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Planet list

The Planet section is where to find out about the importance of the planets in the Dragon Ball series. You'll also learn about the planets' inhabitants and what happened on certain planets that was important to the series' storyline. 

Arlia is home to a race of insect looking creatures. The planet is run by a strict dictator and many of the natives are forced into slavery. Vegeta and Nappa arrive at this planet and kill the evil dictator, but blow up the entire planet.

Dark Star
A word completly engulfed in darkness, it is home of Babidi's slave Yakon. The creatures here have adapted to the darkness and use it as a distinct advantage.

Furiza #79
One of Furiza's many bases of operation, The Ginyu force, along with Vegeta, were stationed here. It's not known what happened to the planet after King Cold was destroyed.

Kanassa is inhabited by natives with telepathic abilities. Bardock was to remove the natives from the planet so it could be sold, but is cursed in the process with the ability to see the future.

This planet was first introduced in Movie #12. This is the home of Tapion, and where Hildegarn, after causing mayhem on the planet, was trapped within Tapion and Minoysha. This planet was never destroyed.

Makyo Star 
The Makyo Star passes close to Earth every couple thousand years. The Makyo Star is the home of Garlic and Garlic jr. It was later destroyed by Gohan.

Planet Meat
All life on Planet Meat is annihilated by Bardock's men. This is where Dodoria and his men ambush  Bardock's force and kills them.

Old Namek
The Nameks live there peacefully until a great evil power comes to search for the Dragonballs. The battle with Freeza takes place here, and the planet is destroyed in the process. Old Namek never experiences night and the seas are green. It is also inhabited by a variety of creatures.

New Namek
After the original Namek was destroyed, the Z warriors used the Dragonballs to wish for a new home for the Nameks. New Namek is very much like the first, except it has only one sun.

Old Vegeta
A large planet, Old Vegeta has a gravity greater than the earth. Old Vegeta was inhabited by two races, the Tsufuru-jin and the Saiyans. They hated each other and were constantly at war. The Tsufuru-jin were an intelligent race with advanced technology, but compared to the Saiyans, they were very weak. When Old Vegeta's moon went full the Saiyans became Oozaru and destroyed the Tsufuru-jin race. Freeza later had the Saiyans as his task force, but destroyed Old Vegeta when he felt the Saiyans were too strong and were considered a threat. Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Brolli, Paragas, Tarlus and Radditz were the only Saiyans not on Old Vegeta when it was destroyed.

New Vegeta
New Vegeta is the planet founded by Paragus. He names the planet "New" Vegeta, and travels to earth to ask Vegeta to be its king. Most of DBZ movie #8, which is the battle against Brolli, takes place on this planet. The planet is later destroyed by a comet.

When Goku defeated Freeza he used the Ginyu's space podto escape and later crash lands on this planet. Yardrat  is occupied by strange looking people with extraordinary abilities. This is where Goku learns his Instant Transmission technique.

This is a dry and barren land, and has 10x Earth's gravity. Its covered with craters much like the Earth's moon. The creatures that live here are used to the environment. Zun is also the home of Pui-Pui