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Anime City 3
Wave Country
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Background Information

The Wave Country is a small island without a Hidden Village. When they ever need the aid of a Ninjas, they must look to one of the surronding countries for help, such as the Leaf Village. It is a very poor country with a struggling economy mainly due to the failing import/export trade with other countries caused by a dirty business man named Gatou. Because the country is so isolated, they don't have strong import and export capabilities which makes them very poor. Gatou took advantage of this, and with his shipping company he monopolized the import/export market. The Wave Country used to be home to a man named Kaiza who the entire country regarded as a hero, but Gatou murdered him in front of the entire countries eyes to break their spirits. It was one man's, Tazuna, continued strength that finally freed Wave Country from poverty by creating a bridge to the main land. With Gatou dead, and his gang scattered thanks to the aid of Leaf Village Ninjas, Wave Country would no longer have to live in fear. In thanks, Tazuna named the bridge "The Great Naruto Bridge" - a bridge that would be aknowledged by all.

Famous landmarks and features
The Great Naruto Bridge
A bridge built by Tazuna to connect the small island Wave Country to the mainland to encourage importing and exporting trades. Said to be a bridge of courage leading to hope, the creation of this bridge should bring better times to the impoverished Country of Wave. This bridge was named after Naruto in hopes that one day it would become a super famous bridge that everyone would acknowledge.