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Kagome was just an average 9th grader; she lived with her mother, grandfather, little brother, Souta, and cat, Buyo. Her family owned a shrine with a well in it, and one day, while looking for Buyo in the shrine, Kagome was pulled down the well by a centipede demon. Upon arriving 500 in the past, feudel Japan, Kagome soon discovered that shes the reincarnation of the preistess Kikyo, who protected the legendary Shikon Jewel(the jewel was inside her body!). When the shards of the jewel were scattered throughout feudel Japan, Inuyasha and Kagome had to learn to work together in order to collect them before evil demons use them to gain more power.

At first, Inuyasha and Kagome didnt get along too well, but after many difficult battles with demons, they grew closer and closer, into more than just friends(Ahh, sweet true love ~^^~). Like Kikyo, Kagomes specialty is using a bow and arrow. Her arrows also have special purifying effect. Shes friendly and outgoing, but she can also be quite brave if the need arises.