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Gundanium Toon Summoned SkullAlloy

Millennium Puzzle
Owner: Yami Yugi

Power: Contains the soul of the Pharaoh.

Millennium Eye
Pegasus J. Crawford (later Bakura Ryou)

Power: Has the ability to read people's mind.

Millennium Ring
Owner: Bakura Ryou

Power: Contains the soul of a tomb robber, has the ability to seal parts of anyone's soul into inanimate objects.

Millennium Tauk
Ishtar Isis

Power: Has the ability to look into the near future.

Millennium Rod
Owner: Ishtar Malik

Power: Has the ability to brainwash people. It can also be used as a dagger.

Millennium Ankh
Owner: Shadi

Power: Has the power to enter a person's heart and see that person's personality. It can also change a person's personality according to the owner's will.

Millennium Scale

Power: Place the feather of truth on one end, a person's heart on the other end. If the person's heart is heavier than the feather of truth, which means the person is full of sins, then a monster from the abyss shall devour the guilty.

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