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Dragon Ball is the prequel of Dragon Ball Z. This humorous series is all about a young Saiyan kid named Goku and a tennage girl named Bulma who seek the seven dragon balls. If they collect all seven, a dragon who has the power to grant wishes, becomes summoned.

Dragon Ball Event Timeline

749 A.D. September 1st Bulma is on her summer vacation searching for the Dragonballs. Bulma meets Goku later that day. Bulma discovers that the sphere Goku owned, which he thoughtcontained his grandfather's soul, was actually the 4-Star Dragonball.

749 A.D. September 2nd In the morning, Goku and Bulma meet KameSennin and he gives them the 3-Star Dragonball, in exchange for....ahem...well,you know.

749 A.D. September 5th Goku stops the reign of the "terrible" Oolong and an old woman gives him the 6-Star Dragonball.

749 A.D. September 6th Goku meets Yamucha for the first time and fights quickly with him, only to have it end in a draw.

749 A.D. September 9th Goku defeats Yamucha Master Roshi uses the Kame Hame Ha to put out the flames on Frypan Mountain. Unfortunately the blast is too strong and destroys the mountain and the castle. Among the debris, the 7-Star Dragonball is found. At about noon, Goku sends Monster Carrot and his gang to the moon. Shuu and Mai steal all but one of the Dragonball's from Goku andgang. Pilaf summons Shenron at night once the Dragonball's are gathered.Later, Goku looks at the moon and turns Ohsaru and destroys Pilaf's castle.

749 A.D. September 10th Goku and Krillin become Master Roshi's students after finding a female....maid for the pervert. Later, Master Roshi moves his house to an island and Goku and Krillin prepare for their tough trainingwith the martial arts master.

749 A.D. September 11th Master Roshi, Krillin and Ranchi spend the day in bed due to eating poisonous puffer-fish the night before.

749 A.D. September 14th At 4:30 AM Goku and Krillin begin their tough training under Kame Sennin. They will spend the next 8 months training this way.

749 A.D. October 2nd The second term of school begins at the Western City Senior High School.

750 A.D. April 6th Goku and Krillin increase the weight of the shells on their backs to 40 kg. to increase the results of their training.

750 A.D. April 18th Commander Silver of the Red Ribbon Army begins hissearch for the Dragonballs.

750 A.D. May 6th Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi leave the Kame House to participate in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.

750 A.D. May 7th The 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai takes place. Jackie Chunwins. Goku takes second place. Goku, The Red Ribbon Army and Pilaf struggle for control of the Dragonballs. The Red Ribbon Army get the 6-Star Dragonball from Pilaf's base in the desert. They also get the 5 Star Dragonball. Goku and Chi-chi meet again in the Ox King's village.

750 A.D. May 8th In a single day, Goku destroys the Red Ribbon's Muscle Tower in the north.

750 A.D. May 9th At 11:02 AM Bulma finishes repairing Goku's broken Dragon Radar. Goku and Blue Shogun fight in the sky above Penguin Village. Arale-chan beats Blue by herself. Tao Pai Pai kills Blue Shogun with only his tongue in a demonstration of his power. Goku is beaten almost to death by Tao Pai Pai at the base of Karin Tower. Goku begins climbing Karin Tower.

750 A.D. May 10th Summer vacation begins for Penguin Village HighSchool. Goku reaches the top of Karin Tower and begins his training which isto take the Super Holy Water from Karin.

750 A.D. May 12th After 3 days of training, Goku finally gets the Super Holy Water. He's surprised when he finds that it was only plain tap water. It was actually the fighting to get it that made him stronger. Goku kills Tao Pai Pai at the base of Karin Tower and SINGLE-HANDEDLY destroys the ENTIRE Red Ribbon Army. In Uranai Baba's battle arena, Goku is reunited with his dead grandpa Gohan.

750 A.D. Some time in July. The raining season begins in Namu's village on Nameck.

Between 750 and 753 A.D. Goku begins his training which is to runaround the World. In Chao village he fights Kinkaku and Ginkaku. Goku meets Chintaiken and and fights Tenron in the Gozen-Jiai contest. Goku enters the Demon World and fights the lord of the Demon World, Shura. Goku saves Inoshikachou and meets Tenshinhan for the first time.

753 A.D. May 5th Goku meets Konkichi. Goku swims to Papaya Island where the 22nd Budoukai will take place.

753 A.D. May 7th The 22nd Budoukai takes place. Tenshinhan wins. Goku comes in a close second. Krillin is killed and Piccolo Daimaou appears.

753 A.D. May 8th Celebration of 20 years under the rulership of the King of the World.

753 A.D. May 9th Goku kills Piccolo Daimaou. Piccolo AKA Ma Junior is born. Goku reaches Kami's Palace and trains there for the next three years with Mr. Popo and Kami.

756 A.D. May 7th The 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai begins. Goku becomes engaged to Chi-chi after their fight in the tournament. Goku defeats "Ma Junior" and wins the Tenkaichi Budoukai for the first time. Planning for Goku and Chi-chi's wedding begins, but a mysterious fire erupts and tarps Gyu Maou inside with Chi-chi's wedding dress. Goku and Chi-chi must search for the Basho Sen to put out the magic flames.

756 A.D. May 8th Chi-chi learns how to be a good bride from Grandma Hakkake. Goku uses the Basho Sen on the flames, but it doesn't work. He finds the flames are a result of a leak in the Furnace of Eight Divinations on the other side of the World. Goku travels to Mount Gogyou, the home of theFurnace of Eight Divinations where he meets his dead grandpa again. He fixes the hole in the bottom of the furnace and the flames cease around GyuMaou's castle.

757 A.D. Sometime in May. Gohan is born.

759-760 A.D. Goku is interviewed by Shonen Jump.

760-770 A.D. Dr. Myu finds the alien Rirudo and turns him into Machine Mutant Shogun Rirudo. Rirudo uses his great powers to complete the construction of planet M2. The Machine Mutants begin gathering energy to be absorbed by Bebi.

761 A.D. Goku, Piccolo, Krillin and Gohan battle Garlic Junior and send him into his Dead Zone

Android 8
Android 8 found in Muscle Tower.

Toonami Schedule for Dragon Ball (Eastern Time):
3:00: Hamtaro
3:30: Zoids: Chaotic Century
4:00: G-Gundam
4:30: Powerpuff Girls
5:00: Dragon Ball
5:30: Dragon Ball Z

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