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Introduced: Chapter 02
: Ninja (Special Jounin), Tutor
Affiliates: Konohamaru, Uzumaki Naruto
Origin: Leaf Village
Abilities: Unknown

A Special Jounin level ninja, he is Konohamaru's tutor, and claims to be someone who has taught the very elite to gain the skills required to be Hokage. He doesn't like the fact that Konohamaru idolizes Naruto, because he only sees Naruto as the container of the Nine Tails Demon Fox. His opinion of Naruto doesn't change when Naruto defeats him with "Harem no Jutsu", after "Sexy no Jutsu" fails. Later, recommended by Kakashi as a great teacher, Ebisu begins Naruto's one month training for the Chuunin Selection Exam final. It is during this time that, through being with Naruto and seeing the influence he had on Konohamaru, Ebisu realizes that Naruto is more than just the container of a demon, but that he is an outstanding Leaf Ninja. However, Ebisu does not complete Naruto's training, because Jiraiya takes over by summoning a large toad which tongue-whips Ebisu unconscious.

Enma (Demon Ape)
Summoning Gorilla

Introduced: Chapter 120
: n/a
Affiliates: 3rd Hokage
Origin: Leaf Village
Abilities: Unknown

Appears with the Summoning Jutsu, Kuchiyose Enkouou Enma, which is performed by the 3rd Hokage. He is a large and muscular primate who has humanesque features, and wears Ninja-style clothes. Soon after his first summoning, to help aid his master, the 3rd, Enma is commanded to transform into the Kongou Nyoi (Thunderbolt Staff.)

Leaf/Fire Country