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Introduced: Chapter 46
: Ninja (Genin)
Affiliates: Kagari, Mubi
Origin: Rain Village
Abilities: Mist Clone

A Genin level Ninja of the Hidden Rain Village, he and his two comrades specialize in enemy GenJutsu. They hide some where and match their attacks with the attacking movements of their Bunshins(Clones). So that it will seem like the illusions are attacking, this confuses where the kunais are coming from and prevents the target from accurately locating the user. Mubi's team, and Ninja that are weak at Taijutsu and close range fighting, prefer these kind of attacks. They won't reveal themselves until the target becomes so tired of dodging attacks, that they can no longer move.


Introduced: Chapter 45 (disguised as Grass-Nin)
: Ninja (Jounin/Sage), Sensei, Missing-nin, Leader of Sound Village
Affiliates: Mitarashi Anko, Yakushi Kabuto, (Yoroi, Tsurugu Misumi), Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abui, Kin, (Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert, Kankuro, Temari), Uchiha Sasuke, Takuya, Jiroubou, Sakon, Kidoumaru, Kimimaru, (Formerely: Jiraiya, [GamaBunta], Tsunade, [Katsuyu], 3rd Hokage, [Enma])
Origin: Leaf Village, left to create Sound Village
Abilities: Shadow clone, Curse Seal, Shadow Snake Hand, Double Snake Assassination, Summoning [Snakes], Rebirth to Impure World Summoning

A Jounin level ninja, he is a Leaf Handbook type S Missing-Nin. One of the Legendary Three Ninjas, Orochimaru has the power to easily defeat a small country on his own. He's a Shinobi that all countries would have wanted when he defected from Leaf Village. Orochimaru has many Jutsu, both forbidden and not, which often relate to snakes. Now the leader of his own newly created Country and Village, both named Sound, Orochimaru's intentions are to be the catalyst for a long and intense battle between all the Hidden Villages; Orochimaru has great interest in Sasuke, who will be the trigger for this purpose. He was also at one point the student of the 3rd Hokage, plus teammate of Jiraiya and Tsunade, and sensei of Anko. He thought himself a sure pick to proceed Hokage as the Yondaime(4th). When this didn't happen, Orochimaru left Leaf Village and became a Missing Ninja. Orochimaru is able to seperate his consciousness from his body, allowing him to take complete control of someone elses body. This is the other reason that he is interested in Sasuke. Using this Jutsu, he is able to live forever, making it an immortality Jutsu.

Leaf/Fire Country