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Character Quotes

These were taken directly from a manga translation run by Maigo Chan 

  • Himura Kenshin:
    * Oro!

    * Im a rurouni, with no family or profession. A wandering swordsman. I just arrived in town. I dont know anything about bloodshed in the streets--- (To Kaoru)

    * Oh, its Miss Kaoru. I almost didnt recognize you in womens clothes-- (To Kaoru)

    * No. A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use to speak of it, this is its true nature. What Miss Kaoru says are the words of one who has never dirtied her hands. An idealistic joke. But, I like Miss Kaorus idealism better than its true nature. If one can ask so much, I want the world to accept this joke as its true nature.(To Goheh)

    * I forgot to say one thing. Hitokiri Battousais style of fighting is not that of the Kamiya Kasshin School. Its an old style of kenjutsu which arose in the Sengoku era, designed to face many opponents at once. The name is Hiten Mitsurugi. And without the reverse blade, it is slaughter with deadly swiftness. (To Goheh)

    * I have no fondness for the name of Battousai. But I will not pass it on to a man like you. (To Goheh)

    * Well, at least Im not thirty, right? (After telling Kaoru that he's 28 years old. Kaoru's not too happy about his age. Hahaha)

    * You have the form of a child, but your heart is already that of an adult. Im sorry. I underrated you. (To Yahiko)

    * Shes scarier than Jineh... (Kenshin thinking about Kaoru)

  • Kamiya Kaoru:
    * At long last Ive found you. Your two months of bloodshed in the streets ends tonight. Prepare yourself! (To Kenshin)

    * The Kamiya Kasshin School was brought into the Meiji era by my father, who survived the violence of the Bakumatsu. My father wasnt a killer. He fought single-mindedly for his motto, "the sword that protects life." But as a member of the sword-bearing Metropolitan police, he was sent to the Southwest war half a year ago. The place where he died was far from the ideal world he hoped for. This man who calls himself Hitokiri Battousai has already killed more than ten people. The name of the Kamiya Kasshin School, the school left to me by my father, is being degraded by a murderer. But I guess a rurouni wouldnt understand. (To Kenshin)

    * I didnt say I wanted Battousai to stay! I want the vagabond-- (she stops herself.) Well, fine! If you have to leave then leave! But if youre leaving, at least tell me your name. Battousai was the name of the patriot, a long time ago. But, then, I guess you wouldn't want to tell me your real name--? (Kaoru asking Kenshin his name for the first time)

    * Wait a minute... If you fought at the Bakumatsu how old ARE you? (Kaoru to Kenshin)

    * Dont oro me! You dont look that old! Youd have to be at least 30! (To Kenshin after asking his age)

    * Speaking of unbelievable, what about your age? Twenty-eight? Its a lie. Its a trick. Apologize and tell me the truth! (Kaoru still doesn't believe Kenshin's age) :)

    * My father died. Kiheh betrayed me. If Kenshin leaves... if Im going to be left alone again, Id rather meet the danger face to face! (talking to Sano)

  • Goheh:
    * Like I thought... a women who believes this crap can't fight. (To Kaoru since she uses Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu)

    * You've got guts, but that's just plain arrogant. (raising his sword) The world doesnt need two Battousais! The name should belong to me!! (To Kenshin)

  • Yahiko:
    * Damn you! Lemme go, you hag! (To Kaoru upon first meeting her)

    * Im not a child! Im the son of a Tokyo samurai, Myoujin Yahiko! I havent sunk so low that I need pity from strangers! I was just making fun of you cause youre wearing a sword! Dont get me wrong, you idiot!! (To Kenshin)

    * Wait a minute!! Are you telling me to learn kenjutsu??! From that hag??!! (Yahiko as he finally gets that Kenshin wants Kaoru to be his 'master' and teach him Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu)

    * Im here because I want to be strong. No one said anything about fighting with a little girl! (Yahiko talking to Kenshin about why he is still taking Kaoru's kendo lessons)

    * Kenshin, you told me I could be strong. You teach me to fight! Kenshin: I have no desire to pass the Hiten Mitsurugi school on the future generations. Im only a judge. Youre of the Kamiya Kasshin school . . . youll become strong as a practitioner of the sword that protects life. But youre not listening. (To Kenshin)

    * Kenshins counting on you. You should be more responsible! (To Kaoru)

  • Tae:
    * Youre looking better all the time. I havent seen your friends before. (pointing at Kenshin) Is that your sweetheart?

    * He's not just stronger than me. Hes on a completely different level. I cant beat him... (Thinking as he's fighting Kenshin)

    * Hey, captain. We're all going to be equal in the new age right? I can have a real last name even though Im just a farmer's kid? Then my name's going to be Sagara! (Child Sano talking to Sagara Souzou, his mentor) (Talking to Kaoru)

    * Feh. My business is getting beat up. This is nothing. (Sano to Kenshin Gumi after getting seriously injured)

    * Oh yeah, one more thing. Im not Zanza anymore. I dont have the zanbatou, and I stopped being a street fighter. Now Im just the fighting idiot Sagara Sanosuke. Like youre not Hitokiri Battousai. So don't go off wandering without checking with me first. Got that, Kenshin? (Sanosuke to Kenshin)

    * Its no good at all. Girl, youve got to take some cooking lessons. I could teach you to do better than this. How do you take this day after day, Kenshin? (Talking about Kaoru's god awful cooking. XD)

    * I too have heard rumors. A patriot from Choushuu, using the old style of kenjutsu called Hiten Mitsurugi. The legendary man bearing a large cross-shaped scar on his left cheek, Hitokiri Himura Battousai! (Finally realizing that Kenshin is the Hitokiri Battousai of legend)

    * Ive seen you, Ive seen you, Battousai! Ive seen that this girl is your woman! Get angry, get angry! Angry like you were last night when I broke that roosters arm! Return to the way you were ten years ago! Like you were when you could have killed me, the matchless, strongest, cold-hearted Hitokiri. (flicking a letter to him) Wait for me here, Battousai! (after stealing Kaoru from Kenshin on the riverbend)

  • Megumi:
    * Oh, I have no intentions of going home. (picking him the dazed Kenshin) I like this man very much. I wouldnt want to leave his side for a moment. (Talking about Kenshin and seriously pissing off a jealous Kaoru)

    * Oh, when I said I didnt want to leave his side, I meant it. Even though hes fantastically strong, he's a good man. If hes nearby, even if Kanryuu's men attack, I'm sure he'll protect me. Himura Kenshin . . . you're the man I want for my bodyguard. (talking to Kenshin)

    * OHhohohohohoho!!! (Classic Megumi laugh)
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