herman tells the girls that they should tell the Mt. Osa Base to about the attack. Irvine also runs off and Van/Herman go to a nearby Naval Base. Then Raven blows the Naval Base up and challegnes him. Van accepts, and all the while Moonbay had made it to the Mount Osa Base. Irvine warns Major Ford who is piloting the Gojulas to make a retreat to the Helic capital, because these Imperial Troops were just trying to get the attention of the Rebels and the ZG. On the battlefield, Van and Raven are having a pretty nice zoid battle, until the Imperial Army decides to attack them. Then Van runs away.

b: 12-Mar-2002

18. The Defense of the City

Barely escaping and making it to the front lines at the New Helic Shore, the Republican Army stands and waits for the Imperial Army to attack. Prince Rudolph of the Empirehas some bad news about his grandfather. While Prozan gives the Republican President a final ultmatum of surrender or be completely annihilated. Then the Republican Army finds out more bad news, Old Man Kruegar, Moonbay and Fiona are still at the Mount Osa Base. Colonel Kruegar has an idea of destroying the Mount Osa Base so the Empire can't get its hands on it. Moonbay, Fiona and the Colonel escape through the Pteras. But the explosives didn't explode. So the Colonel comes thinks if he blows the Volcano up, the base would explode and all the combat systems on the zoids would freeze. Dr. D was also thinking the same thing. They would fly in with just a couple f Pteras's alongside Van and Zeke. Rudolph is informed the current emperor Zepplin passes away at exactly 11:00AM. Then Colonel Kruegar, Fiona and Moonbay launch the missiles and fail, they needed more missiles if they were going to pull this off. Then Raven shows up with his Saber Fang and blasts them. Vana nd Raven duke it out then Dr. D and his members of the Pteras team make the Volcano explode and the base explodes along with Marcus. Then Prince Rudolph orders an immediate ceasefire between both nations. Then in the fight, Van had managed to destroy Raven's Saber Fang, but Shadow pulls Raven out of the Saber Fang before it explodes. The Imperial Army starts retreating and the Republicans' pull a strategic victory over the Empire.

b: 13-Mar-2002

19. Prozen's Conspiracy

After stopping the war and making the Empire retreat peae was restored to the Republic. Van and his friends were off to the Guerrial Plateau to restore Fiona's memory. While at an Imperial Prison Cell, where the bandit Rosso has been residing for the past couple of weeks, is freed with the help of his comrades from the Desert Alka-Velto Gang. Since the death of the late emperor Zepplin, Crown Prince Rudolph is next in line to become emperor of the Empire. Minister Prozan also mourns the loss of his emperor. Minister Prozan regent to Crown Prince Rudolph, would become emperor if anything were to happen to Prince Rudolph. The Desert Alka-Velto Gang is planning on kidnapping the Crown Prince Rudolph and asking for a ransom from the Empire for treating them the way the did. Late at night, Minister Prozan went to a shabby shop where a special forces operative commander by the name of Metlenick was. Metlenick had arranged three republican command wolves to assure that the assasination would look like the republicans had done it to re-new the war. Minister Prozan gives the details of how Rudolph would leave the palace. He would be flying in a Redler guarded by two or three Rev. Rapters basic models at that. The mission would be to take Rudolph out as quickly as possible and most importantly make it look like the Republicans had done it. Rosso and Viola are scoping out the palace while a person from the special forces operative spots them, and tells his boss Metlenick and tails them. Rosso and Viola make it to their hideout but Metlenick's group launches a missile right into their hideout, assuming that they are dead Metlenick resumes his mission. Fortunately, all four of them had gotten into their Molga. The Desert Alka-Velto gang finds Metlenick's hideout and they also find out they are doing a serious co-operative mission to make it look like the rebels had done it. They hit the Command Wolves and knock them all into a Frozen Combat System. Rosso and Viola attack the palace and get Prince Rudolph and head back to the Iron Kong. Rosso also learns Metlenick's mission was to take out the Prince Rudolph. Van and the gang make it near the Guerrial Plateau only four more days until they get their.

b: 14-Mar-2002

20. The Resurrection Monster

A scientist talks to Minister Prozan about the loading process of the new type zoid they had found and the other zoid to which they had made alterations to its zoid core. Van and the rest were going off to the Guerrial Ruins. All the while, Rosso and Viola were safe for the time being, they weren't chased by the Imperial Army. They planned to ransom the young prince to the highest bidder in the Empire. After such a long and hard struggle from the palace to the desert, Rudolph was fast asleep. Rosso and Viola were about to have dinner, but then Rudolph starts to escape. Van, Moonbay, Irvine and Fiona had made it to the Guerrial Plateau and started searching around the ruins. They had split up, Van/Fiona/Zeke went one way and Moonbay/Irvine went around the other way. They had learned that someone had recently been here, after crossing a trapped line, Irvine and Moonbay were chased all over the ruins by a Rev. Rapter. Then the same had happened to Van, Fiona and Zeke. Barely hiding from the Rev. Rapter, Irvine learned the movements of these zoids were sluggish and they had to be sleeper zoids, later he was able to confirm that by spotting its computer in the cockpit. Irvine also finds out that they had to be programmed not to fire, because it would damage the ruins. Vna and Fiona were still running from the Rev. Rapter and were cornered by the Rapter, they jumped off the cliff and the Shield Liger w/Zeke had rescued them. Then with a few swift moves, Van takes out all the Rev. Rapters with the Liger's shield. Meanwhile, Rooso is having an exchange with Metlenick, Rudolph for money. He gets the money but throws it back and takes Rudolph again. Viola backs them up and they make a safe escape. Meanwhiel at the ruins, after touching one of the stone tablets, Fiona remembers something called Deathsaur. Later at the Prozan's scientific lab, he calls in Raven and gives him a new type of zoid, they had made some modifications to its zoid core.

b: 15-Mar-2002

21. The Charged Particle Gun

Raven starts to rush after Rosso and enters a punk guys territory called Brad. Raven being the nicest I have ever seen him, gets mocked by Brad. Then Raven takes Brad out and crushes his Dark Horn. Later Vana nd the rest were talking about how it was a waste of time, and Irvine brings up a good point abot how Fiona remembered something called Deathsaur. Van kicks a rock in the bush and finds a boy named Rudolph. Rosso and Viola can't find Rudolph any where and went searching for him. Moonbay tries to swindle Rudolph out of his Imperial Ring but Van cancels that transaction. While at the Imperial Palace, Prozan gives a magnificent speech on how he would take office if Prince Rudolph doesn't return before the funeral of the late emperor Zepplin, he would take office. A very fast zoid attacks through the cover of the forest, Viola goes to check it out and it turns out its Raven in a Genosaur (purple/dark purple/black). Rosso was coming to but he'd be a little late. Rudolph was just leaving and was stopped when Fiona creeped everyone out with her little forewarning. Raven shows up and launches his Charged Particle Cannon at Viola and launches another one between the Command Wolf and Shield Liger knocking them down. Raven attacks Van and Irvine, but it proves too much for our young heros. He zoid is much stronger than any of theirs. The Shield Liger's ultimate move had no effect against the Charged Particle Cannon. Rosso and Viola show up in the Iron Kong and try to hold off Raven so that Van could escape. Raven destroy's the Iron Kong and Raven stops his pursuit of Van and Rudolph. He said it would be more challenging if he gave them a head start.

b: 18-Mar-2002

22. Farewell to a Friend

After barely escaping from Raven. Van adn the rest find some shelter. Rudolph wakes up and was having a bad dream and wonders if he will ever get back home. Later that morning, Rudolph asks if they could take him to Guygalos and teach him how to pilot a zoid. At the palace, Minister Prozan is sending out search parties and they are still looking for the prince as he explains to Prime Minister Homalef. A whole herd of Rev. Rapters and Redlers are searching for the prince, but were taken down by Raven and his Genosaur. Van starts teaching Rudolph how to pilot a zoid properly but Rudolph needs more practice. Then he gives Rudolph some special zoid pilot training. They find a bunch of Imperial Redlers with their zoid cores ripped out and Dr. D. Dr. D believes the Deathsaur was responsible for the damage and ruins of the Redlers. Dr. D tells everyone about the Legend of Beast of Destruction, the Deathsaur. It goes: One Deathsaur, destroyed a platoon of 1,000 zoids and whipped out a whole nation in one night. They figured that Raven has the Deathsaur, and is using its power to destroy the Redlers. In the middle of the night, Van couldn't sleep because of the Deathsaur and Rudolph was about run away. He was stopped as Van stood in his way. They also find out that Rudolph is the next in line for the imperial throne. Rudolph also tells about the ambitions that Prozan has to rule the empire and take control of it. Shadow, Raven's black organoid, shows up and kidnaps Rudolph. Then Rev. Rapters show up, dozens of them. Irvine gets in his Command Wolf and Moonbay gets in the Gustav and takes them on. While Van goes after Raven, he learns that Raven's new zoid is a Genosaur not a Deathsaur. Raven takes Van on and in a couple of minutes, with the Charged Particle Gun, Raven blows the Shield Liger's core into smithereens. Fortanetly, Zeke escapes with Van, but the main point was that the Shield Liger had drawn its last breath.

b: 19-Mar-2002

23. The Imperial Ring

Since the Shield Liger was destroyed, Van had fused with Zeke right before it was completely gone. Dr. D and Fiona gets Van to regain conciousness, meanwhile Raven delievers Rudolph to Metelinick and his thugs. Dr. D, Irvine and Van come up with a bold plan to get Rudolph back and Van goes off with Irvine to get him back. They are going to use Van as a decoy and then when gets Rudolph on to the hover board and then Irvine will launch an assault from up above using his 60mm Long Range Cannon. Van and Rudolph get away while Irvine sustains some damage by the Dark Horns. Van makes a couple of snazzy turns and they get into a mine. Metelinick and his thugs were right behind them. In the mines Van and Rudolph are being shot at, but maanage to give them the slip for a couple of minutes and started to climb a ladder. This time they were caught again and Irvine sames them with a couple of smoke bombs and then they get caught again, this time Van fell into a ditch and jumped up off of some-sort of trampa line as he comes back up he knocks Metelinick over but his friends try to save him and are left in a tight spot. While at the campsite, Fiona starts hearing a voice calling her name. Back at the mines, Van had given Rudolph his ring back and were looking for a way out. Irvine made it out, but Van and Rudolph were still inside. Then Van took Rudolph after he blinded Metelinick's guys by the stun bomb, into a cart and flew right into the River. But after they got out, two Dark Horns came at them, but Irvine had knocked all of them out easily with teaching them a lesson in maneuverability. Back at the campsite, where Fiona had fused with Zeke and left right into the remains of the Shield Liger trying to resurrect the Shield Liger.

b: 20-Mar-2002

24. A Voice from Afar

After Van had brought Rudolph back to the campsite away from danger, he had seen the Whirl Wind of Light surrounding the Shield Liger. Before where Metelinick and his thugs were left because of the damage they had suffered due to Irvine's Command Wolf. They had just finished reparing the damage on one Dark Horn and the other would need at least a week to recover. Then a Red Guysack shows up and a guy called Stinger a.k.a the Fisherman shows up. Meanwhile, Van demands an explanation for whats happening to the Shield Liger. He finds out that Fiona and Zeke are still inside and he tries running into it but gets thrown away by th massive energy that was being put out. Van then runs off because he wanted Zeke to choose him, and wondered why he chose Fiona instead. Stinger makes a deal with Metelinick in which he'll help with the destruction of the cocki-group of punks with the organoid. Rudolph makes it over to where Van had gone off, by some nearby ruins. Denis was given the Red Guysack, to keep an eye on Van, and do whatever is necessary to keep him away from the Whirlwind of Light. Meanwhile, Stinger makes a plan, in which the 2 remaining Dark Horns will attack him in order to fool Moonbay and the others so they would trust him. In return he would poison their food so they would be paralyzed for a number of days. His plan works perfectly, except Rudolph doesn't drink the soup he just gets caught. At the ruins, Van starts to hear Fiona's voice and she gives him a message to go back, while on the move Van is caught off guard by the Red Guysack. .

b: 21-Mar-2002

25. The New Liger

After Van starts coming back to the campsite, he is attacked by Denis in the Red Guysack, Denis tries to overtake him, but Van manages to win by opening the cockpit of the Guysack and knocking Denis out then taking the Guysack to fight at the other two. Then Stinger has all three, Irvine, Moonbay, and Rudolph tied on a pole and is playing some sick games w/their heads. Later, Stinger reveals he wasn't doing this for fun, he had a defined objective all along. He wanted Zeke for himself, and whatever he could his hands on else. Stinger then tells Irvine to call out the organoid, but Irvine tells Stinger, Zeke would never take orders from him or Moonbay. He would only obey Van. Meanwhile, Van had just started a fight with the Dark Horn piloted by Rhoto. Van takes him out with an attack from underneath and leaves. At the Whirlwind of Glowing Light, Dr. D comes out and punches Stinger and Metelinick. Then Metelinick gets inside the Dark Horn and starts to attack Rudolph, and just as he is about to hit Rudolph Van shows up in the Red Guysack. Then Stinger comes out in a Light Pinkish Saber Fang completely loaded up with ammunination and takes out the Guysack easily. Then Rudolph starts using Irvine's Command Wolf and attacks Stinger. In an attack from the Saber Fang, Van is thrusted into the Whirlwind of Light. Where the Shield Liger is resurrected as the new and improved Liger known as the Blade Liger. With one move takes out Stinger and then Metelinick escapes in the Dark Horn with Imperial Ring of Guylos. Moonbay winds up punching Stinger in the face, and both Fiona and Zeke make it back after resurrecting the Shield Liger.

b: 22-Mar-2002

26. Memories of Zi

After defeating Stinger, and his Saber Fang Stinger Special, Van and the rest continue their journey to Guygalos. Metelinick gives Minister Prozan, the Ring of Guylos. Then Van and the guys are talking about how they are going to get Rudolph back to Guygalos. Stinger makes it to a bar in a village, where he tells the Krossbow Brothers immediately make there way off to where Van and the rest of the gang are, in Desert Hel Digunners. Dr. D finds out Fiona is an Ancient Zoidian, a lost race of people that were thought to be whipped out a long time ago by the Deathsaur. Meanwhile, Raven is heading off to destroy another fortress in the Republican Army. At the palace, Minister Prozan announces to everyone Rudolph has been assasinated by an elite squadron of Republican Forces and Then he takes the throne. Raven attacks with the Genosaur and the fortress attacks with several Gordos, but Raven was unharmed within 3 minutes the base in complete ruins. Then the cores of the zoids were ripped out and taken away. Moonbay and the others were traveling, as the Desert Hel Digunners under the command of Krossbow Brothers, they take Zeke but Zeke escapes and fuses with the Blade Liger. The Command Wolf was attacked by the mini-blades on the tails of the Desert Hel Digunners. Van takes them out with ease using the combination of the booster and blade attack. Meanwhile, at Prozan's Ancient Ruin Study Lab, they put in some zoid cores to awaken the Deathsaur.

b: 25-Mar-2002

27. The Saviour

After taking out the Desert Hel Digunners and getting Zeke back safe and sound, Van and the rest are trying to make it to the capital without any of the Imperials spotting him. Moonbay and the others are making their way through a village a called Light Town, where they learn Prozan has announced Rudolph is dead. Then if that wasn't bad enough, they have a road block set up just in case Van and the others run by. They come up with a nice plan to smuggle Rudolph past Light Town and into the heart of Imperial Territory. Moonbay and Fiona are in the Gustav, while Irvine, Rudolph, Van and Zeke are making their way past the mountains on foot. Moonbay decides to act like she's getting married and succeeds after lying half a dozen times. Later, the soldier in command finds out they were being tricked, and Irvine, Rudolph, Van and Zeke were on foot making their way through the mountains. Irvine hears the engine of maybe two or three Redlers in the vicinity and tells them to be very cautious. The Redlers deploy something called Reil-Gas. As Irvine was warning the guys, Rudolph falls down the cliff onto a smaller cliff. Van, Irvine and Zeke rescue Rudolph, but they couldn't use Zeke's thrusters because it might cause a landslide which may also give away the location of where they are at. They eventually get caught by the Reil-Gas and are put in a cell here they are taking pictures of them. Moonbay gets stuck in the desert because her gets caught in a sticky situation. Later at night, after Van, Irvine, and Rudolph are trapped inside a cage, they are rescued by the same guy that Van had helped in New Helic City. They go back for Zeke and are spotted, they start running an the guy gets them out. Van and Irvine along with Rudolph and Zeke make it out there. While the soldier makes his own tracks and plunges into the river and makes it to freedom. Just as they thought they were in the clear, a whole herd of Rev Rapters were pursuing them and Moonbay had just arrived at the location. Van and Zeke make it into the Blade Liger, and they completely annihilate all the Rev. Rapters.

b: 26-Mar-2002

28. Run, Wolf!

After they made it out of the treacherous mountains, Irvine and Van are traveling some where. Where they have a flash back about what happened up to the point. Rudolph was dressed up as a girl called Ramona to hide his true identity. Van fins out the bandits here, were dressed as Imperial Soldiers are robbing the village of everything and bring the cost of food up. Back to reality, Van and Irvine were still traveling and Irvine has two flashbacks, one where it was long ago maybe ten or fifteen years ago, Irvine had sister named Helena. The second flashback consists of Irvine and Moonbay running away from some soldiers, whom are thinking they are and its. They go off and hide in a church where Sister Alena sticks a gun at Moonbay and Irvine. Van and the rest find out much about the really sick kids are being infected by a disease called Gacki-Carl Fever, but the only problem is the vaccine was taken by some bandits. While, staring at the boy Peter, whom is comforting his sisters hands, Irvine recalls himself in Peter's location and Helena in Rosa's place. Irvine volunteers to get the vaccine back. He also tell Van the story about his sister and he she passed away because of Gacki-Carl Fever. They make it to the bandits territory and the plan is Van will draw them out and keep them engaged in battle until Irvine can sneak in and get the vaccine. Van faces off against Rev. Rapters and destroys most of them. Then Irvine makes it into the base and starts looking for the vaccine. Then the Red Horns start charging out, and attacking Van. Knowing Van, he over does it and makes everyone retreat into the hideout. The Red Horn leader finally learns what their objective was attacking their fortress. He launches a missile at Irvine, but Van and the Blade Liger, intercept it. Irvine gets in the Command Wolf and leaves but is caught by surprise by a Rev Rapter. Van comes around after he wasted the bandits in their territory and picks Irvine up and makes it back in enough time to give them the vaccine. Meanwhile, Raven had taken out another fortress with a bunch of Gordos.

b: 27-Mar-2002

29. Heroes of the Sky

b: 28-Mar-2002

30. Moonbay's Waltz

Van and the gang are being chased by Captain Sephers unit, and then McMahon a very wealthy man rescues them. He takes them back to his mansion, where Moonbay finds out that it was him. McMahon discusses the best strategy to get the Prince back to the castle. Later, Captain Sephers shows his ugly face again, and this time, he points a gun at McMahon and tells him that they will search the his house. McMahon tells him that they won't and that they will leave immediately. After Sephers leaves, Moonbay puts on a dress that McMahon had given to her and they had one final dance. Then Van makes a decision that would benefit Moonbay, by leaving her at the masion with McMahon. Just about when Van and Irvine are about to leave, Moonbay shows up. Then they have a little talk until Captain Sephers unit arrives. The come and tell McMahon that he had better hand over the imposters before he to would take in McMahon. Then McMahon brings out his specially equipped Dark Horns with two 70mm cannons. He knocks out almost all of the ground troops. Then Van and Irvine take out the other remaining ground troops, and the Storm Sworders come and take out all the Black Redlers. After all the chaos ended, Moonbay left and kissed McMahon one last time.

b: 29-Mar-2002


Both Moonbay and McMahon really liked each other at one point.

31. The Three Guards

While on their way towards the Imperial Captial Guygalos, Van and the rest of the gang had fought their way through Captain Sever's Unit. Then after that, the gang is making there way through the Valley of Heroes. While in the Wind City, the Imperial Army had laid waste to all of the city. The three guards came after the Imperial soldiers, piloting three old model Saber Fangs. Laying waste to the entire Imperial Division with in a matter of moments. The three guards had gotten their revenge for them destroying the city. While back at home, Major Bord had come so that he could tell the three guards that a group of bandits (Van, Zeek...etc) were carrying an imposter Prince Rudolph and that they should be immediately dealt with. Then the three guards rushed off and found Van, he told them to meet them in the fighting grounds. Irvine went up first and knocked out one of the Saber Fang's. Then Van went against the second, beat him but at the cost of his boosters. He fought the third one and it came down to a draw fight with no weapons. Van still won, but by luck. The last guard got distracted.

b: 01-Apr-2002

32. The Doom Machine

Van and the rest of the gang make it to the palace where Prime Minister Homalef. After Prime Minister Homalef spotted Princce Rudolph, he couldn't believe his eyes. After they got to the minister's Palace, Homalef told them that Prozan also was in search of some ruins. Later that night, Van, Fiona, and Zeek sneaked off in the Blade Liger to go to see the nearby facility that was once ancient ruins. As soon as Van arrives he is caught by Prozan. In which they both have an arguement. Fiona gets out and the Deathsaur starts to awaken. Prozan quickly realizes that Fiona is that of the Ancient Zoidian race. The Deathsaur awakens and comes out after completely destroying the ruins. Van and the Blade Liger put their boosters on all the way. On their way back to help out their friends at the palace, they are greeted by Shadow, Raven's organoid and the deadly Raven himself with his deadly Genosaur.

b: 02-Apr-2002

33. The Battle for Survival

On his way back to help out Moonbay and the others at te palace, Van was confronted by Raven and his Genosaur. In a vicious battle that at one point was thought to be won by Raven. Van some how managed to draw energy into the busted Blade Liger. While at the palace, Irvine, Rudolph, Moonbay and Prime Minister Homalef left the palace with a Saber Fang, Command Wolf and a Gustav. After the Bearin of Wings (Rosso) and the Sord of Storms showed up, they took Rudolph to the Imperial Capital. Then Van had taken out all of the main external guns of the Genosaur. All he had left was one blade and all Raven had left was the charged particle gun. Then, Zeek and Fiona fused with the Liger thereby reviving the Blade Liger back to 100% with all damages gone. Raven fired the Charged Particle Gun and Van nuetralized it with blades of the Blade Liger. The blades on the Blade Liger give off electrons that nuetralize the Charged Particle Gun. And in successfully doing so, Van defeated Raven.

b: 03-Apr-2002

34. The Capital Ablaze

The episode starts out with Van and Fiona atfter they defeated Raven. It jumps to the city of Guygalos where Prozan is giving his speech after addressing the so called death of Emperor Rudolph. He then shows teh people of the Empire the legendary beast of destruction, the only zoid that elimnated a platoon of 1,000 zoid in one night, the Deathsaur. He demonstrates the Deathsaur's power, by telling the Deathsaur to launch the Charged Particle Gun at the "invading" republican forces. The Deathsaur does, and in doing so it wipes out an entire gaul of Shield Ligers. As the support from the Republic that Prime Minister Homalef requested arrived to the Imperial Capital. Prozan instructs the Deathsaur to elimnate the entire republican forces and if needed to, burn the captial on the ground. Van Flyheight and his Blade Liger tried several times to attack the Deathsaur, but was thrown away by the Deathsaur's tail. Finally a last ditch effort, they had stopped the Particle In-take fan mounted on the back of the Deathsaur, so now the Deathsaur couldn't fire it Charged Particle Gun. The Blade Liger made a charge to break through the core of Deathsaur. But the Deathsaur broke free and launched its Charged Particle Gun, and it hit the Blade Liger, but unknowningly to the others the Blades neutralized the Charged Particle Gun and the Blade Liger broke through the Deathsaur's core, destroying it. After the havoc was cleared up, Rudolph was crowned Emperor of the Glorious Guylos Empire.

b: 04-Apr-2002

35. The Secret Mission

After defeating a power like the Deathsaur, you'd think taht the guy would take a break. But anyways, Van joined the military and has been working in the military for the past year. Van under the guidance of Colonel Kruegar, goes in a simulation test with the use of an organoid. He goes up against a herd of Command Wolves and Pteras'. He takes them out with ease. The President of the Republic gets a friendly warning from Emperor Rudolph. A highly mobile and super fast underground zoid attacked and destroyed the main bases of both the Empire and Republic. Van Flyheight, returns home to the Wind Colony. Later On, Van had gone out reminicing about how he found Zeek and Fiona in these same exact ruins a couple of years back. While Fiona is on her way to the Wind Colony with a sick Dr. D, are hit by a the Stealth Viper. Van goes and helps Fiona and Dr. D out. While at the Colony, Fiona and Dr. D are treated by the Priest and should make a complete recovery. Van's older sister, Maria went to get the medicine for Dr. D, she gets confronted by a mysterious red organoid. In a raging fight between Van and the red organoid, is broken up with Zeek and the red organoid leaves. The Stealth Viper attacks the colony and gets beaten by the Blade Liger. Then the organoid fuses with Viper and still the Viper loses. Van is told that he is part of the Guardian Force.

b: 05-Apr-2002

36. Sniper

Van is told that soldiers are after the Republican gold. He goes to the city and has lunch with the Republican Commander. The commander tells them that they are indeed searching for something. They are searching for explosives that had fallen of during the war. Since they couldn't do much in the past they started doing it now. Van then leaves the restaurant with Fiona and the clever boy he is, he knows he is being followed by someone. He tells Zeek to go ahead and asks the guy to come out. It turns out that he is military police or it seems so. He tells Van that they are actually looking for gold and that they are planning to find and sell it in the Empire. He then shows them his partner, the Gun Sniper. Showtime, Van follows Commander Cunnigham and monitors them. They had Command Wolves resting in the back to take out the Blade Liger if he makes a move. Unknowning to Van, the military officer is actually in cahoots with Commander Cunnigham. He tells Van to finish of the Command Wolves and he'll go after the Gustav. They leave and stage that they killed each other in a fight. Van knows that he was being fooled so he went up to see if they were around and then finds them. After a vicious battle with the Gun Sniper, Van defeats it with a couple rounds of his laser shot.

b: 08-Apr-2002

37. The Blue Devil

Van and Fiona go to a nearby village, where Captain O'Connel and his men found a whole truck load of stone tablets which may lead to Zoid Eve. When Van had gotten there, a Godos had gotten out of control and attacked Fiona. Van jumped in his Blade Liger, and used long range machine gun to target the Godos, as he was doing this, he had a vision that showed him if he fired he would've killed Fiona. Zeek rescues Fiona and Van destroys the Godos. Later on, the Village was put under some kind of spell and they had emptied out. Van, Fiona and Zeek had gone to the bell tower and found a girl in blue clothes and had blue hair called Reece. She attacked Van and Van flipped her out and was about to knock her out when Fiona stopped him. Fiona told him that she was frightend and she didn't know what she was doing. Later, Van, Fiona, Reece and Zeek went by the ruins and they found out that the stone tablets were gone, and Van was attacked by some small mechanical bugs. All the while a blue organoid appeared infront of Zeek and Reece had kidnapped Fiona, while Specula (Blue Organoid) distracted Zeek. Fiona was tied between the bell tower in the middle of the Church. When Van arrived, Specula fused with a Double Sworder, and Van had gotten his Blade Liger and attacked the Double Sworder, in strange battle Van had caused some damage to Reece's Double Sworder. And he then found out that he had to knock out the bell, but Fiona was tied in between the church. After some hesitation, Van launched it and destroyed the bell, with out hurting Fiona. And he then chopped up the Double Sworder into pieces.

b: 09-Apr-2002

38. The Steel Bison

Van is told by Captain O'Connel, that he will be going to Imperial Territory, because a couple of thugs posed as Republican forces are terrorizing nearby villages. While he makes his way to this village, he will be accompanined by another Guardian from the Empire, Shoobaultz. As Van leaves his Liger in the woods, he comes to town with Zeek and Fiona. Where in the way, Zeek is covered with red paint. Van makes his way all around town and finds that people back here near the farms aren't evacuating. Then, Shoobaultz shows up with his triple mini-shot cannon, 8-missile cluster, and 17 shot cannon Dibison. He see's that Zeek is red and demands that what is he doing. Van tells him that he is Van Flyheight, and he has a silver organoid called Zeek, but there was an accident and that Zeek was covered with some paint. He then doesn't beleive a thing until he grabs him by his shirt and sees his Guardian Force tag. Then Shoobaultz fills him in on information about the attackers. All they know is that they have Command Wolf units up to 10 or maybe even more. Both Van and Thomas Richard Shoobaultz attack them but find out that there are magnetic poles in the all over the battle fields that divert the shots of all of the Zoids. They find out that this is all being controlled by a Gordos, and Van neutralizes the Gordos and Shoobaultz destroy's all the Command Wolves with his Bigalow Max.

b: 10-Apr-2002

39. The Invisible Enemy

As Van and Fiona enter another town, they go to the security office, to get the breifing for their next mission, but when they enter, they find out that Thomas is already there. Well after a few moments of bickering and arguements, Van and Thomas decide that it is safe if they both go after the bad guys. During their briefing, they find out that a bunch of outlaws are in the mountains so that they won't let trade go by. In a nice scheme to get the outlaws out, Thomas gets a Gustav and makes Beek operate it, while both him and Van are inside the Liger and Dibson. The outlaws attack as suspected, but when Van and Thomas get out, they find out that the enemy is using optical stealth. They also find out that the "outlaws story" was just a decoy so that they Hiltz can do his anicent ruin digging. Van and Thomas go to their hideout, and just about when they are going to make their move, they are confronted by Hiltz and his organoid, Ambient. Hiltz tells Van that he is flattered that he remembers him. Then Fiona and Zeek show up, and rescue Van and Thomas. Hiltz instructs his crew to go after them. The Helicats go and Van and Thomas had a strategy this time, Thomas instructs Beek to analyze the combat data, from the earlier battle and see if they find a similar frequency. They did and with this technique they shot down the Helicats with in a few minutes. Then after a little postering, Van and Thomas go into the mountains to see what Hiltz was digging up. Strangely to find, they found a picture of a Deathsaur and two other bug like objects next to it.

b: 11-Apr-2002

40. The Zoid Hunters

After Van and Thomas fight off the Helicats in the mountains across the border, Van gets word from his superiors that there are Zoid Hunters that are taking sleeper zoids because now that the war is over, they can take zoids and no one would notice. Also a whole battalion of sleepers was taken a couple of days ago. Anyway, the zoid hunters strike and unknowningly a in a sleeper Rev. Rapter, Van is hiding in. Thomas tries to stop them, but the new recruit to their zoid hunting team, a very familiar Command Wolf to us takes out Thomas with one shot. Then they capture the Rev. Rapter and go back to base. Later, Van gets out of the Rev. Rapter and searches the Whale King to see if he could find anything to whats going on. He gets seen by one of the members of the zoid hunters and runs around a bit until he is caught by Irvine. Van is placed in a cell and later Irvine goes to check up on him. All the while, Thomas was stranded in the middle of no where. Then Fiona shows up piloting the Blade Liger with Zeek, they help out Thomas. Van and Irvine make decoy so that it looks like that Van will escape. Irvine makes it down to a secret passage in the mountain where they are keeping the zoids. Irvine makes his way, through and Van catches him by surprise. Irvine then tells him that he's in it for the money, that some big guy lost his whole zoids and that he is willing to pay alot for it back. Both Van and Irvine made their way through the tunnel until they saw a huge pile of sleeper zoids with their cores ripped out of them. They get caught and just when things looked down, Fiona and the Blade Liger showed up with Zeek. Zeek went in to the tunnel and pulled both Irvine and Van out of their safely. Van, Thomas and Irvine take out the Desert Hel Digunners while Fiona frees all of the zoids. The Whale King starts leaving, when Fiona just set out the last Pteras. Van realizes it, and gets the Blade Liger at full speed trying to jump it. The Liger hangs on by a thread, Van tells Zeek to take over and he jumps and gets Fiona and they find out that Hiltz was behind this. Irvine comes and gets both of them to the ground while the Whale King blows up.

b: 12-Apr-2002

41. The Devil's Maze

It was raining and the First Division of Panzer unit in the Imperial Army made to a supply base that held more than 250 Megatons worth of explosives. It was an urgent call made two days ago, and the commander of the first Panzer Division was no other than Karl Shoobaultz. After checking part of the base, he was trapped with all his men. He found out that they were all being controlled by Reice. After long and hard fighting by Colonel Shoobaultz, he gives in. Thomas calculates that the cooling valves have been closed so that there would be an explosion that would wipe out the respectful parts of both nations. In the morning, Thomas finds out that his brother is in their, and both him and Van go in to shut down Reice. Van goes in through with out his Blade Liger on Zeek. Then Reice captures Fiona and uses her organoid, Specula to control the Iron Kong. Van and Thomas make great time until Thomas runs into his brother. Thomas starts a fight with the Kong. The Kong completely annihalites all the main guns on the Dibison. The Dibison was completely trashed and if it weren't for Fiona the Dibison would've been destroyed. Fiona destroyed the control on the organoid, and the control on the people wore out. Karl told Thomas to destroy the Iron Kong, but Thomas uses his horns on the Dibison and knocks the Kong out. All the while Zeek is opening the cooling valves for the reactor in the base, as Van confronts Reice.

b: 15-Apr-2002

42. Raven

Episode starts out with a Godos being stolen and ised to destroy its own base with a black organoid. In the morning, Van goes to check out the base, or whats left of the base. Van looks around the base and sees that it was a thorough job. Whoever did this didn't want a trace of anything to be left behind. Then a survivor tells Van that this was done by a black organoid. In the back of his mind Van thinks this couldn't be possible. He calls in Thomas Shoobaultz. Van and Thomas had a talk with each other and Van filled in Thomas with all the details about the black organoid and Raven. Van thinks that that it might be a mistake bringing Thomas into this mission. Meanwhile, in the desert at the time Raven was walking alone and a Gustav pulled up and gave Raven a ride and some water. Then Thomas says that taking Raven down would be a piece of cake, and that he would win. Raven isn't the Raven that Van knew back in Chaotic Century, he has been psychologically effected by the loss he received to Van with the Blade Liger. The Raven that he once knew was sleeping now. During the night, he eats dinner and drinks his coffee. While Reece and Hiltz look on from a cliff above. A Redler goes to check out area and is commandeered by the black organoid. A Redler comes crashing down and Raven shows up in a Dark Horn. Van slices the leg of the Dark Horn and Thomas provides support fire. Then Raven comes out of the Dark Horn and Van opens the cockpit to the Blade Liger. They stare at each other for a while and that's whne the confident Raven that was sleeping in his head awakes. He calls Shadow and leaves with him.

b: 16-Apr-2002

43. The Emperor's Holiday

After the fierce bout with Raven, Van decides to take a break with the Emperor himself, Rudolph. 7 Redlers carrying the Emperor to his one-day holiday. While watching with his comrades, is Stinger. Thomas finds out that Van is slacking off. Unknowningly, he gives, Emperor Rudolph a noggie. Then Lady Mary Ann, the girl that is supposed to wed Rudolph shows up and starts yelling at Thomas. Stinger scopes the area out and sees that Van's Blade Liger is there. Mary Ann also learns that Thomas is in love with Fiona. She helps out Thomas in trying to get Fiona's affection, they try several methods and none of them seem to work. While all this is going on, Stingers' flunkies the two with the Desert Heldigunner zoids, plant explosives under the Redlers so when the lift off they would explode. They cause a distraction, and the Redlers lift off and explode. Then Van and Thomas hear the fire works, they try to head off to their Zoids. While they are running, Zeek is caught in a net but not taken away, and Rudolph is kidnapped. In their respective zoids, both Van and Thomas launch an assault against the Heldigunners. They also find out that Stinger has Rudolph cornered and tied to a pole as they were before. Van charges at Stinger with the Blade Liger, and in a stunning move, Van gets Rudolph to safety and demoblizes the Saber Fang Stinger Special. And as in every movie, tv show or any picture work, the calvary arrives late as usual.

b: 17-Apr-2002

44. Assault of the Mega Monster

After going head to head combat with Raven, Thomas's Dibison is completely totaled and barely makes it near to a familiar Gustav. Van does some simulation tests at a nearby base to prepare for Raven's arrival. The normal routine, couple of Pteras's and Command Wolves. Then in the middle of the simulation Irvine shows up in his Red Command Wolf, and challenges Van. After a vicious duel at the first, both Irvine and Van stop and try to wash on a nearby lake. Irvine tells Van that he made a heap of prize money in winning a couple of tournaments and then he relaxed for the past couple days at La Fray Beach. When he heard of Raven coming back he started coming to this base. Then just before they are about to start Round 2 of their duel, Dr. D drops in with a parachute coming straight from the Wind Colony. He said that there was a way to strengthen the shield on the Blade Liger by at least 2 or 3 times. Before Dr. D could start getting work done on the Blade Liger, a severly damaged Dibison shows up, Van and the others go to check it out and they find Moonbay. Van also finds out that Thomas was brought to a nearby hospital, where he was being treated. The doctors said that he would make a full recovery its just that it would have to take time. Then Fiona, Moonbay and Dr. D started working on the Shield of the Blade Liger and they had it all up and running by dawn. Raven approached in his blue on red Genosaur and he shot down the Pteras's. Then Irvine and Van showed up, both launched a great attack from the opening, but then Raven caught Irvine's Command Wolf and crushed part of it with the foot of the Genosaur knocking it out of commission. Then Van went up against him, and Raven's Charged Particle Gun was being nuetralized just like Dr. D said it would be, but as shrewd as Raven is he also used the Pulse Laser Guns at the same time and knocked him down. Then another Charged Particle Gun shot direct at the normal shield of the Blade Liger had thrown it across the desert and out of commission. Then Moonbay came and parked the Gustav between Raven and Van. Raven launched another Charged Particle Gun that hit the Gustav. Then Shadow (Raven's Organoid), froze the controls on the Genosaur and flew away. There Shadow pulled Raven out of the Genosaur and then went back in, this time the Genosaur was evolving.

b: 18-Apr-2002

45. The Wings of Darkness

Two Stealth Storm Sorders (Triple SSS) were being brought to an Dragon Head Base near the Red River as a symbol for peace. Behind them was Muler and Major Ralph from the Imperial Air Base Ebinar. Irvine and Van are taking Moonabys Gustav to the Dragon Head Base, and are wondering why Raven didn't finish him off when he had the chance. They find out it wasn't the Genosaur or Raven's will to leave the battlefield, instead it was Shadow's decision to leave. Then the Triple SSS are stolen by Major Ralph and Muler with the help of Ambient, the Red Organoid that belongs to Hiltz. When Van and the rest of the gang make it to Dragon Head Base, they find out about the stolen Triple SSS's, and since it fell under Guardian Force headlines, it was their mission to stop them and bring them back. Van believes since the Triple SSS's aren't yet equipped with Command Options, they will be back for the Command Options. Then Van strategies a complete and nice way to trap the Triple SSS when they come. Reice pays Raven a visit at the Cacoon of the Geno-Breaker. Everyone is ready for the attack when the Triple SSS comes. Then Raplh and Muler attack Major Herman and Captain O'Connel. get hit in the Silver Pteras's and Van takes out Muler. While, Rosso and Viola showed up with Rudolph and attacked Ralph. Ralph takes out Viola very quickly and it seems the Triple SSS is much faster than the older model of the the Storm Sorders. Rosso takes care of Major Ralph real good.

b: 19-Apr-2002

NOTE: "I know for a fact, that those orders couldn't have come in such a short amount of time.

46. The Devil of the Sea

After taking back the Triple SSS's from Major Ralph and Muler Van and Fiona are called toward Lumear Island. It turns out that Dr. D brought them for a swim. After swimming around relaxing. Van starts to search for Fiona and has trouble finding her. Reice tortures Fiona by her psycho waves and plays mind games with her head. Dr. Dshows Van the operations room in which all of his girls are doing the hardwork of looking at the lost city of the Ancient Zoidians. Fion ais having terrible visionof her life. Dr. D tells Van about the legend on how the city will awake. When two moons are aligned just right, the sea level near the city will fall dramatically, and this only happens every 60 years. The Lost City is accessible for a short amount of time. The eclipse starts and the lost city is unveiled quite nicely. Reice starts attacking Van, first with a decoy Double Sorder and then with after trapping him under water, with a Hammerhead. The Blade Liger isn't built for underwater combat and is in serious trouble both the laser and shield is useless in water. Reice keeps hitting the Blade Liger really hard. After a bold great speech by Dr. D, Van comes up with a smooth way to defeat Reice. He turns around the whirlpool to gain speed and then uses the momentum of the whirlpool and launches the Blade Liger with the extended blades and slices the Hammerhead. He finally makes it to land. Then Van rescues Reice from the whirlpooland her blue organoid, Specula takes her and goes into the Whale King in which Hiltz resides in.

b: 22-Apr-2002

47. A Monster Awakens

After coming back from Lumear Island and defeating the Hammerhead, Van had made it back to a base near the Genosaur's Cacoon. An Imperial soldier finds Raven by the Genosaur's Cacoon. Then the rest of the Imperial soldiers come and arrest Raven. Raven was being interrogated by Majro Shoobaultz. Then everyone checks out the Genosaur's cacoon. The Genosaur is evolving but int what? The republican and Imperial forces joined together in order to destroy the cacoon. After an all out assault against the cacoon, but it fails because the glowing cacoon actually protects and diverts all firepower away from it, the same would have happened if some had launched an assault on the Shield Liger's cacoon. They were going to wait unti lthe cacoon hathes and the Genosaur is reborn for their second assault. There was a whole fleet of zoids many mixes in the Imperial Zoids, several Red Horns and Iron Kong surrounded by Molga and Hel Digunner units.The Republicans had many Gojulas's and Gordos's surrounded by Command Wolves. Van suggests to Major Shoobaultz, both Irvine and Thomas should position themselves alongside him in the front lines just in case if the attack fails. Major Shoobaultz agree's that he should move Raven to another facility, because it would be way to easy for him to just break out and get to the Geno-Breaker, Raven is sent away in the Modified-Redler (two seater). The cacoon hatches and they open fire wiht an all out assault from over 70 zoids. The target had no damage because of a very poweful shield. Raven destroys the Redler he is in and jumps out and waits for the newly improved Genosaur to come to him. Irvine attacks Raven first and recieves a fatal blow from one of the Geno-Breaker's pincers. Van hits the ground as well. Raven runs off and will come back at a better time. But it looks like the Command Wolf is out of the fight for good.

b: 23-Apr-2002

48. The Black Lightning

After suffering major losses at the hands of Raven, the Command Wolf was very badly damaged. It was struck with a fatal blow to the zoid care, that like the heart. Irvine, pilot of the red Command Wolf, was hurt bad and was in the hospital bed from the last encounter with the Geno-Breaker. Then Dr. D shows everyone the Lighnting Siax, a new ultra-fast zoid that he was developing for the Empire. Its theories in capability weren't enough for Thomas, he wanted to see a test run and thats exactly what he got. In the test run, it took out the Saber Fangs and Helicats within a couple of minutes. But the pilot had lost conciousness with the last launch of Anti-Zoid missiles and so he was ejected so that he wouldn't get hurt. The Lightning Siax memory bank was damaged really bad. Irvine leaves his bed and goes off to check on his Command Wolf. In a conference, that Emperor Rudolph is holding near the base, where Irvine and the rest are at, the Madam President is traveling by a white Hammerhead accompanied by to two Storm Sorders and two Pteras's. Hiltz disguised as a guard for the republic, siezes the Hammerhead and takes the crew and the president hostage. WhenVan hears of this Thomas and Van go off searching for the Hammerhead. Then Dr. D gets another idea fo transplanting the memory bank of the Command Wolf into the Lightning Saix. Irvine doesn't agree and punches the good doctor in the face. . Then Moonbay talks some sense into Irvine, and he agrees to do it. Thomas is taken hostage and his dibison falls into enemy hands and the Madam President is in the Dibison that is being controlled by the Ambient (Red Organoid). Van finds the Hammerhead and disables the bomb. Later they get information that Rudolph's conference site is under attack, with 10 Gun Snipers and a Dibison that belongs to Shoobaultz. Irvine head sof to the conference site an dhe quickly takes out all the Gun Snipers and manges to take hte Dibison without hurting the Madam President.

b: 24-Apr-2002

49. The Distant Stars

After not fairing so well against the Geno-Breaker last time, this time they brought in Colonel Halford, used to work with Major Dan Flyheight (Van's Father), Halifrod is a complete jerk and lacks respect for anyone below him. He does have one good point that makes up for his ugly face, he is a Geno-Breaker specialist. He analyzed all the aspects of the Geno-Breaker, for ex. it has a windows of 1:05 secs before it can recharge after the first Particle Beam. It also needs 5.33 seconds to charge the Particle Beam. In their strategy, they want to nuertalize the footlock of the Geno-Breaker so it can't fire its Particle Beam. But what this idiot doesn't realize is the Geno-Breaker can fire from the air as well, it can use it thrusters mounted on the back, where the Pulse Laser Cannons used to be, and boost and it wouldn't need a recoil because its in the air. Then, Thomas, Irvine and Van do some exercise and keep doing those over and over. Meanwhile, Raven is confronted by Reice in a light blue on purple Genosaur, Reice shows them what Van is doing and Raven also figures out that Shadow can only last 180 seconds fused with Geno-Breaker after he starts firing more than two particle beams. She also unlocks the mystery of Raven's past. Raven falls to the ground and passes out and has a dream about his complete past. It takes us back to when Raven was about 9 years old and we even got to see his father, but unfortunately only got to hear his mother. It turns out that Raven's parents were organoid specialists and ironically an organoid finished them off. On the other side of the lab, there was a mysterious figure that looked like Hiltz. Major Dan Flyheight takes in Raven and makes him his own son and he would return with him home after he finishes his last mission. But as fate would have it, he would never return, he sacrificed his zoid to protect the Wind Colony and Raven was taken in by Minister Prozan. He was trained to become the best zoid pilot and was awarded the black organoid, Shadow. The one thing that Raven kept from his past besides his memories was he would be amazed whenever he would look at stars. Later, after Raven wakes up from this, he is in the presence of the Dark Kizer. After a bold speech to the Kizer, he leaves and starts up his Geno-Breaker in preparation to take on Van Flyheight.

b: 25-Apr-2002

50. Attack of the Geno Breaker

After training real heard for te arrival of the Geno-Breaker, Van had upgraded the booster on the Blade Liger. The upgraded booster made the Blade Liger faster than the Lightning Siax w/o a booster. Reice has a talk about the Geno-Breaker and why it is Red instead of being Dark Blue or Black. It seems that Hiltz must've done something to the previous Genosaur that made it come out Red. Also, Hiltz is not interested in either Van or Raven, he just wants who wins. Then Colonel Halford talks to the three pilots about the Geno-Breaker, and how it just finished attacking the Lightning Siax development plant of the Empire and its next target is this base. He also has a talk with Fiona, tells her to ask Thomas and Irvine to remove the electrical pulse generators and degrade the booster of the Blade Liger. He also tells Fiona after that she would be working with the ancient ruins study team again with him instead of this Guardian Force Team. Of course knowning Fiona, she told the other guys but they didn't remove the shield at all nor degrade the booster. When Raven came, he started his attack but was quickly surrounded by the Delta Formation, He goes with the Charged Particle Beam at Thomas, but it failed since Thomas did not remove the Electrical Pulse Shield and then went after Irvine but he didn't remove it either so the Charged Particle Beam was neutralized in any case. Then after the Blade Liger had taken out the footlock on the Geno-Breaker, the Gojulas unit started attacking, but the Geno-Breaker launched its Charged Particle Beam from the air and destroyed the Gojulas unit with in a minute. Now, Irvine and Thomas were low on energy with their zoids, Van lead Raven away from them and used the same attack he used to destroy the Deathsaur with. He charges for it but Raven launches his Charged Particle Beam at full power and throws Van over the cliff.

b: 26-Apr-2002

NOTE: I believe the color red has the effect not on the performance of the Geno-Breaker but how long the organoid Shadow can stay with it. You will see in the upcoming episode: The Nightmare.

51. The Boy from the Ruins

After fighting the Geno-Breaker and falling over a cliff into a river Van washes up in a shore. Irvine, Thomas, Fiona and Moonbay start looking for Van, and had been searching for hours without a trace of him, the Blade Liger nor Zeke. Fiona sensed that Van is in a valley, hurt and unable to move for the time being. Irvine and Thomas go into the valley, Irvine spots the Blade Liger and Zeke but no sign of Van though. Then Zeke tells Fiona the cockpit flew open and Van fell into the river. Van, alive and makes it to a village but the people their don't help him. Then after passing out Van gets some sort of dream. In a shock Van wakes up and finds a boy named Nichalo who helped patching him up and his zoid T-roll. Van teaches Nichalo how to pilot T-roll really fast and smoothly. Meanwhile, the Imperial Army Division base is getting closer to the Village of Nordinance. Thomas does some research on the village, it turns out 10 years ago the Republican Army attacked and destroyed the village in search of an Ancient Zoidian girl. Captain Sephers attacks the village and demands that they produce Van Flyheight or they will burn the village to the ground. Van steals a Rev. Rapter and attacks the Speher guys with it. Then in an ambush, gets knocked out by a couple of missliles. Irvine shows up and knocks out all the Rev. Rapters and Thomas uses his Bigalow Max at Captain Sephers while Moonbay takes care of Captain Sephers with just a shot. Van tries to show them Nichalo but they say that boy died 10 years ago, also protecting the ancient zoidian girl. That girl turned out to be Reice.

b: 29-Apr-2002

52. Van's New Power

After captureing Captain Sephers and healing, Van and the newly repaired Blade Liger were ready for some action. The Blade Liger repairs were all completeled. Van did a test run with the Blade Liger, and it turned out the Blade Liger was feeling kind of sluggish. Van found out after Dr. D explained to him, that all the motion systems were worn out on the Blade Liger when came here and it also seems that Van has been running the Blade Liger well beyond its capabilities, so now the Blade Liger isn't good enough for Van anymore. Then Dr. D shows everyone some of the semi-functional boosters, that may increase the Blade Liger's potential. Moonbay tries to test the boosters out on her Gustav how the would work, but it didn't work at all, it took the Gustav all over the place. Then Dr. D attaches som functional boosters to the Blade Liger. Before the test run, Fiona wanted to talk about something very strange happening to Zeke. But Van told her he'll deal with it after the test run. Van goes out with the special boosters, that increased the Blade Liger's potential about 5% and Dr. D knows as well as Van the increase in the potential would not be enough. Then 10 Gun Snipers make it to the field, and attacked Van. Van had an interesting talk with Hiltz. Then Zeke fused with the Blade Liger and increased its potential as well as its reaction time. Van knocks out all the Gun Snipers including the one Ambient had transformed. Van was now using the full potential of the Organoid, Zeke and the Blade Liger.

b: 30-Apr-2002

53. Phantom

After pulling out the full potential of Zeke and the Blade Liger, the Blade Liger has reached its absolute best under the piloting of Van. A couple of people were conspiring to kill Emperor Rudolph and were caught and placed under arrest. Phantom, the assassin they hird is very notorious and he has never missed his intended target or given up on an assignment. When he receives an assignment he carries it out to the very end. Van and Thomas find out the plot to kill emperor Rudolph will be carried out at the Guylos Grand Prix, the generals that still claim loyality to Prozan want Emperor Rudolph dead. The Grand prix attracts lots of attention from all over Planet Zi. We also find out, Moonbay, aka the Red Fire Ball will be making her grand return to the Grand Prix and is burning every oppenent in sight except for one called Mascarade. Meanwhile, Phantomis in the harbor with his stealth Gun Sniper, unknowningly to Van there can be a snipping shot made from the sea. Phantom has a stealth boat that also masks his Gun Sniper, he uses some target practice the day before the Grand Prix. Finally the Grand Prix starts and Moonbay gets off to a bad start leaving Mascarde in the same position.All the while, Van and Thomas are checking the harbor for Phantom, a witness says he saw a Gun Sniper, but it vanished just as quickly as it came. Van and thomas also believed that he was using stealth capability. Phantom was spotted but blew up his ship and escaped through the water and was heading for the stadium. Van and Thomas were doing a through search for any trace of him in the stadium. While, Moonbay had locked on to third place. Phantom uts some explosives under all the Gustav's that were there to make a decoy for people to come so he can take out Emperor Rudolph. Phantom was caught because the Rudolph in the box, was just a hologram and the actual Rudolph was Mascarade. Whom also beat Moonbay and won the Guylos Grand Prix. Phantom was caught by Van and Thomas and was taken in to the authorites.

b: 01-May-2002

54. G-File

After taking down Phantom, before he can kill Emperor Rudolph, Captain O'Connel and Colonel Herman are looking at the remains of the Gun Snipers that Van destroyed. Thomas and Bic were looking around at the place where the Geno-Breaker was first born in search of Residual Radiation.They are wondering how a Gun Sniper could change shape with just fusing with an organoid. Colonel Shoobaultz made it at the Dragon Head Base and they all including Thomas made it to the briefing. Dr. D started the briefing for the various enemies more than the Guardian Force had to deal with. Then Dr. D goes over the biographies of the following enemies they have had to tangle with. First they start with a man called Hiltz, then they go on to, Ambient, Reice, Specula, then finally Raven and Shadow. After that briefing was over, Fiona had done a special briefing of her own on the top members of the Guardian Force and analyzes the best tactics the Guardian Force can use against the Geno-Breaker. They would need to penetrate the Geno-Breaker's shield and change the trajectory of the Charged Particle Cannon. They could use the Gun Sniper's shield piercing bullets to take out the sheild and use the Gordos's electromagnetic poles to change the trajectory of the Charged Particle Cannon. Also, Stealth options are available and can be used to fight the Geno-Breaker, it can be Heli-Cats, Stealth Vipers or even the Triple SSS. Meanwhile, Hiltz was approaching Dragon Head Base, in a Whale King in which he wanted to hit the base and destroy them all. Then, Van and the Guardian Force go off and eventually stop the Whale King from hitting the base.

b: 02-May-2002

55. Supersonic Battle

After somehow defeating the Whale King, Van and Thomas find themselves in a mystery. Some people are stealing zoid parts which are still being developed. The weapons have their clear advantage, after finding it out against a couple of Hel Digunners. Meanwhile, a Gustav carrying stolen zoid parts from both respective nations stops after it drops some of its cargo. Irvine piloting the Lightning Saix sees they could use a hand and jumps out offering assistance. Irvine finds out what they are carrying and demands an explanation but before that happens, he gets knocked out. He turns on his one eye video piece. He captures the general's face and is later used for military intelligence. When Irvine wakes up he finds out he is being accused of stealing the zoid parts and also his Lightning Saix has been stolen. After the officier in charge denies everyone of his statements, they board a militaristic brown Hammerhead. After a couple of minutes on the Hammerhead, the officer in charge goes to the cockpit to do her report. While, Irvine, handcuffed knocks out each soldier whom is near him. Unlocks the handcuffs and takes two parachutes as he flies out the side of the Hammerhead. Just then, the officer lady in charge jumps out after him in a parachute of her own. Irvine and the officer lady have a mini-duel in mid-air, in which Irvine lets go of his first parachute and turns on the lady's parachute. He quickly equips his second parachute and lands on the snow covered mountain side as does the officer. Irvine tries to find out what is happening by looking at his video capturer. He looks at the guy and as the officer approaches asks her if she has ever seen him. He also finds out the officers name is Carol. After an avalanche, Irvine helps out the officer lady and makes it down to the village he wanted to go in. He asks an older woman, whom runs a bar about the guy in his video capture. He finds out its General Garth and also finds out he is holding a party at his place tonight. Irvine and Carol dressed up as can be went to the party undercover and found the Lightning Saix. Later Irvine found out, Carol was working for General Garth and Garth tells Carol to kill Irvine because he knows too much. The Guardian Force composed of Van and Thomas start attacking General Garth's place when they find out he is behind most of the zoid weapons stealing. Van and Thomas take out the modified Gun Snipers within a few minutes. Carol disagree's and shots at the ceiling where smoke starts coming out. As opportunistic as Irvine is he gets in his Lightning Saix and leaves only to be pursued by Carol in a red modified Storm Sorder. Carol shows her superior ability as a Storm Sorder pilot, way better than Viola. After a couple of attacks on Irvine, the Lightning Saix goes up and takes out the Storm Sorder. Instead of ejecting the seat, she wanted to remain in the cockpit and went down. Irvine walks up to the shore and realizes, she won't be coming back ever again.

b: 03-May-2002

56. Cerberus

b: 06-May-2002

57. The Nightmare

Van, Irvine and Thomas are making some adjustments to the Attack Booster. It seems they attack booster can be upgraded to make the Blade Liger go several times faster. Which would increases the chances of defeating the Geno-Breaker. In some cliffs, Hiltz and Ambient are about to release an ancient type of zoid. At the base, Fiona senses the heat signature of this crude zoid and rushes off. Then Hiltz reports to the Dark Kaizer as Hiltz is talking to the Dark Kaizer, Raven drops in on Hiltz and after a few seconds leaves to the top of the mountain and looks at the stars. He vows next time Van and him meet that one of us will die. Fiona has a very bad dream and finds what she went looking for. At the base, Van went to try out the enhnaced booster while, Moonbay, Thomas and Fiona flew off in the Pteras's and Dibison. Later on, Van and Irvine prep their zoids for battle as they hear Raven is approaching in the Geno-Breaker. Fiona finds Hiltz zoid, which has a zoid core temperature of 6,000*. Then Hiltz announces the zoid to be the legendary Death Stinger. As the zoid comes out, Thomas launches the Migalow Max but it didn't have any effect on the Death Stinger. Meanwhile, Raven is taking Irvine and Van on, then the Gun Snipers take out the Shield on the Geno-Breaker. While Hiltz tells us about how the mighty Deathsaur was on the verge of taking out the Ancient Zoidians, they created two new scorpion type zoids to hold the Deathsaur at bay. But Hiltz found the two scorpion type zoids and fused the cores to make the Death Stinger, the messenger of Doom. Its power exceeds that of the Deathsaur. The Death Stinger fires it Charged Particle Gun and it goes right between Raven and Van. But unfortanetly for Raven, the Geno-Breaker was on the verge of the Command System Freeze because of low energy, Shadow used his energy to get the Geno-Breaker to move and saved Raven's life. The Death Stinger gets into the Hammer Kaizer and starts lifting off.

b: 07-May-2002

58. Attack of the Winged Dragons

After being unsuccesful in stopping Hiltz, he took to orbit in the Hammer Kaizer with the Death Stinger in it. Fiona piloting a Pteras and Moonbay piloting a Silver Pteras, they were monitoring the Hammer Kaizer. Hiltz announces to everyone in the Republic about the Death Stinger and asks them what the name of the town below their is, Major Herman tells him if he doesn't know then he won't tell him. Hiltz destroys it with a blast of the Charged Particle Gun from the Death Stinger. Major Herman goes to the Capital and asks the Madam President, about taking two Storm Sworders into space. He wants the pilots on Storm Sworders to be Van Flyheight and Thomas Shoobaultz. At the battlefield where both Van and Thomas are alongside Irvine, are attacked by a couple of Hel Digunners. Van tells Irvine to take his place as the Storm Sworder pilot, and they should leave now. Meanwhile, surrounded by several cliffs, the severly-damaged Geno-Breaker rests along with Shadow in its left claw. As Raven mourns the loss of his one true friend, he takes off in the Geno-Breaker. Van and his min-force of two Command Wolves with MKII Upgrades, two Shield Ligers and a Gun Sniper are attacking the Hel Digunners and are doing pretty well. Up above resting in the Hammer Kaizer, Hiltz is destroying anything along his way to New Helic City. At Red River Base, Irvine and Thomas had just arrived to carry out the mission. They had just finished the work on the two Storm Sworders right before Irvine and Thomas got there. At the battlefield, the Blade Liger and his force had just whipped out the Hel Digunners, just when they thought they had finished their work, more than battalion of Rev. Rapters came charging in. Van tells his force to back away, and he'll deal with the Rev. Rapters. Irvine and Thomas had just finished suiting up for the Storm Sworders battle in space and went into the Storm Sworders awaitng take-off. Major Herman informs them, they will be flying at 20,000 the speed of sound and they can not carry out too many agreesive maneuvers or the fusalage will be torn apart and it'll blow up. After they're inital take off, when they hit the upper stratosphere, Irvine and Thomas had quickly found the target and launched two missiles each at the target. It turned out they missed the target, due to electromagnetic jamming, which fooled they radar quite effectively. Major Herman tells both Irvine and Thomas to abort the mission, but Irvine insists they still have a chance by using the swords of the Storm Sworders. As they dodge the fire power by mere inches and are making their way to the Hammer Kaizer, both Irvine and Thomas spilt to each side and cut the Hammer Kaizer apart. After the crash of the Hammer Kaizer, Irvine and Thomas went to check it out but somehow the Death Stinger survived the crash from the upper stratosphere. Van had just finished plowing through the last the Rev. Rapters and was about to fight Reice and her blue Genosaur. Meanwhile, the damaged Geno-Breaker landed at place Raven called home and he brought Shadow as well.

b: 08-May-2002

59. The Capital Collapses

After making a direct hit with the surface and surviving the Hammer Kaizer destruction, the Death Stinger made its way to New Helic City. At traveling forty km per day, it would make it to the Capital with in two hours. The evacuations of the Republic were mostly complete, only the South and West sectors remain. Emperor Rudolph reassures the president, the defense forcees of the Empire will be arriving to give assistance, among them will be Colonel Shobaultz Armored Panzer Division. Colonel Herman gets and idea to sin the Death Stinger into Molteon Magma, with some strategic bombing the crust will break and the Death Stinger will fall into Molteon Magma. Van is still battling out with Blue Genosaur, Reice. While, Raven is still mourning the loss of his organoid, Shadow. As Irvine and Thomas were making it to the Storm Sworders for the bombing run, the Death Stinger changes course and starts heading for the Molteon Lava himself. Colonel Herman cancels the order for the bombing mission, and requests a complete surveilance of the area. It also seems the Death Stinger can survive the heat of the magma. Colonel Shobaultz Armored Division arrives and Colonel Herman goes over the briefing. Then Hiltz appears on the holographic projector and announces its his duty to whip out the weak and he commences the attack from within the city. He starts attacking everythingwithin the city, the defense forces were delayed and Colonel Herman, Colonel Shobaultz, alongside Irvine and Thomas were to hold off the Death Stinger. Meanwhile, Reice and Van were still going at it head to head, and on the flipside Raven is still mourning the loss of Shadow. Raven starts up with damaged Geno-Breaker and flies away to New Helic City. After a vicious assaultfrom Thomas, Herman, Shobaultz, and Irvine the Death Stinger wasn;t even scrapped. It quickly took the four of them out, and then the defense forces were taken out. This is when Raven showed up and saved two Command Wolves from destruction and challenged the Death Stinger. He took the Death Stinger with a couple of charges and dodged its fire power and wound up being destroyed because he couldn't use his shield, he couldn't fire a Charged Particle Beam without an organoid, this is the flaw in the Geno-Breaker. Reice came and Hiltz launched the Charged Particle Beam and annihilated Raven and Reice or so it seemed. Everyone retreated to Windean Lake, to initalize the final strategy, the one strategy the had hoped they would never use.

b: 09-May-2002

60. The Giant Fortress

After retreating from the doomed Capital, the Republican and Imperial Forces have been going to Windean Lake. This is where the Republican's Secret Weapon, the Ultrasaurus was resting. A last ditch strategy they will use to defeat the Death Stinger is under way. They are planning to awaken the Ultrasaurus, a heavy carrier zoid, which would provide them with cover and fire power to take on the Death Stinger. Colonel Herman believes there is only a 50% chance the Ultrasaurus will awaken. Van talks some sense in to Colonel Herman and eventually makes him realize, he has to believe in that 50% chance the Ultrasaurus will awaken or its hopeless. Six power blocks of the Ultrasaurus are ready for action and are functioning well to their maximum. Moonbay got an idea to kick start the seventh power block of the Ultrasaurus. Meanwhile, the Death Stinger slumbering in the molteon lava with in a mountain, it blows through the mountain with a Charged Particle Beam and sets out after the Ultrasaurus. Captain O'Connel estimates in terms of distance the Death Stinger isn't far away, but the mountains are providing cover from the Death Stinger's coming down quickly. Captain O'Connel also calculates it would take the Death Stinger about three hours to get here but as Hiltz has other plans, using the Charged Particle Beam of the Death Stinger he cuts through the mountains and so he can fire the beam at the Ultrasaurus quicker. Captain O'Connel estimates it would take less thirty minutes for it to get within range to launch the Charged Particle Beam, but the seventh power block isn't due to get ready in another two hours. Colonel Herman sends Van and Irvine out to hold the Death Stinger off for as much time as possible, while Fiona and Thomas hook up the seventh power block in another way according to Moonbay's instructions. Even though, the power blocks of the Ultrasaurus are independent sources of power they are linked together by via central circuit system, Moonbay tells them to switch the power blocks into a specific order to kick start the seventh power block. As Van and Irvine are making their way out, they are caught off guard by Helicats, but take them on, there were so many they couldn't reach the Death Stinger in time. After using the sound samples which Bic had analyzed from the Dibison, they were able to take out most of the Helicats, but they wouldn't stop coming. After Fiona and Thomas had finished with the power block modification, they tried starting it up, but it wouldn't work. They found out later, there was a limiter installed on the B017, after it was removed they tried starting it up again, and this time the Ultrasaurus had awakened. It dodged the Charged Particle Beam of the Death Stinger and makes a way for the sea. While, Van and Irvine were distracting the Helicats.

b: 13-May-2002

61. The Naval Battle

After the Ultrasaurs had awoken and made it to sea as it starts out for the journey to the Empire, Van and Irvine start engaging the Helicats and start taking them one by one until the Death Stinger charged its Charged Particle Beam. Van and Irvine, knowing the power of the beam, turned around started to run. As the Charged Particle Beam made its way toward them, both the Blade Liger and Lighting Saix kicked into their boosters and started to run as fast as their zoid's capacity. the beam was going to hit them, but Rosso and Viola picked them up and delievered them to the Ultrasaurus just in the nake of time. Colonel Herman goes over the meeting abou thte Ultrasaurs and its defenses. Besides basic armaments and normal defensive tactics its completely vunerable, so they are going to a top secret Imperial Plant to get the Gravity Cannon, once this is in place the Ultrasaurus will be a truely powerful and invincible force to be reckoned with. They had sent out a Hammer Head for surveilance, but lost contact with it because of the Methane-Hydrate explosion. Methane along the floor of the ocean mixed with the water and the engine of the Hammer Head made an explosion blowing the zoid. It is also known as Fire Ice and the ocean floor is called the Abyss of the Devil, and to be on the cautious side, the Ultrasaurus will take a senac route to get around the Abyss of the Devil and longer route to the Empire. Meanwhile, both Emperor Rudolph and Prime Minister Homalef had made their way to the secret fortress where the Gravity Cannon was being built. They had met up with Dr. D and they were amazed at the size of the Gravity Cannon, in actuallity it was a lot bigger than anyone had anticipated. As Hiltz squadron of Sinkers approached to destroy the Ultrasaurus so did the Death Stinger. After nice manueverability skills of Moonbay, they had unleashed their forces that took out all the Sinkers. They had found out the Death Stinger was closing in, as it they started to dive, the Death Stinger powered up its Charged Particle Beam. Just barely made it into the water before the Beam was fired. The Death Stinger came in and started to rip out the armor of the Ultrasaurus from the side. Then Colonel Herman had an idea to go into the Abyss of the Devil and launch its depth charges so the Death Stinger would be caught in the Methane-Hydrate Explosion. Luckily, there plan had worked also the Ultrasaurus came out unscaved. They had set out to the Palamdine Archipalego at full speed. Fortuanetly, the Death Stinger would be delayed a little.

b: 14-May-2002

62. The Gravity Cannon

b: 15-May-2002

63. The Final Battle

The gravity cannon is ready to go up against the Death Stinger, the only problem is that they must get the Death Stinger to hold still long enough for it to feel the full impact of the gravity cannon. The decision to use the delta formation is used. Once the Death Stinger is in sight Van, Urvine, and Thomas leave in their zoids leaving Van as the back point of the triangle. They manage to get the delta formation completed, only this time when the get into the formation it creates a pyramid shield barrier trapping the Death Stinger inside. The cannon shoots, but just before it gets close enough to the Death Stinger it breaks the shield barrier and fires its Charged Partical beam, destroying the shell. The fighters come to the conclusion that if they take off their shields they can concentrate more energy on the barrier, the fith commences. Finally they reform the delta formation this time concentrating every bit of energy on the barrier. The shell is shot and Hilts tries to break free of the barrier, but this time the shield prooves too powerful and the shell hits the ground creating the black hole effect, we see the Death Stinger getting shred to pieces but at the same time Hilts manages to fire another charged partical gun and hits Thomas' D-Bison. At the time the fighters were trying to get out of the rage of the shell's effect, but once the D-Bison was hit it went down causing Thomas to hit his head knocking him out, the last scene we see Van yelling no as the black hole engulfes the D-Bison. Next time on Zoids: we see Van, and the gang looking over the battle field, now whether or not Thomas dies, I have no clue, who reall knows? With the power of the Ancient Zoidians and the ability of Zeke being able to transport human bodies inside of him leaves that mystery unanswered. But I do believe he dies as I said we see Van and the gang looking over the battle field with their heads bowed and we also see Resse and Raven approaching the area of Zoid Eve and Shadow is back, and hes not too happy with Raven.

64. The Ancient Memory

Just when you thought the nightmare of the Death Stinger is over, it gets renewed. The episode starts off with the Death Stinger being destroyed by the gravity cannon, but just when everything seemed to be over, Ambient appears and fuses with the destroyed Death Stinger, reviving it. Van and Irvine tried to make a attack, but the DS burried itself into the ground, and went attacking the Ultrasaurus, which injured Dr. D. Also, Raven runs up to Shadow, who thought Shadow would be pleased to see him again, but unfortanetly, things were terribly wrong. Shadow attacked Raven violently, and the Dark Kaiser comes up, and tells Raven that Shadow is now a slave to him. This definitely aggrivated Raven, and he started charging after the Dark Kaiser, but he was flipped. At the end of this episode, Fiona is thunderstruck when she heard "Zoid Eve", and was hit by a stray bullet from the Death Stinger. As usual, Van got out of his zoid, and ran up to Fiona. Her last words before she dissapeared into a light was "I finally remember my past".

Note:She isnt killed off in this episode. The summary I based it on can be found at


65. Zoid Eve

Finally, in this episode, all the mysteries that have been unanswered are finally revealed, along with the true identity of the Dark Kaiser. This episode explains what Zoid Eve really is, and at the end of this episode, Van gets ready to start fighting Hiltz in his Death Stinger again(You thought he was dead didnt you).

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