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sailor moon is a japenese cartoon about 6 girls who battle against the negaverse using powers they have learned throughout the episodes with help from luna and artimes


young Serena above

Moon bios!


Serena is definitely not who you would expect to be the leader of the Sailor Scouts. She's a little clumsy, lazy, carefree, and definitely more interested in games, and dreaming about boys (like the dashing Tuxedo Mask), than fighting evil. But Serena is very loyal to her friends, and will do anything to help them. Like Sailor Venus, Serena has a special guardian as well -- a talking cat named Luna. As Sailor Moon, she is a reluctant hero, and doesn't totally understand her powers


Xena Moon

Sailor Moon airs on YTV on Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00, 5:00 and on the weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 1:00 AM