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Introduced: Chapter ?
: n/a (Ninja Dog)
Affiliates: Hatake Kakashi
Origin: Leaf Village
Abilities: n/a

One of Kakashi's Summoning Ninja Dogs, at his first appearance, he appeared to be one of the more pathetic looking ones. However, at his second appearance, it is clear that his strength is his intelligence. He also has a keen sense of smell, allowing him to sense when enemies are approaching. He can even smell how many people are traveling in a group, how far away they are and in which direction they are heading; these qualities make him perfect for low-profile missions where stealth and silence is key.


Introduced: Chapter 20 (flashback)
: n/a
Affiliates: Inari
Origin: Wave Country
Abilities: n/a

Inari's pet dog. He he stolen by Akane, a bully, who renames Pochi. Now calling him Shooting Star, he decides he no longer wants his new pet and throws him into the ocean. Inari can't swim and is afraid to jump off the peer to save his dog, so Akane pushes him into the water. Inari begins to drown as Pochi remembers he knows how to doggy paddle and swims to saftey. Inari is rescued by Kiaza, this is how they first meet.

Leaf/Fire Country