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Tenchi thought he was an average student until five alien girls (and one super-genius) came to live with him and his father and grandfather! Tenchi is actually half-Jurai, a member of the most powerful dynasty in the galaxy. Despite the fact that these five girls seem to all like him, Tenchi cant seem to decide which one should be his girlfriend. He has great power he can summon the Jurai Lighthawk wings, which have performed amazing feats under his control. He is extremely loyal to his friends and has traversed the galaxy and other dimensions  to help them. His mother died when he was very young, and on one occasion, was able to go back in time and see her. He was raised by Yoshu and trained not only in the ways of becoming a shrine guardian like his grandfather, but also in the Jurai martial arts. He is somewhat reckless in a fight and always courageous unless the girls are amorous, in which case he has been known to run away!



Mihoshi--Mihoshi is the bumbling Galaxy Police officer that you will sometimes see around the Masaki household. She is Washu's bane, as well as Ryoko's annoyance. She is kind at heart, if a bit ditzy, but she doesn't do bad things on purpose. She is also the bane of Galaxy Police officer Kiyone. Strangely enough, Kiyone sticks with Mihoshi, even if she had the chance to abandon her. Mihoshi is the best Galaxy Police detective, and even though it sometimes takes her a while to get the job done, it does end up getting accomplished.


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