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Academy NinjasAburame Clan

Academy Student, Ninja

Advanced bloodline
Clans with bloodlines which give them special advanced abilities. People with this blood were used as weapons in countless battles. As a result, these blood clans were blamed for bringing misfortune and war to the countries. After the wars, these clans had to hide the truth about their own blood. For those whose secret was discovered, only death awaited.

Akatsu Organisation
An organisation that consists of 9 S-ranked criminals including Orochimaruand Itachi. All, or most, of the members are missing-nins.

Akimichi clan

Alliance Agreement, Leaf and Cloud
Signed by Influential People, it was designed to end many years of way between the two Villages.

Team of elite Ninjas assigned for special jobs by the Leaf Village.

Dogs/snakes/toads/Etc. can be used as a Ninja tool, either threw summoning or accompaniment to attack or gather info. For instance, a Ninja Dog(Ninken) can prove extremely useful. With special Ninja training the dogs already fine sense of smell and hearing become hightened. Allowing them to be your nose and ears in a situation that leaves you blind. A Ninken can also fight alone side their master, using different Jutsu, as Akamaru does with Kiba.

Arm Guard
Commonly worn as part of the Anbu uniform.

Primarily used to cover wounds as dressings, they are also often used as an item of clothing.

Branch House (Bunke), Hyuga Clan
Cousins, or even siblings to those in the Main House, the members of the Branch House are considered of a lower class. Branded as incapable of ever leading the Clan. It is their duty to protect the Main House with their lives, to ensure the future of the Bloodline. Despite this, as much as because of it, the Branch House of a Clan often spite the Main House.

Insects can be used as a Ninja tool, either threw summoning or accompaniment to attack or to gather information. For instance, "Destruction Bugs", bugs that feed on chakra, can be controlled. These bugs live within a body. Members of the bug using Aburame Clan bodies are, at birth, offered to these insects to use as a nest and to feed on their Chakra. It is because of this a contract is formed that allows the clan to freely control the insects and use them as their primary fighting technique.
See also: Fire Country: Aburame Clan, Chakra Guide: The Aburame Clan

Chakra (Power, Strength, Energy)

Chakra holes (Tsubos)
Opening Points. Part of the "Inner Coils System."

Chuunin (Middle Ninja)
Ninja Rank - Average/Middle Ninja.

Chuunin exam

A test designed especially for Genin's looking to graduate into the Chuunin level. Its is broken down into 3 (actually 4) parts.

Part 1: A paper test with two hidden objectives. The entrants are told not to cheat but there is no way to answer any of the questions, unless you're extremely intelligent, so the only option left is to cheat. But, if you're caught cheating, you will be expelled from the test, along with your two team-mates. At the end of the test, the participants must make a choice whether to carry on and risk staying a Genin forever or leave it and try again next year. Their is no final question - Everyone who choose to stay in, passes.
Part 2: This test takes place in the "Forest of Death", a huge...ummm... forest, full of giant animals, poisonous insects and dangerous traps. Each team is given a scroll at the start of the test, there are 2 different types of scroll given out, Heaven and Earth. To complete the test successfully, you must have one of each and the only way to get your hands on another scroll is to steal, or take it by force from another team. Once in possession of the two scrolls, the team must make it to the large tower in the middle of the forest.
Part 3: Since so many teams passed the first and second test than usual, a qualifier for the REAL third test had to be held. In this test, characters square off against each other, head-to-head. After the number of entrants has been thinned down, the last test takes place.
Part 4: The final portion of the exam takes place one month after the previous portion allowing the Genins to heal from any wounds suffered earlier, and to train and strategize. This is in order for the participants to be in top shape for the event. The final is a tournament which takes place in front of a large crowd, including a jury consisting of influential people. Upon watching the one-on-one battles between Genin, they will be the ones to decide which have what it takes to be Chuunin. Those that win there battles, will have the chance to fight again, allowing the jurors more of a chance to witness their skills. It is possible that every Genin competing will be made a Chuunin, though it is also possible that not will, even the Genin to win in the last fight. Although seeming straight forward enough, the Chuunin Selection Exam, and particulary this final is not completely what it seems. Though the extremes of the exam are a good measure of what Genin should be Chuunin , the test is also a replacement for war among the Countries becuase it showcases each Villages strength.

As described by Kabuto, "collectors" are Ninjas which, during the Chuunin Exam's Third Test, obtain extra scrolls than they need. Each team need's one Heaven and one Earth scroll, but some may collect extras for various reasons. To ensure their safety, they could collect extra scrolls to give to stronger enemies as a gift; to gain the favour or information from other teams, from their own village for example, as a gift; or just to take out enemies who could pose a threat to themselves later on.

Coup d'etat
Sudden overthrow of a goverment by force or illegal means. Zabuza attempts to do this to the Hidden Mist Village, but fails.

Curse Seal/Stigma (Juin)
Performed by the wicked Orichimaru on Sasuke during the second portion of the Chuunin exam. He also did the same seal on Anko in years past. Receiving the small mark which appears on the neck through a bite from Orochimaru, afterwards the receiver falls unconscious. Then, if they are strong enough to survive the 9/10 chance of immediate death, they regain concsiousness. Just by releasing Chakra the curse becomes active and forcibly pulls out Chakra, stealing the persons mind. At this point the the small mark on the neck grows to wrap around their whole body. It's a forbidden Jutsu which eats at the user's body.

Destruction bugs - see Bugs.

Dosu's arm
Sound Manipulation tool.

Exploding Notes

Forehead Protector

Gauntlets and Chain
Powerful Ninja Weapon.

Genin (Lower Ninja)
Ninja Rank - Apprentice/Lower Ninja.

GenJutsu (Mind/Illusion Skill)
Skills/Spells which concentrate on illusion created through a form of hallucinatory hypnotism. GenJutsu needs Chakra to be raised and seal to be preformed.

Gokage (Five Shadow), The
Ho-, Kaze-, Rai-, Mizu-, and Tsuchi-. Given the title of Kage as the strongest leader of one the Five Great Shinobi Countries. They rule their Villages and stand equal in power with the rulers of their Country. Although reign over the thousands of Ninja in the world is souly theres.


Great Naruto Bridge, The
Bridge built by Tazuna residing in the Wave Country.

Hidden Cloud Village (Kumo Sato no Kakure)
Located in Lightning Country, this Village is ruled by Raikage ('Lightning Shadow'.) It is a small island to the northeast of the world. The Shinobis of this Village represent themselves with a symbol of clouds.

Hidden Leaf Village (Konoha Sato no Kakure)
Located in the Fire Country, this Village is ruled by Hokage.

Hidden Mist Village (Kiri Sato no Kakure)
Located in the Water Country, this Village is ruled by Mizukage.

Hidden Sand Village (Suna Sato no Kakure)
Located in the Wind Country, this Village is ruled by Kazekage.

Hidden Sound Village
A small village that was only recently created, it is ruled by Orochimaru.

Hidden Stone Village
Located in the Earth Country, this Village is ruled by Tsuchikage ('Earth Shadow'). It is a neighboring country to the Fire country and the Leaf Village, located in the north-west part of the world. This village is represented by a symbol of a rock.

Hokage (Fire Shadow)
This is the name given to the most elite Ninja in, and therefor ruler of, the Leaf Village.
See also: Fire Country, Biography: 3rd Hokage, Biography: 4th Hokage, Lexicon: Hokage

Hokage Memorial

Hunter-Nin (Oi-nin)
Also known as Body erasers, this special team of Ninjas are assigned the job of finding and destroying the bodies of Missing-nins, i.e. Ninjas who have deserted their village, taking with them some of it's precious secrets.

Hyuga Clan

Ichiraku Ramen
Ramen stool which Naruto and Iruka often eat at. Located inside Leaf Village. Featured in a one shot by Kishimoto Masashi in the Spring Akamaru Jump.

Inner Coils System

Jounin (Upper Ninja)
Ninja Rank - Higher/Upper Ninja.

Basically Japanese for technique, skill, abilty or spell. It can also be used when describing a combat form: e.g. GenJutsu, TaiJutsu, NinJutsu. In the world of Naruto, they can be performed with the use of Chakra and a Seal.

Jutsu Types
There are five main Jutsu types: Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth and Wind. However, there are also other types, such as wood.

Ninja Tool - Large Doll, controlled with Chakra.

Kazekage (Wind Shadow)
The ruler of the Hidden Sand Village.
See also: Biography: Kazekage

Kikyou Castle
A place in Leaf Village, Gekkou Hayate was killed on the roof of the building.

Kinjutsu (Forbidden Skill)
Spells/Techniques that have been forbidden to use.

Throwing/Combat knife/weapon.

Kusanagi no Tsurgi
Orochimaru's sword.

Main House (Souke), Hyuga Clan
The first born male(child?) of the Main House becomes the next leader of the Clan. All other children, and their children become members of the Branch House. This tradition is followed every possible generation. As part of the Main House, they are considered more precious and must be protected for the sake of the Bloodline. It is their duty to pass on the most secret and powerful Jutsu to the next generation of Main House and head of house.

Small spikes designed to puncture your enemies foot.

Everyday, a Hidden Village recieves numerous requests and jobs from its countries residents, and from citizens of other countries that are without a Ninja village; from babysitting to assassination. Ranked in difficulcy with the letters A, for most difficult, to D, for the least diffcult. The request are then given as missions to the Ninjas based on their abilities. If the duty is completed successfully, the Village recieves a payment from the client. A missions are usually given to Jounin and Kage level Ninjas, Bs and Cs for Jounins and Chuunins, and Ds for Genin and Chuunin.

Missing-Nin (Nuke-nin)
Ninjas which have abondoned their Village, taking with them its secrets. They are seeked for by Hunter-Nins who have the mission of destroying their bodies to protect their villages secrets.

Mist Ninja Seven Swordsmen
The Seven Swordsmen include Momochi Zabuza who wields a huge head-chopping cleavor and Hoshigaki Kisame who has a Shark skin sword that rips rather than cuts.

Mizukage (Water Shadow)
The ruler of the Hidden Rain Village.

Momemtary/Temporary Death
Through the accurate manipulation of accupuncture points, a person can be put in a seemingly dead state. Lasting only a short time, even upon close inspection the person will appear dead, until they get back their organ function and consciousness; although it should take about a week before their body function returns to normal.

Nine-Tails Demon Fox (Kyubi)

The special name for somebody who has been trained in the art of Ninjutsu; a master of stealth. Ninja's are often hired to perform certain duties - from finding a child to assassination - the more advanced the Ninja, the more dangerous missions s/he will receive.

Ninja Academy

Ninja scroll (Makimono)
Used to hold any written information, from a map of the world to a Summoning Contract for a Jutsu. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Some can even be rigged to contain spells which will be activated when the scrolls are opened as seen in the second test of the Chuunin exam.

Ninja Registration Book
A book that lists all those in the Village with high ability. An important document that lists all ninjas, their picture, and information regarding them. A Ninja's entry in the book is created soon after they graduate as a Genin.

All the skills, spells, and techniques a Ninja uses on the battlefield or to gather information. Ninjutsu needs chakra to be raised and seal to be performed.

Ninja Arts.

Pratice Arena 44/Forest of Death

Scroll Pouch

Seal (In)
Hand poses used to cast Jutsu. These poses are named after different animals. In exceptional Ninjas, it is possible to preform a Seal with only one hand, but this is not the norm.

Senbon - Needles

A Shinobi is another word for Ninja. It means something like "master of stealth."


Shuriken Holster


Soldier Pill

Summoning Contract

Taijutsu (Body Skills)
Skills and techniques which focus on Martial arts ability.

Thunderbolt Staff - Kougou Nyoi
3rd Hokage's staff.

Tokubetsu Jounin (Special Upper Ninja)
Ninja Rank - Specialized Upper Elite Class Ninjas.

Tsuchikage (Earth Shadow)
The ruler of the Hidden Stone Village.

Uchiha Clan

Wave Country

Yamanaka Flowers
Flower shop owned by Ino and her parent(s). Located in the Leaf Village, or in the Fire Country.

Zabuza's Black Book
Zabuza tells Naruto that he owns a black book which contains valuable information on most of the top Ninjas from all around the world and that he would not class Naruto as a Ninja unless he could prove himself strong enough to be in his book. In his book is written for Kakashi, 'The copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi ... A man who is said to have memorised over 1000 Jutsu, maybe more."

Zaku's arm
Sound Manipulation tool.