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Basic Taijutsu
Lee has five moves that he tends to use at different times, but each one has one primary use, as well as a few variations. The main three he knows are the leaf style attacks Leaf Violent Wind, Leaf Spinning Wind, and Shadow Leaf Dance.

Leaf Violent Wind is essentially a fast sweep kick, primarily used to trip an opponent, which means there isn't a lot of variation to it, although the classic move Lee did to kick Sasuke into the air during their fight is one, which Sasuke also demonstrates later in his fight against Yoroi.

However, Leaf Spinning Wind is much more. While its primary use is to kick opponents into the air with a spin-based kick to the head, which opens up for arial attacks, it can also be used to take down a group of enemies, either from the ground or air. It also can be simply used as a power kick, but there isn't much style and planning put into that, so it's hardly ever used for just that.

Shadow Leaf Dance is more of a skill than actual attack, but the principle of it is quite devastating: The user hides in their opponent's shadow while in mid-air, leaving no room for counter-attacks and opening the target up for serious damage. Lee could simply punch and kick his opponent in the back, do something a little more intresting such as a combo similar to the Lion Rendan to knock his opponent to the ground, or preform the powerful but dangerous Initial (also called Secondary) Lotus.

Lee's other main taijutsu-based skill is employing the only apparent tool he carries: his bandages. By unraveling the bandages around his hands and wrists, he now has a pair of binding tools that can be used to immobilize his opponents, or at least restrict their movement.

Lee's trump card that doesn't involve his Lotus attacks is the weights he wears around his legs underneath his orange leg guards, which he uses for training to limit his speed. Without them, he becomes so fast he is one of the few things faster than Gaara's Shield of Sand, giving him a speed advantage over almost everyone.

This is Lee's ultimate attack, which is divided in two: Initial (Secondary) Lotus and Extreme (Primary) Lotus. The moves revolve around the unlocking of the gates within the body that control the flow of chakra. When opened, chakra runs through the user at high amounts, which can seriously damage the body, but also increases the user's strength. There are 8 gates, and Lee can open five of them: Initial, Heal, Life, Harm and Limit. There is a minimum requirement of gates to be opened for each Lotus attack, but no maximum.

The Initial Lotus requires the user to open the Initial Gate, hence the name. While when the gate is open Lee will usually just beat his opponent(s) around with some simple taijutsu, the actual move is preformed in the air, usually after the Shadow Leaf Dance, and also usually involves Lee using his bandages. What he does is gets a firmhold on his opponent around the waist, usually using his bandages to strengthen the hold, and preforms a kick of arial pile driver, bringing both him and his opponent down at high speed. Lee's position (head up or down) does not matter as he'll break away at the last second so only his opponent takes the full force of the attack, slamming their head into the ground. While it is possible to block it, as demonstrated by Gaara and Zaku, if completed successfully it can be most devastating.

The ultimate version of the Lotus is the Extreme Lotus, which requires three gates to be open. Once the second gate is open Lee will turn beet red, showing the pressure and strain the move puts on him. Once the gates are open, Lee will knock his opponent into the air, and then he'll move so fast that its like he's playing soccer or volleyball with himself using his opponent as the ball. When he thinks he's done enough to weaken his opponent, he'll put the last of his force into a final move that consists of him first wrapping his bandages around his opponent like a rope. Then he'll pull them in and preform a full-force punch-kick and release the person from the binding, sending them to the ground at high speed. The move has the same weaknesses as the Initial Lotus, but is far move devastating, but also weakens Lee even more.

Putting It All Together
The key to Lee's moves, whenever he wants to end things fast, is taking his first four moves and putting them together into one long and nasty combo. First, he'll use Leaf Violent Wind to trip his opponent. Next, while they're falling, he'll use Leaf Spinning Wind to kick them into the air, after which he preforms the Shadow Leaf Dance. Finally, he'll hit them once or twice and then preform the Initial Lotus. While never seen, its probable that he could follow this up with the Extreme Lotus, but if the opponent isn't on Lee's level, he won't have to.