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Introduced: Chapter 58
: Ninja (Genin)
Affiliates: Sigure, Midare
Origin: Rain Country
Abilities: n/a

A short, stubby Ninja, he and his team-mates, Sigure and Midare, confront Gaara in the Forest of Death during the Chunnin exam. Not much is known about him, except that he also carries a group of unbrellas on his back and also, interestingly, what appears to be an oxygen tank. He is killed by Gaara.


Introduced: Chapter 64
: Ninja (Jounin)
Comrades: Gaara of the desert, Kankuro, Temari
Origin: Sand Village
Abilities: Wind Blade

A Jounin level ninja, Baki is a Shinobi from the Hidden Sand Village and the sensei of Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. He seems to have confidence in all his teams' abilities, although he once comments on Kankuro not taking his battles seriously enough. Not much is known about him at this point, but the Chuunin exam isn't the only reason Baki and his team are in Leaf Village.