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Anime City 3
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Primarily used to cover wounds as dressings, bandages can also be used as a Ninja tool to constrain an opponent. Most often in an "Iron Fist" Style Taijutsu.

Exploding Notes
A peice of paper that explodes after a certain amount of time. There is writing on the paper which is a spell that causes the explosion after a specific passage of time. They are often attached to other objects which can then be sent closer to the enemy; wheither by attaching it to a Kunai and throwing it; or sticking it to an animal and letting it walk closer to the victim.
Gauntlets and Chain
Gauntlet And ChainUsed by 2 Ninjas, each wearing a sharp nailed metal gauntlet on opposite arms which are connected by a chain, they operate in cooperation. Surrounding their opponent with the chain, they are able to constrict the chain to the point of severing their target into two or several more pieces.
What originally seemed to be a hollowed out vegetable of some sort, it later turns out that Gaara's gourd was also made out of sand. Gaara carries it on his back, where it is used to store the sand which he uses in most, or all, of his Jutsu. Though it seems his Chakra and will are not alone in the use of this sand. As the Shield of Sand that protects Gaara from almost all Jutsu acts regardless of his will.
A large puppet/doll that resides on the back of the Sand Ninja, Kankuro. He always carries it with him and uses it when fighting. Kankuro has the power to transform it to take the shape of people and objects using a skill called 'Puppet no Jutsu' which allows the user to control the puppet, or doll, with invisible, thin strings of Chakra which come from the hand; this allows the Ninja to make the puppet do whatever he, or she, commands.
Kunai - Throwing/Combat knifes
Normal Kunai
Another basic Ninja weapon much like Shuriken, they are commonly used as a projectile rather than in hand-to-hand combat. It is similar to a small dagger but with a small ring on the end so it can be grabbed quickly and easily with one finger.
Double-edged Kunai
The same as above but has two points instead of one. More commonly used in hand-to-hand combat since they are harder to throw.
No handle Kunai
This type of kunai is designed mainly for throwing. With a small circle on the end it can be hooked by the finger and thrown accurately but it has no handle of which can be held.
Kubikiri Houcho - Head chopping Cleaver
Zabuza's weapon of choice. A huge sword affair mounted on a long pole, the blade of this weapon is its trump card. However, due to its size and wieght, it can not be swung very fast which gives it a disadvantage over faster Ninjas.
Makibishi - Metal Spikes
Sharing a resemblance to the shape of jumping jacks, these metal spikes are thrown onto the ground or set as a trap to catch out the enemy; the purpose is for your opponent to step on them. Since certain parts of the body are related to the bottom of the foot, these Makibishi can do lots, or, barely any damage at all.
Makimono - Ninja Scroll
Used to hold any written information, from a map of the world to a Summoning Contract for a Jutsu. They can come in all shapes and sizes. Some can even be rigged to contain spells which will be activated when the scrolls are opened as seen in the second test of the Chuunin exam.
Senbon - Needles
They are small but sharp needles which can be used for a number of things. For example, acupuncture or to put someone in a state of momentary death by throwing them at certain pressure points in the body such as the neck. These needles are most commonly used as throwing weapon. They can also be placed between the fingers and used like claws.
Shuriken- Throwing stars
Normal Shuriken
These flat star shaped metal throwing weapons are not meant for causing heavy damage. Although a barage of them fired at high speed can be deadly, these stars are often used more as a distraction than a lefal attack. Often used in conjuction with Kunais, these stars are used by nearly all Ninjas in the series, some are even used part of a Jutsu (such as the Shadow Shuriken technique). They are usually placed in a small holster which can be easily reached with an out-stretched hand. They can also be placed between the fingers and used like animal claws.
Large Shuriken
Often carried on the back. They have a large hole in the middle so the user can grab it and spin it around their head before lobbing at their enemy. These can cause far more damage than a normal Shuriken.
Fuuma Shuriken
Sasuke uses these enormous types of throwing stars. They are very dangerous when thrown at speed since they have four curved blades instead of the usual 5 straight ones; it makes it more aerodynamic and also far sharper than a typical large shuriken. It translates roughly to 'Evil Wind Palm Weapon.'
A small sphere which explodes on contact with a hard surface. This Ninja tool creates a thick cloud of smoke with the intention of making an opponent lose the advantage of sight.
Soldier Pill
The soldier pill is a special medicine that is said to allow a soldier to fight for three days and three nights without resting. It's full of protien and contains a special stimulant.
Sound Manipulating Tools
Dosu's arms: A special weapon/tool on his right arm, it is able to multiply small sounds and reproduce them at their ultimate level. Then using his Chakra, he directs the sounds vibrations to make sure they always attack his opponents eardrum. Damaging the inner ear membrane, the receiver of this Jutsu will lose their balance and for a while won't be able to move as they like.
Zaku's arms:
A device implanted into both his arms which allow him to freely control super sonic sound waves and air pressure. These cannons can create blasts powerful enough to destroy almost anything, they are even strong enough to shatter rock.
Summoning Contract
Used with Summoning technique (Kuchiyose no Jutsu) with the Jutsu Caster's blood used as or to make the signiture. Often on a written on a Ninja Scroll (Makimono), such a contract can also be tattooed onto a body part with the same effect.
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