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Demon Brothers
Demon Brothers

Introduced: Chapter 10, Episode 6
: Ninja (Chuunin), Missing-Nin
Affiliates: Momochi Zabuza (Haku)
Origin: Mist Village
Abilities: Unknown

Chuunin level ninjas, they are Missing-Nins formerly of the Hidden Mist Village. Now under the command of Zabuza, another Missing-Nin from Hidden Mist, they contract out their ninja abilities to paying clients. These shinobis are known to continue fighting no matter what. Each wearing a sharp nailed metal gauntlet on opposite arms which are connected by a chain, they operate in cooperation. Surrounding their opponent with the chain, they are able to constrict the chain to the point of severing their target into two or several more pieces.

Dosu Kinuta
Dosu Kinuta

Introduced: Chapter 34
: Ninja (Genin)
Affiliates: Zaku Abumi, Kin Tsuchi, Orochimaru
Origin: Sound Village
Abilities: Sound Manipulation

A Genin level ninja, he is a shinobi of the newly created Hidden Sound Village. Along with his comrades Zaku and Kin, he doesn't enter the Chuunin Selection Exam to become a Chuunin. They are on a mission, given by Orochimaru and led by Dosu, to find and kill Uchiha Sasuke. Although thought of as a pawn by Orochimaru, he is a noteworthy ninja. Wearing a special weapon/tool on his right arm, with it Dosu is able to multiply the small sounds produced to their ultimate level. Then using his chakra, he directs the sounds vibrations to make sure they always attack his opponents eardrum. Damaging the inner ear membrane, the receiver of this Jutsu will lose their balance and for a while won't be able to move as they like. After the Chuunin exam's Third Test preliminaries, in the month that the participants get to stratagise and heal for the next test, Dosu decides to take out a little insurance to ensure his chances of winning the main event will be at their maximum, and he goes to the building where Gaara is staying. His plan is to kill Gaara before the test while he is sleeping but when he finds Gaara, he is very much awake, as is the demon inside of him.

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