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Background Information

View of the Hidden Leaf
                           Village from Hokage's tower.The entrance to the Hidden Leaf Village.The Fire Country's Hidden Leaf Village is the greatest of the Five Great Ninja Countries watched over by the Gokage. Leaf Village is currently ruled by the 3rd Hokage, but it wasn't always this way. Thirteen years ago in Hidden leaf Village, the horribly powerful Nine-Tails Fox Demon appeared. Wreaking havok and killing many of the Village's Shinobi, he was finally defeated by the strongest Ninja of the Leaf who sealed him inside a young newborn child... Uzumaki Naruto. The Ninja was the 4th Hokage, he died during the sealing. After the 4th Hokage died, power returned to the 3rd and previous Hokage. Since the Ninja World Wars ended, Leaf Village has become accustomed to peace. However, this is looked upon as a weakness by other countries and villages, who have been trying to increase their military power.

Although the Hidden Leaf Village is still a peaceful place, it is a village with a very high population of Ninjas and, therefor, has great military power. In the Chunnin exam alone, out of the 153 participating, the Leaf Village had 82 Ninjas trying to become Chuunins, whereas all others had many less (Sand = 30, Rain = 21, Grass = 6, Sound = 3, etc.); although this could be more to do with the fact that the Leaf hosted the event.

Famous landmarks and features
Fight StadiumFight Stadium
Large bowl-shaped arena where the battles of the Third Test of the Chuunin exam take place. Surronding the Stadium, high above the actual fighting arena, are 3 large boxes, with stepped rows of seats, where spectators of the fights go to watch. The central spectator box is the main one where more important individuals are seated, such as the leaders of the villages, and a jury of fellow Ninjas who judge which Genins will be promoted to the Chuunin level.
Hokage's Tower
The home of the 3rd Hokage, his tower overlooks the Leaf Village and is close to the Hokage Memorial. Inside it is a gallery of the previous Hokages, a room of forbidden scrolls and what appears to be a meditation room where he keeps his crystal ball.
Hokage MemorialHokage Memorial
A huge carving on the mountains that overshadows the Leaf Village. On it are the faces of the four Hokages including the current one. The monument strongly resmebles that of Mount Rushmore. From left-to-right: the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Hokage.

Practise Area #44
The stage for the second test of the Chunnin exam. Its basic goal is to test the survival and fighting skills of Ninjas trying to become Chuunins. It is a very dangerous place filled with hoards of poisonous animals and plants, and giant insects and animals; for these reasons, the forest has been dubbed "The forest of Death." Its perimetre is surronded by a metal fence with 44 gates equally spaced around it; this is where the Ninjas enter to start the test. Inside it is a river, the forest and a tower. From the fence to the tower in the center is about 10k; the tower is the destination of the Ninjas after they have collected the two scrolls (one of which they took from another team in battle).
Located inside the tower is the large arena in which the the third test preliminaries are held. It is split into two parts: a top and a bottom; the bottom is a large tile floor where the battles take place; the top is where the other Ninjas go to watch when they are not fighting. Overlooking the bottom floor is a large statue of a Seal.

Ninja Academy
A large structure in which young Ninjas train to become Genins and earn their head protecters. It has a large courtyard and many class rooms inside and its where many of the Chuunins begin teaching.
Resident Clans

Aburame Clan
A clan mostly associated with their communication and interation with bugs. At birth, the clan members bodies are given to the insects to be used as nesting places for them so that the insects, known as 'Destruction Bugs', can feed on that persons Chakra. The Ninjas and the Bugs development a natural equilibrium; the bugs get Chakra and the Ninjas get a powerful fighting tool.

Akimichi Clan
Little is known about this clan of the Leaf Village, its members are large in size and some of their most powerful techniques involve using their wieght to their advantage. One of their techniques, Multi-size no Jutsu, allows them to increase the size of one part or all of their own body. After being inflated with the Multi-size technique, another odd Jutsu called Meat Tank can be used to pull in the presons body parts, allowing them to become a ball and roll with ferious speed.
Hyuga Clan
An old and distinguished clan, the Hyuga clan is separated into two sections - the 'Main House' and the 'Branch House'. There is a lot of rivalry between the two houses, as we see in the battle between Neji and Hinata (Hinata is of the Main House, Neji of the Branch House). Hyuga members often develop the Byakugan technique, much like members of the Uchiha clan and the Sharingan. The Byakugan is much like the Sharningan, only it only gives vastly enhanced perception (the user can see over long distances, and even see the Inner Coils System and Chakra Holes of the body).
Uchiha Clan
A clan that was destroyed many years ago and only two members are known to have survived: Sasuke and his brother, Itachi. The Uchiha clan has a special eye technique called the Sharingan which has been passed down from generation to generation. The Sharingan sees through all types on Nin-, Gen-, and Tai-Jutsu. It also allows the user to copy Jutsu after or even while they see them being used. The Uchiha clan tend to use fire techniques and some of their most powerful Jutsu are that of the fire element: Mythical Fire Flower no Jutsu, Goukakyuu (Powerful Fire Ball) no Jutsu and Dragon Fire no Jutsu. However, because of their Sharingan technique, the Uchiha clans arsenal of skills is very large because they can easily copy techniques from other Ninjas.