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Episode #1: Outlaw Star

The scene opens up in the bar Gene and Jim (don't ask me why he goes there; he's only 11) visit frequently in their home space colony. The waitress, named Iris, seems to really like Gene. ~_^ Then it appears that they own an odd-job place creatively named Starwind and Hawking Enterprises. They get a message from a woman named 'Rachel Sweet' saying she needs a bodyguard. Gene, being the guy he is, immediately falls for her and they meet at the little bar. She leads Gene to this place and then, when they meet the Kei Pirates, she takes her mask off and she turns out to be Hilda, an outlaw! The pirates are after her for stealing a ship (later named the OLS). She forces them to take her to this farmhouse place, where they find a cyrogenically frozen bio-android (whoo big words) named Melfina. And no, she isn't really wearing spandex! Then Gene tries to fight off the pirates while Hilda and Jim go get the ship! That's about it for #1.

Episode #2: The Star of Desire

Gene, Hilda, and Jim take Melfina to a nearby farmhouse to resucitate her...however, the Kei Pirates are close behind and while Hilda and Jim are still away, Gene is left to ward them off so Melfina can wake up safely. After struggling with his gun for awhile ("You're dead, old man!...AH! It's a dud!!") somehow he gets back to Hilda's ship safely (after giving his jacket to Melfina because she's naked). After Gene and Mel are safe on the ship, they take off to Blue Heaven, an outlaw's paradise! (sound familiar?) There, Jim takes Melfina clothes shopping, and Gene and Hilda discuss what their next move will be at a local bar. Then, some of Hilda's 'old friends' show up and offer to help, so she blasts them with her phaser (believe it or not, guns aren't allowed to be shot on Blue Heaven!). She scares them away momentarily; however, they try to sneak up on them back at the hotel but there they lose again! Thus marks the end of Episode 2.

Episode #3: Into Burning Space

After they (almost) finish off the bar enemies, Hilda, Gene, Melfina, and Jim leave Blue Heaven and get into a space battle or two. Then we learn that the reason Gene keeps acting so weird about space (not to mention getting sick and pukey) is because when he was about 15, he and his dad were in space and the ship caught on fire. There was only 1 escape pod, fit for 1 person, and Gene's dad refused to get in and saved Gene instead. So we see a lot of flashbacks of that in this episode. Then, we meet an angry and frantic Ctarl-Ctarl (a race of very powerful cat people) woman named Aisha. She was piloting the Ctarl-Ctarl ship when they see Hilda's ship. The ships were going to collide, and Hilda refused to change course, so Aisha was forced to be the chicken and therefore getting her boss very, very mad...

Episode #4: When Hot Ice Melts

Now, the Kei Pirates (remember, the ones that wanted Melfina?) have caught up and are in hot pursuit of Hilda's ship. She lands on an asteroid where they find a highly advanced ship of the Kei Pirates, which Hilda steals. The ship's computer, Gilliam II, can talk, and for some reason it imputs them as crew members! It says it must have a name. But before they can think of one, the pirates land so they have to leave. Hilda leaves Gene, Jim and Melfina in the new ship while taking her own ship herself (That's right, blame them!) Then our mechanic expert Jim gets it to start, and Melfina is the navigator. She gets into a big cylinder of clear stuff (naked, for some odd reason) and...well, navigates the ship! While the bad dudes try to ram the ship into a (very) close star, Hilda's ship is in heavy battle, and she has to evacuate. Gene attaches her ship to his with a rope, and Hilda proceeds to climb in. But that weird little Kei Pirate girl tries to pull her down (she sounds like a robot when she talks!) and due to the heat of the star, the rope breaks. Yep, no more Hilda. -_- But fortunately, she grabs the little yin-yang girl and at least kills her too. After Gene mourns for a second or two, he finally thinks of a name for the ship - the Outlaw Star.

Episode #5: The Beast Girl Ready to Pounce

The beginning is about how when Aisha couldn't graduate from school because she wasn't good enough or didn't have enough credits or something...and that's how she got her job in space. Then we come back to Gene, Jim, and Melfina, who are heading to Blue Heaven to spruce up the Outlaw Star. They meet Swayzo the little robot, who asks which color Gene wants the ship. (Gene points to his hair) And thus, the ship is red! After relaxing in a different room, the trio ventures out into the space colony Blue Heaven. We know that now Gene doesn't have space phobia anymore because of the advanced technology of the OS). We see a dark figure that wants to know where Hilda is. Gene says she's dead and the figure turns out to be Aisha. Even though Gene apologizes to her for before, she still fights. (Gene says he won't hit a girl (typical) then she gets him in the face! Lol.) So while Mel and Jim run for their lives, Aisha fights Gene. Then, after Aisha agives a dramatic little speech about how Ctarl-Ctarl change into beasts at the full moon, Gene points out that since Blue Heaven is a space colony, not a planet, there IS no moon. While Aisha's basking in humiliation, Jim goes for more ammo. Gene faints and Mel helps him onto a bench. She sits there staring at the artificial flowers for awhile before crying and saying how she's just like them - artificial. Gene says she's the most humanlike android he's ever met and pinches her on the cheek to prove that, like a human, she can feel pain. Gene invites her to come with them, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Aisha catches up with Gene and everyone, but can't fight. So they all go to a restaurant (where Aisha probably gains a few pounds) for dinner. Gene fires a #12 caster at Aisha after she threatens them, and fries her...then, he puts the food on her tab and leaves! They go back to Swayzo's to get the ship, which is now bright red. Gene says they'll go back to Sentinel III for more money (or wong) from Fred. Jim groans and whines, and tells a very confused Melfina that she's lucky she's not a guy. Then the scene goes back to Aisha, who's doing dishes and looking very pissed off.

Episode #6: The Beautiful Assassin

Gene almost destroys the ship while landing, but Melfina the navigator helps him land on Sentinel III. They are brought to a dock and take a blue car to their "friend" Fred Luo's house, which is stocked up with every weapon from A to Z. Jim still looks exasperated while they wait for Fred to be done with his current meeting. When Fred comes out, he hugs Gene and Jim, and tells them that they're "looking good" and that he can't wait to see Jim in a few years. He coldly shakes Melfina's (who is still very confused) hand. The reason they came to Fred was because of his extensive collection of (illegal) weapons, and since the Outlaw Star has no defense they need to buy some. Fred already knows that Gene isn't going to be able to pay him, but because he's such a good "friend" he lends him money. Fred is sitting in his desk with a guard on either side of him. Then, a woman in a red cape walks in and kills the guard with her wooden sword (yep, happens every day) and tells Fred he has 5 minutes to write his will. Fred glances at the swords behind Suzuka. Then Gene appears. Suzuka aims a blast at him, but misses. Then Gene (who tries very hard to ignore Fred's cries of "Save me! Save me, Gene!) shoots at Suzuka. But unfortunately she has a kewl little light shield around her wrists (but so does Gene) that deflects the bullets. Gene asks Jim to help him (but Jim runs instead). Then the 5-minute-alarm goes off (Fred's time to write his will) and she disappears, saying she'll be back at sunset for Fred. Fred gets Gene to be his bodyguard, and in return Gene borrows lots and lots of wong from Fred. Then Suzu approaches Gene (she never said Gene had 24 hours!) and after Jim runs away, Gene realizes tht she's just too good and flees too. Suzu chases him into the street and right as a truck is about to run her over, she slices it (with her trusty wooden sword) in half! Finally Jim comes back with the car and takes Gene away. Next, it's nighttime and Suzuka is standing in front of a full moon. Gene meets her for a duel. After a good evenly matched fight, Gene somehow gets the sword and kicks it away. Suzuka frantically runs after it, but Gene catches the sash of her kimono and it unravels. She falls to the ground out of modesty, defeated. After refusing to back down, Gene threatens to break the sword and take the sash. She finally gives up and gets the sash and the sword in return for Fred's life. But if she DOES want to kill Fred, she'll have to kill him first! So then they go back to Fred's (who charges him for the weapons) and tell him that he'll bay Fred back when he makes it big (HA! That's a good one!! *Ahem* Never mind...) So now Gene has both Aisha AND Suzuka out for revenge!! Heehee.

Episode #7: Creeping Evil

In the cockpit of the Outlaw Star Gene prepares to lift off, the countdown slowly begins along with the temperature inside of the ship. Gilliam informs Gene that the Outlaw Star will explode in a few moments unless Gene does something immediately, but he ignores Gilliam's warnings and continues the liftoff. A few moments later Gilliam tells Gene that their ship has exploded, and Gene has failed his simulated liftoff. It was a test to measure gene's piloting abilities, and according to Gilliam they are pretty bad. Gene needs to be able to operate all of the functions of the Outlaw Star in case something should ever happen to the Gilliam computer system, but Gene shrugs off the words of advice and decides to head home for the night.

Gene, Jim and Melfina use the some of the leftover money from Fred Luo to start a new business, Starwind and Hawking Enterprises "Where they fix everything from Starships to Live Lives." Jim is busy getting his car from the police station, and Melfina is sitting around when Gene enters. Gene and Melfina exchange a few words, and Jim returns in a great mood because he has his car back. The following day everyone goes to Clyde's bar where they tell Clyde and Iris about some of their adventures. Iris can't help but stare at Melfina the entire time, and everyone can tell that she is jealous. Everyone says how great it is so see each other again, and Gene, Melfina and Jim leave to do some work for the day.

Melfina is inside of the Outlaw Star cooking when a new mysterious figure (Do any characters in Outlaw Star first appear without some sort of mysterious entrance.) bypasses the ships security and enters. Gilliam is helpless to stop the intruder, so he contacts Gene through a communication device to warn him. Gene is outside of the ship doing repairs, and when he hears the message from Gilliam he rushes towards the entrance of the ship but is attacked by another intruder.

Inside of the Outlaw Star Melfina hears that someone has entered the ship and she runs towards the exit, a ball and chain fly towards Melfina and hit the wall next to her, Melfina is terrified. She has no idea where to go but the man prepares to throw the ball and chain again, this time he promises that he won't miss. The ball flies towards Melfina, she creams but out of nowhere the attack is blocked by Suzuka! Melfina is shocked to see Suzuka protecting her, especially since the last time they met Suzuka tried to kill her. Suzuka tells Melfina that Kei Pirates are attacking the ship, and that she should run away to the Starwind and Hawking building where she will be safe. Suzuka uses one of her "secret techniques" against her opponent, but it is not enough to stop her. She tells him that nobody has ever lived to see all three of her "secret techniques" and that it will only take one more to stop him. The Pirate laughs, but soon stops once Suzuka kills him with it.

Gene continues his gun battle with a Pirate who keeps asking him questions about Hilda. For some reason Gene refuses to tell him anything (even though he told Aisha about Hilda's death two episodes earlier) which causes the Pirate to become angry and shoot Gene in the chest. Gene falls over and collapses to the ground, the Pirate assumes that Gene is dead and turns around to walk away. With his opponent's back turned Gene shoots the Pirate with a sneak attack. Shocked that Gene is still alive the Pirate flees because of his serious injury. Gene manages to stand up again and continue working on the ship.

Jim comes back to the office to find Suzuka and Melfina enjoying a hot cup of Miso soup, Suzuka explains the story of the Kei Pirates' attack and Jim decides to check up on Gene back at the Outlaw Star. Jim finds Gene repairing the Outlaw Star, but while talking to Jim, Gene falls over from the pain caused by his injury.

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