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Every thing you ever needed to know about anime terms:
Here is a dictionary of commonly used words in the world of anime. It includes words in Japanese as well, so you'll learn some of the traditional lingo.
Akuma- Japanese word for Devil.  The root word "Aku" is also the word for evil.

Anime- Japanese term for animation.  Used to describe Japanese animation in
America and other non-Japanese countries.  Other terms for anime:  
Japanamation, Japanime

Baka- Japanese word for "idiot" or "fool"

Chibi- used to describe characters as small, little, or young

Doujinshi- Basically amateur fan manga based on characters not created by

Dub- Re-recording of the sound track of an anime or movie in a different

Ecchi-  Japanese word for pervert.  Ecchi is usually represented with the
letter "H."  Ecchi is used to describe anime and pictures meant for adults
but is milder than hentai.

Fanfic- A fan written story that features characters from various animes

Fansub- Japanese animes that are given subtitles by fans.  Not official and
sometimes illegal.

Fan Service- Term used to describe parts of anime features that aren't
necessary to the story but enhance the experience.  Some times untasteful  
EX:  shower scenes, panty shots, over elaborate costumes etc.

Ganbare- Japanese work meaning "go for it."

Hai- Japanese word for "yes"

Kawaii- Japanese word for cute

Magical Girl- An anime genere that follows the adventures of a girl who
discovers magical powers.  EX: Sailor Moon, Fungashigi Yugi, Card Captor

Manga- Official Japanese comic books that share the same basic drawing style
of anime.

Mahou Shoujo- Japanese term for Magical Girl

Mecha- Term used to describe the giant robots that appear in anime.  Can also
be used to describe the genre of anime that features giant robots.  EX:  

Neko- Japanese word meaning cat.

OAV or OVA- Original Animated Video or Original Video Animation.  (You pick)  
These are short anime series that are released directly to video or DVD.

Otaku- Japanese word for fan boy or nerd.  In Japan it's a negative term but
many non-Japanese fans call themselves anime otaku with pride.  Just don't
try saying that in Japan.

Rei- Japanese word for "nothing" or "zero."  Commonly used as a name.

Seiyuu- Term for voice actor or actress.

Shojo- A style of anime targeted toward the female audience.  "Girly anime"

Shounen-  Japanese word for boy.  Although not used as often as Shojo is, Shounen is used to describe animes directed toward male viewers.  Ex.  Rurouni Kenshin is a shounen anime

Sub- A shortened version of the word subtitle.  This is used to describe
anime in its subtitled format

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