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Kenshin Gumi - Better known as the Kenshin Group. It basically consists of all the people that live in the Kamiya dojo and hang around with Kenshin. Most of whom are basically main characters.


Himura Kenshin :: Hitokiri Battousai

Nicknames: Ken-san, Samurai Boy (seriously), Himura Battousai and variations of the above.

  • Meaning: Himura = Village, Kenshin = Sword Heart
  • Birthday: June 20, 1849
  • Height: 158cm (5'2")
  • Weight: 45kg (114 pounds)
  • Blood type: AB
  • Hair/Eyes: Red/Purple (Amber when he's angry)
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 28 (at the beginning of the anime)
  • Occupation: Wandering, masterless swordsman
  • Weapon: Sakabatou (reversed-edge samurai sword)
  • Sword Style: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu

  • Background: Himura Kenshin is the main character in the series who leads a life dedicated to helping others with the power of his god-like sword technique that in his past, gave him the famous title, Hitokiri Battousai (man-slaying assassin). After giving up his ways as a assassin, he becomes a wandering rurouni traveling the land peacefully until he is 28 and encounters Kamiya Kaoru and joins to live with her in her dojo. Though he seems simple, his past is clouded and painful.

    Kenshin was born under the name of Shinta to a peasant family somewhere in Japan. When he was young, both parents died in a cholera outbreak in his village and it is hinted that Shinta may have had siblings. Anyway, he was taken under the care of three young slave women till they were attacked one night and all were killed save Shinta by a powerful swordsman named Hiko Sejuro. Hiko takes Shinta in and raises him under the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu and changes his name to Kenshin instead of Shinta since Shinta is too gentle a name for a future swordsman. (Kenshin means Heart of Sword) He was raised this way until he was a young teenager and then left Hikos care to become a hired assassin.

    After spending a few years being an assassin, he had grown to be one of the most feared hitokiris in all of Japan and his name was spoken with great fear. He then met a young woman by the name of Yukishiro Tomoe (she was 18 at the time and he was a few years younger) and fell in love with her. They were married and lived together in hiding until it was revealed that Tomoe was a spy for her dead fiancÚ, who Kenshin had previously killed.

    Kenshin accidentally kills Tomoe and receives the cross scar from his battle. Afterwards, he leaves on a journey and vows never to kill again carrying his sakabatou with him no matter where he goes. At least, until he meets a young woman by the name of Kamiya Kaoru ten long years later

  • First Appearance: Anime Episode 1 (he's the main character, obviously)
  • Distinguishing Marks: His shortness, his red-hair (which is very uncommon), his cross-shaped scar on his left cheek.
  • Personality: Very formal and polite. He tries to keep peace between everyone and seems very innocent like a child.

    Kamiya Kaoru :: Raccoon Girl
  • Nicknames: Raccoon Girl (Tanuki), Ugly (Yahiko calls her this), Jo-chan (Sanosuke's nickname for her)
  • Meaning: Kamiya = Valley of the Gods, Kaoru = fragrant grass
  • Birthday: June 1862
  • Height: 155cm (5'1" 1/2)
  • Weight: 41kg (104 pounds)
  • Blood type: O
  • Hair/Eyes: Black/Blue
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 18 (anime)
  • Occupation: Premire teacher of kendo in the Kamiya style. She's not the master, but she was training to take over for her father before he past away.
  • Weapon: bokutou (wooden sword), shinai (bamboo sword)
  • Style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu

  • Background: Kaoru's father died previously and she inherited their dojo and continued teaching the Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu (a form of kendo) in her father's place as she lived by herself. One day, she meets Kenshin by accidentally attacking him and claiming him to be the murderer that was roaming the streets calling himself the "hitokiri battousai." After Kenshin saves her life, he joins her to help restore the dojo and keep her company.

    Later on in the series, a obvious romance blooms between her and Kenshin, though it's not for certain if Kenshin loves her back in that way. It's very noticable to most of the other characters and Megumi spends half her time making fun of Kaoru and flirting with Kenshin just to make her angry and jealous. Of course, they do eventually get together sometime after the Jinchuu Arc (Revenge Arc) and have a child by the name of Himura Kenji.

    Always worried about other people and a very caring person, Kaoru has become like a sister to both Sanosuke and Yahiko. She houses them in her later father's dojo and provides food (ehem) for all strangers that need help getting back on their feet. Kaoru is also known for having a very firey personality and her nickname, Raccoon Girl, was given to her for her personality.

  • First Appearance: Anime Episode 1
  • Distinguishing Marks: Her blue eyes, ponytail, usually dressed in kendo clothing for exercise.
  • Personality: Firey, but loving. She cares a great deal for everyone and can't express her feelings towards Kenshin easily.

    Myoujin Yahiko :: Orphaned Child
  • Nicknames: Yahiko-kun (Tsumbame's nickname), various bad-mouthed nicknames from Sanosuke.
  • Birthday: August, 1868
  • Height: 128cm (4'2")
  • Weight: 23kg (58 pounds)
  • Blood type: B
  • Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 10
  • Occupation: Student of the Kamiya Kasshin style
  • Weapon: shinai (bamboo sword)
  • Style: Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu

  • Background: The son of a once living samurai in Tokyo, he was forced into stealing to pay back his family's debts after their deaths. Taken in by Kaoru and Kenshin, he begins training as a swordsman. He's the closest thing to a little brother that Kaoru could have, usually getting himself into trouble and trying to live up to his father's name.

    It is assumed that he was adopted into the Kamiya family and lives as sort of Kenshin and Kaorus first son before Kenji. When he grows up, he helps to train Kenji and take care of him when Kenshin is gone away and later inherits Kenshins sakabatou when he is a teenager. He has a cute child-like romance with Tsumbame and when they grow up, they marry and have a child.

  • First Appearance: Anime Episode 2
  • Distinguishing Marks: Spiky hair, carries around a wooden sword (boku or shinai)
  • Personality: His personality matches that of Kaoru and they bicker like brother and sister. He has a great deal of pride and compassion towards other and his mental age is older than his physical one.

    Sagara Sanosuke :: Gang Fighter
  • Nicknames: Rooster
  • Birthday: February, 1860
  • Height: 179cm (5'9")
  • Weight: 71kg (180 pounds)
  • Blood type: B
  • Hair/Eyes: Brown/Brown
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 18/20
  • Occupation: None
  • Weapon: fist
  • Style: street fighting, mixing other martial arts together as he learns them. This is his advantage.

  • Background: Once a proud member of a resistance group against the Royalists, he has forever hated Royalist members since the death of his best friend and father figure. Growing up as a bum always getting into fist fights, he finds Kenshin and challenges him. Soon afterwards, he realizes that Kenshin's motives are for bettering everyone's lives and he agrees to hang around constantly nagging at Kaoru and messing with Yahiko.

    Later, a sort of love hate romance grows between himself and Megumi, though he also seems to fall in love with a woman named Magdalia also known as Sayo (Christian Arc), though she sadly dies later in the series. He calls Megumi "Kitsune" which means "fox" and often hangs around for a free meal and to help out Megumi at her doctor's office.

  • First Appearance: Anime Episode 3
  • Distinguishing Marks: The kanji for "evil" on his back, his zanbatou which Kenshin broke in episode 4.
  • Personality: Humourous and seems to not think things through. Likes to mess around with others, but is a generally good person after going a little crazy and trying to kill Kenshin.

    Takani Megumi :: Woman Doctor
  • Nicknames: Fox (Kitsune)
  • Birthday: December, 1857
  • Height: 166cm (5'4" 1/2)
  • Weight: 45kg (114 pounds)
  • Blood type: B
  • Hair/Eyes: Black/Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Doctor
  • Weapon: none
  • Style: none

  • Background: The daughter of a well-respected family of Doctors, she is forced into the opium trade after their deaths. Full of shame, she works in an attempt to become a doctor and to live up to her father's name even under the pressure of making the illegal drugs. She is rescued by Kenshin and starts her life over as a doctor. She's a constant flirt and many think that there is a relationship between her and Sanosuke.

    Very beautiful and ladylike, Kaoru is often jealous of Megumi and wishes to be more like her so that she can get Kenshin's attention. (Kenshin's pretty much dumb as a brick in the love department) Megumi enjoys teasing Kaoru, though she means no harm, about Kenshin by flirting with him. Sometimes, however, her tricks go too far and Kaoru becomes truly hurt by her comments.

  • First Appearance: Anime Episode 8
  • Distinguishing Marks: Very pretty and lady-like, her fox ears when she gets an "evil" idea. Her strange laugh, "OH-hohohoho!"
  • Personality: A big flirt and knows she's good at it. A little insecure about her past, but likes to tick off Kaoru by flirting with Kenshin. She says things that are out of line occassionally, but she's a really good person.