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Sango came from a family of demon exterminators. When she was with her little brother Kohaku on his first demon extermination, a village had been attacked by a spider demon. Sango, Kohaku, their father, and the rest of their comrades had come to destroy it. However, Naraku was pulling the strings in this fight. He posed as the village leaders son(the leader was really one of Narakus puppets). He used the spider demons web to control Kohakus mind and forced him to attack his allies. Using his blade weapon, Kohaku unknowingly killed his father and all his companions as well! When he went after Sango, she tried her best to snap him out of it. But Naraku convinced the villagers that the two had gone crazy, and should be killed. So the villagers attacked, killing Kohaku and severely injuring Sango. While Naraku pretended to take care of Sango, he also made a copy of himself, and he purposly spoke to the copy just so Sango would over hear him. He said that Inuyasha had attacked her village and killed everyone...Inuyasha was responsible for it all! After hearing this, Sango was determined to kill Inuyasha. But when she attacked, Inuyasha and the others convinced her that Naraku was the real villain. After giving her people a proper burial, Sango joined Inuyashas group in pursuit of Naraku.

Sangos weapon is her demon-ripping Bone Boomerang. She also has Kirara, a cute little cat demon that accompanies her(and can turn into a huge flying kitty if necessary! ^_^). Sangos a bit quieter and withdrawn than the rest of the group, but she does have a slight crush on Miroku...but if he gets too carried away, shell slap him a good one!