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Zaku Abumi
Zaku Abumi

Introduced: Chapter 35
: Ninja (Genin)
Affiliates: Dosu Kinuta, Kin Tsuchi, Orochimaru
Origin: Sound Village
Abilities: Air Slicing Blast, Ultimate Air Slicing Blast

A Genin level ninja, Zaku was hand picked by Orochimaru to join the Hidden Sound Village. In the Chuunin Selection Exam on a mission to kill Sasuke, Zaku and his comrades (Dosu and Kin) fail despite their powerful techniques, such as Zaku's Zankuuha, which allows him to freely control super sonic sound waves and air pressure with a device implanted into both his arms. The cannons that are Zaku's arms can create blasts powerful enough to even destroy rock. Later, his body is sacrificed by Orochimaru to house the soul of one of the deceased Hokages which Orochimaru summons.


Introduced: Chapter 28
: Body-guard
Affiliates: Waraji, Gatou
Origin: Unknown
Abilities: n/a

Gatou's samurai bodyguard. He is the one ordered to murder Kaiza and does so by slicing his throat while he is crucified.