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Arm Guard Bandages

Worn on the arms, this metal plate protects them from injury. Commonly worn in the Leaf Anbu uniform.

Primarily used to cover wounds as dressings, they are also often used as clothing. Over a face for instance, to hide a Shinobi's identity. Bandages can also be used as a Ninja tool to constrain an opponent or to cover up weights that are worn on the shins and wrists as a training method. Most often in an "Iron Fist" Style Taijutsu.
Forehead Protector, Common Forehead Protector, 2nd Hokage's

Forehead Protecter [Leaf Village
                           type]All Shinobi belonging to a Hidden Village are given one upon becoming a Genin. Depending on where they are from, a symbol that represents their Village is placed on it. Although most Ninjas wear them the traditional way (on the head), some choose to wear them in more unconventional places. Alternatively, the metal identification plate can be placed on other garments.

Worn by the second Hokage, it is a special Leaf-style head protecter made of stone, seemingly especially commisioned for him; it extends down to his cheeks.
Forehead Protector, Jiraiya's Hokage Battle Armor
Worn by Jiraiya, thought a missing-nin, in place of a common Leaf head protecter. Seemingly made of stone, it has two small horns on either side and on the front it has Kanji that reads "oil." 1st Hokage, wearing Battle ArmorCommonly worn underneath a large robe, this battle armor consists of various plates and shields protecting critical areas of the body.
Hokage Battle Helmet Kunai Holster
Worn by the 3rd Hokage, this head garment is worn underneath a Leaf Village bandana to protect the head and neck.
Attached to a place that can be quickly and easily reach at arms length. A typical holster holds one kunai.
Leaf Anbu Mask Leaf Anbu Hooded Robe

Anbu MaskThe special military forces of the Leaf wear masks to hide their identity. The mask's features are animal like, and have colored designs on them. Each mask is different.

Large robe worn by the Anbu. Comes in Black or White, possibly depending on the gender of the Ninja. Attached is a large hood which covers most of the head, but the uniform is still worn with a unique mask.
Leaf Anbu Uniform Leaf Uniform
Including the Leaf Anbu mask, the Anbu also wear arm and shin guards for protection; they also have small metal plates, like those on forehead protectors, mounted on their gloves. They're vest is different from the normal Leaf uniform, as seen in the picture. The Anbu also carry swords. Kakashi in Leaf UniformWorn by Leaf Village Chuunin and Jounin rank Ninjas. It is dark pants and jacket covered by a green vest. This vest has scroll pouches on the front which can hold up to six Ninja scrolls. And, typically, the Shuriken holster is attached to the right leg by bandages. Another distinguishable feature of the uniform is the knife-pouch mounted on the shoulder.
Leaf Village-Style Beret Leaf Village-Style Visor Helmet
Leaf Village style BeretWorn by one of the students in Konohmaru's Ninja Academy Class, it is a simple piece of headhear worn in the style of a beret with a small Leaf Village badge on the front. Leaf HelmetA strange helmet worn by one of Konohamaru's young classmates, it has a visor on the front and also ear phones.
Mist Hunter-Nin Mask Mist Uniform

Hunter-nin MaskWorn by Mist Village Hunter-Nins, these masks are all uniform in shape and coloring.

Zabuza sporting the Hidden Mist Ninja uniformWorn by Mist Village Chuunin and Jounin rank Ninjas. It consists of a very flat fronted vest with various holsters and pouches around it. Looks to be attached with velcro.
Sand Uniform Sandals 

Sand Ninja, BakiWorn by Sand Village Chuunin and Jounin rank Ninjas. Similar to the Leaf Village uniform, the Sand countries jacket also has six scroll pouchs and similar shoulder pads.

The most common footwear of a Shinobi, Ninjas from all the major Hidden Villages wear them.
Scarves/Bandanas Scroll Pouch
Ninjas often wear scarves or bandanas, usually to cover up their face and/or to hide their identity. Scroll PouchCommonly worn on the left and/or right side of the Chuunin and Jounin uniform. It holds scrolls needed for Jutsu, or other things a Shinobi might need handy on a mission (such as maps.)
Shin Guard Shuriken Holster
Worn on the shins, these metal plate protects them from injury. Commonly worn in the Anbu uniform along with the arm guards. However, they can also be worn underneath the clothing; tucked into a Shinobi's socks, for instance, for added protection. Shuriken Holster (as worn by Leaf Jounin/Chunnin)Attached to a place that can be quickly and easily reach at arms length. A typical holster can hold about two dozen shuriken.
Side Pouch Sound Uniform

Side Puch (Anbu type)A pouch worn on the belt, used to hold various Ninja tools like kunai's, Shurikens or ninja scrolls. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Orochimaru wearing the Sound Uniform [click for bigger image]Worn by Sound Village Chuunin and Jounin rank Ninjas. It doesn't have scroll pouches like on the Leaf or Sand's jacket, but a pouch, like most Ninja wear on their belt, sewed into the lower right side of the vest.
Sound Uniform Scarves  

Along with the normal uniform, Sand Ninjas, of the Chuunin and Jounin rank, also wear animal skin scarves.

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