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Background Information

Water Country is the smallest(in area) of the Five Great Ninja Countries watched over by the Gokage. Mizukage is leader of Water Country's Hidden Mist Village. Not much has been revealed about this island country, other than some information about its Hidden Village. As children, the Ninja Academy students of Mist Village have to undergo a very different graduation experience from Leaf Village students. To become Genins, the children have to fight each other to the death. Friends are pitted against friends in a cruel, mortal combat. However, this system was abolished after one boy, who wasn't even a Ninja, killed over 100 students for no reason. That boy was Momochi Zabuza who was dubbed "The Devil of the Hidden Mist" because of his actions. Later in life he attempted a coup d'etat of Leaf Village, but he failed. Zabuza, and other Mist Village Ninja primarily use water based attacks: Water Dragon Blast no Jutsu, Water Explosion no Jutsu, Demonic Ice Mirrors no Jutsu and Water Needles no Jutsu are just a few of them.

Leaf/Fire Country