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Hyuga Clan
The Hyuga have been called the strongest in leaf, and are also a very old advanced Bloodline. Their abilities are all taijutsu based, but they show why they don't need anything else.

The Power of Byakugan
Byakugan, or 'White Eyes' is the Hyuga's advanced bloodline ability. Almost all their moves revolve around using Byakugan to find weak points. Byakugan gives the user a vision of almost 360 degrees, aside from a small blind spot in the back of the head. It also allows the user to have a sort of X-Ray vision, allowing the user to see the Inner Coil System of their opponents, which makes attacking it much easier. It also appears that with the use of a hand seal, the user can have a kind of telescopic sight, allowing them to see a fair distance away compared to normal vision with clarity.

The main attack used by the Hyuga Clan in conjunction with Byakugan is their Gentle Fist Taijutsu. Hyuga Gentle Fist involves the user attacking with open palm punches and pushing chakra into their opponent's Inner Coil System during the blow. The result is internal bleeding, and even the slightest of blows can be devastating. A well-aimed blow can kill instantly.
Another favored move of the Hyuga is attacking TenKetsu (Pressure points where Chakra can exit from) with what's called Opening Point attacks. Simply, using precise finger jabs (can probably be done with other things about the same size), the user strikes the TenKetsu, which again is seen with Byakugan, and effectively closes it, allowing no chakra to pass through that point. There are two ways the Hyuga go about this: Attacking only specific ones, disabling chakra from coming out of certain parts of their opponent's body which can cripple certain moves, or preforming the sumpreme Hyuga Taijutsu attack: Sixty-Four Point Hands. As Hyuga Neji demonstrated, if the opponent is within close-range sparring distance, a quick burst of chakra (a lot, mind you. This move is usually only preformed once as it takes a lot out of the user) is all they need. Then they'll rush their opponent and use fast and painful finger jabs, going from 2 blows to 4, to 8, to 16, to 32 and finally 64. The rapid, almost unblockable attack seals are the TenKetsu if preformed right, rendering their opponent unable to use Chakra, and usually not even stand up.

Advanced Chakra Control
In order to master the Byakugan, great Chakra control is needed. Hyuga are also taught how to release Chakra from any point in their body, which opens up possibilities for many new moves.
The main move this chakra control unlocks is what's called Heavenly Spin (Hakkeshou Kaiten). Right when the user is about to get struck, chakra is released to block the attack, and then the user spins, creating a chakra whirlwind which knocks back anyone who's too close and deflects all attacks made during that period. This is a true absolute defense, unlike say the shield of sand, as its almost impossible to break through. The only way is to catch the user completely off guard, which isn't easy because you'd pretty much have to not delay at all, or find a weak-point in their vision, because Byakugan allows them to see pretty much everything around them.
Another move the Hyuga can do involves being able to emit chakra from the very tips of their fingers (or other parts of their body) like needles. This move is refered to as the Chakra Needle, which can break even the toughest of material in theory. It may not be much of an attack, but it serves well as a tool. It also may not seem that impressive, but to release such fine amounts of chakra takes a lot of control, which is the other thing the Hyuga are known for.
The other move the Hyuga developed bathes the area around the user in chakra, creating an aura of hightened perception. it allows the user to be more aware of their surroundings, making it almost impossible to be caught off-guard. The only problem is it requires a large amount of chakra, so it can't be used for long.

The Darkness of the Hyuga
The Main House of the Hyuga also knows a very dark and terrible seal, which is simply known as the Hyuga Curse Seal. The Main House uses it to control the Branch House. The seal, placed on the forehead, allows the Main House members to destroy the Branch House member's mind. It can be used from a simple sting to instant death. This move also destroys all traces of Byakugan, ensuring the secrets of it are never known. the only way to lose the curse is death.