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Introduced: Chapter ?
: Ninja (Jounin)
Affiliates: ?
Origin: Leaf Village
Abilities: Unknown

A Jounin.

Rock Lee

Introduced: Chapter 36
: Ninja (Genin)
Birthday: 27th November
Affiliates: Hyuga Neji, Tenten, Gai
Origin: Leaf Village
Abilities: Leaf Spinning Wind, Leaf Violent Wind, Shadow Leaf Dance, Initial Lotus, Extreme Lotus

A Genin level Ninja, he is a TaiJutsu specialist. Incapable of using NinJutsu or GenJutsu, he spent all his time and concentration on TaiJutsu. It is because of this determination and hard working ethic that Lee has become an outstanding Ninja. When in heated battle, Lee removes the extremely heavy weights he wears on his legs. This vastly increases his already amazing speed. His greatest technique being the Lotus, which, after using opening the bodies Initial Gate, he can perform the Initial Lotus. This Jutsu is self damaging, making it (in most cases) an all or nothing move. A forbidden technique, all of that high speed TaiJutsu puts a lot of stress on the legs and body, leaving the user feeling so much pain they can barely move. Although Lee is not your regular case. Lee, oustandingly, can open 5 of the 8 Inner Body Gates. The first 3 needed to perform Extreme Lotus, a technique even more forbidden and dangerous than Initial Lotus. It is continous high speed TaiJutsu that can't even be touched, let alone seen. Its self-body damaging effect is many times worse than the Initial Lotus. This is Lee's Trump card, and he uses it to only protect precious people, or to prove his Ninja way: to be a great Ninja, without using Ninjutsu or GenJutsu. After using it for the first time against Gaara, Lee's body was so beaten up that he could barely even move, and, after his left leg and left arm were both completely pulverised, and he was unconscious, he still strieved to achieve his Ninja way. However, because of all of the damage that was done to his body during the battle, he was told by the Leaf Village medics that he would be unable to live as a Ninja any more, but after he had healed sufficiently, he was back on his strict training regime, pushing his body to new limits.

Leaf/Fire Country